Arsenal’s fate this season is yet to be known following the long list of injuries being sustained in the team. Mesut Ozil sustained a knee injury during the weekend as they played their match against Chelsea, and now Laurent Koscielny, arsenal’s midfielder has been added to the injury list.

This comes as a blow to both Arsene Wenger and his national team, France since he ought to stay off the pitch for a couple of weeks. The French soccer player withdrew from the national squad expected to play against Armenia and Portugal in their friendly matches. The 29 year old, Laurent has been troubled by Achilles issue for a considerable long time while playing for arsenal.

Mathieu is yet to come back from his long term ankle injury that leaves arsenals defense prone to attacks from its rivals. For such reasons, Wenger was forced to involve Koscielny more often in the first few matches earlier in the season. Wenger is still faced with a couple of challenges following the high rate of soft injuries that he is unable to explain.

They have caused him a lot including the defeat last weekend by Chelsea, the 2-1 defeat last month by Southampton in their capital one cup match and the 2-2 draw earlier in august while playing against Everton.

Laurent was ruled out from the pitch following some chronic tendinitis in his Achilles tendons which was confirmed by the France national side through their official twitter account. However, Wenger hopes that the midfielder will be fit by October 18 when they will play against Hull city in the premier league. Other players in the injury list giving Wenger headaches include; Yaya sanogo, Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta, David Ospina and Olivier Giroud.

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