With Arsenal set to face Monaco this coming week, Gunners team manager Arsene Wenger says that they need to make the statistics “lie” in order to triumph against the Reds. However, Wenger firmly believes that they can pull it and make history.

“The statistics are against us,” Wenger said of their current predicament. “The result in the first leg is against us. We are conscious about that,” he added, referring to their Last-of-16 match, where Arsenal lost the first leg. Statistics show that no team has managed to return from such a setback.

Wenger also noted that Monaco is undeniably going to put up a tough fight, what with the match being played at the Reds’ home turf at the Stade Louis II. Monaco has managed to stave off any opposing goal in the field for the past three games played there.

However, the Arsenal head is still very optimistic about their chances of securing a win against Monaco. “But no matter how big the percentage is, we have to give absolutely everything to make the stats lie — that is our desire and belief that we can do it,” he enthusiastically said.

“We want to give everything to have the greatest performance on the pitch. If we did not believe we could do it, we would not be here.” Arsenal has not managed to enter the quarterfinals round since 20098-10.

However, Wenger also said that Olivier Giroud’s performance in the upcoming game would be crucial for them to boost their chances. “He missed a few opportunities in the first leg, but what striker doesn’t miss an opportunity? He has the ability and the right mental level,” the manager said. Giroud has since managed to score three points for the team in the second leg.

“Giroud actually owes the revenge to himself. He owes a great performance for himself.”

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