As the war of words escalate between, Arsene Wenger, Gunners head coach and Jose Mourinho, Chelsea boss, Wenger has urged his rival manager to show respect. During a premier league match on Sunday that ended at a scoreless draw, Chelsea was labeled by Emirates fans as boring.

Despite being a win away from the title, Mourinho was pissed by arsenal fan’s chants ‘’boring Chelsea’’ and he tried to defend his club claiming they cannot be boring yet at the top of the league. Last year, Mourinho labelled Arsene Wenger as a specialist of failure following the club’s dismal performance during the premier league campaign that period.

To the boring chants, Mourinho responded by saying boring is 10 years without bagging a title ‘’that is very boring’’ Mourinho said. When asked about those remarks, Wenger replied by saying the most important thing about managers is to respect one another and some people (Mourinho) need to improve.

He also claimed that at times you can have challenges with other managers to an extent of fighting directly, but time eventually heals everything. Arsene Wenger concluded by saying everyone has his personal problems, but the most paramount thing is how you take them. However, respecting one another as much as you can is the most important thing.

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