A good soccer player regardless of age and level should be strong, focused, energetic and most importantly maintain a healthy living. Field exercises and drills during training are not enough to help the players achieve the desired qualities. Coaches will come with different techniques and ideas to help players keep fit, but without yoga exercises they cannot fully achieve what they deserve.

Yoga for soccer players comes with a number of inevitable benefits to the players, and as a coach you need to incorporate some yoga exercising during training. Below are some of the popular yoga exercises for soccer players.

Triangle Pose

This yoga exercise aims at stretching the players shoulder, chest muscles, legs and groin. It also aims at strengthening your knees, abdominal muscles and ankles.

During triangle pose training, the player is supposed to stand with his right leg in front about 4 feet from the left leg. Raise your hands pointing in opposite directions and then turn your right leg slightly about 45 degrees with your left leg turning for 90 degrees.

Exhale turning your stomach to the right, then breath in deeply. When exhaling again, make sure you turn your body to the extreme right. Place your left hand on the floor with your right hand pointing upwards. Look up to the roof and hold for this pose for about 45 seconds and repeat it with your right hand on the ground.

Hero Pose

Hero pose aims at enhancing the player’s flexibility around the hips, thighs, knees and strengthening your lower part of the back.
This pose is practiced while kneeling down on the floor with your knees close to each other, but with your feet apart slightly wider than the length of your hips.

Lean back and ensure the top of your feet is flat on the floor as you sit on the space between your spread feet. Lean your stomach forward and place your arms on each thigh with the palms facing upwards. Lift your chest upwards and straighten your spine by pressing your shoulders together. Hold this pose for about one minute and gradually advance to five minutes. It helps you to enhance the body’s flexibility which plays a significant role in preventing injuries.

Frog Pose

This pose aims at opening your hips in all directions which enhance flexibility and prevents injuries when playing. It involves squatting with your legs slightly wider than the shoulders length. Depending on the objective you want to achieve, you can consider either lifting your hands up in the air or placing them at the back of your head without supporting yourself. Practice the pose for several minutes as you breath deep to exercise your abs.

With the right yoga for soccer players, performance is enhanced which earns the coach a positive public reputation. There will be decreased issues of injuries that causes the players to skip a certain match that might be crucial to you. Yoga poses also improve the player’s joint strength, flexibility and most importantly bolsters endurance. Make an informed decision and select the best yoga exercises for your players.

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