After several months of speculation, it seems that midfielder Yaya Toure is set to head to Italy, as he is reportedly almost close to singing a deal with Serie A team Inter-Milan.

This was revealed by Inter vice president Javier Zanetti when asked about the status of his side’s negotiation with Toure. “We are at the stage where we hope we can complete it,” Zanetti proudly remarked. He also added that he expects the 32-year old midfielder will be able to bring in much needed quality to the Black and Blues’side.

Earlier, Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk said that his ward is most likely to leave Manchester. Seluk then claimed that there are three teams that are currently showing interest in him. One of the teams were later revealed to be Inter-Milan, which is currently being managed by Roberto Mancini. Toure played under Mancini during the latter’s tenure as City boss, with the former said to be excited about getting a chance to be under his mentor again.

Toure’s status with Manchester City has been subject to various speculations in the last few months. While he has stressed several weeks back that he wished to stay with the City. However, various developments, including his somewhat unimpressive performance during the season, has cast doubts on whether he would indeed stay or leave.

The midfielder also had to contend with a strained relationship with Manchester’s management in the last few months, with him accusing the team of not respecting him. Last year, Seluk publicly criticized the team management for supposedly forgetting his ward’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Zanetti also revealed that they are also currently in the process of trying to get Thiago Motta back into their ranks. Motta was an Inter player for three seasons before moving to paris Sint Germain in 2012. The vice president remarks that Motta would be a good acquisition for them, as he is already familiar with Inter’s style of play.

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