Manchester City v West Ham United - Premier League

With a record 9 wins in 9 games since the season began, it’s been a dream beginning for the new Manchester City coach, and although the party will be crashed soon or later, their fine run is a sign of many things to come with the Catalan in charge.

Many believe they have the best chances of winning the league after 2 seasons of missing out on the top prize. And truth be told, It’s very possible given how the team has played every game till date.

Same can’t be said of the other club in the city of Manchester.

The Red Devils have fallen apart and look troubled since their recent 3-game losing streak.

So, what are the 2 coaches, both of whom assumed their respective positions at the start of the season doing differently?

United, led by Mourinho, an EPL veteran are heading south, while City, led by a newbie in English football are heading north and looking unstoppable in England.

Here are few things Pep has done and is doing that are yielding great and positive results in less than 3 months of being in charge.

Discard players that don’t fit his bill

Upon Guardiola’s arrival, he made it clear that Joe Hart, Nasri and Toure weren’t part of his long-term plans.

The goalie doesn’t look comfortable with the ball at his feet and can’t buildup play from the back, while the other 2 were overweight at the start of the season.

Only 1 remains at the moment, and he’s more or less a mere training member of the squad.

Quality recruitments in Bravo, Sane, Nolito and Gundogan were acquired, and they have all formed a core of his team.

Some others have only this season, and perhaps till January to prove themselves as the coach has made sure contract extension and renewal talks are suspended till he is sure they suit his plans.

A believable tactical approach

Many argued for days that his style of football wouldn’t work out in England. Yet that same style dismantled Sir Alex Ferguson’s great side twice in the Champions League finals.

In his little time in charge, he has been able to make his players have an understanding of his football philosophy.

One can only imagine how better they’d get as the season goes by.

Interestingly, it hasn’t been all about building possession up to the point of scoring goals alone. Long-range counter attacking style has also been adapted in a league that favours brilliant tactics, as far as they are employed well and perfectly.

Building the future

Pep left Barcelona a better side, and Enrique only had to continue from where he stopped.

The Catalan seemingly has the same vision for Manchester City as he has given a lot of his young players opportunities.

Both in the league and EFL games, we’ve seen the likes of Iheanacho, Stones and Garcia take to the centre stage.

A couple of youth team players will also get to be tutored by this great coach who’s slowly becoming the best there is at this job.

These and many more reasons are why Manchester City are on a cruise control, and they sure will bag the trophies as long as Pep is in charge.

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