After his performance this season has been heavily criticized by several groups, Manchester City’s Yaya Toure says that he still loves playing for his team and will continue to deliver his best game.

“We will continue to fight as the fans are great with us and especially to me,” Toure said in an interview. “I hope to show my commitment and show my respect to those fans who support me a lot in my years here. I will continue to fight to the end and I love playing for Man City.”

The 31-year old midfielder also admitted that he was hurt by the criticisms lobbed against him both by some fans and the media.  “Yes, a lot. People want you to progress more, and in the media sometimes it’s difficult.”

“People are talking a lot about rumours. Sometimes you are disappointed but for the fans and the people working at this club there is an opportunity to fight to the end.” Toure was heavily criticized for his lacklustre performance in the team’s last few matches. However, he made an impressive comeback in their match against West ham last Sunday, where he provided the deciding goal for a 2-0 win.

Toure went on to brush aside the comments. “It’s football. People will always have their opinion. First of all in front of all our fans it’s good to win.”

Toure also denied reports of him contemplating a move out of Manchester. Several reports have claimed that he is currently considering offers from teams like inter Milan. The Ivory Coast-native’s agent Dimitry Seluk has earlier dispelled the rumors, saying Toure himself has declared that he wants to stay with City.

“Yaya loves Manchester City and, despite what is sometimes said, he is happy at the club,” Seluk stressed. “In fact, he would like to stay for life. He would love nothing better than to finish his playing career with City and then work for the club after that.”

However, the agent also added that they will first be negotiating a new contract, with Toure seeking a new role to play in Man City’s line-up.

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