Despite his team losing three straight Premier League matches, Manchester United winger Ashley Young is confident that his team will get back into form and secure a slot for next year’s Champions League.

“We have the team spirit and character to bounce back from this defeat,” Young said in an interview after their match against West Brom, where the Baggies got past the Red Devils 1-0. “We’ll work again this week, prepare on the training pitch and hopefully things will go right next weekend.”

West Brom surprised United with a heard to break defence that had Louis van Gaal’s squad desperately trying to look for an opening despite getting most of the ball possessions in the match. Young was the closest the team got to a point, after he was able to bring the ball past the marker. However, his shot ended up accidentally blocked by teammate Robin van Persie.

“We knew West Brom were going to park the bus and that’s what they did,” Young said of the defdensive play the Baggies erected. “You have to try and find spaces but it’s hard when they have every man behind the ball.”

Tony Pulis’ men secured the lead in the second half courtesy of Chris Brunt, who pulled a fast one against United keeper David De Gea.

And with United set to meet Crystal Palace on Saturday, Young is also sure that they will be able to retain their current top four spot. “Of course there is,” the 29-year old remarked.. “As players and staff, there’s no doubt we can qualify for the Champions League and that was always what we wanted to do”

“It’s still in our hands and we have three massive games coming up. We have another tough game away to Palace next weekend and we want to get back to winning ways.”

United is four points ahead of fifth-placer Liverpool, but outranks them in goal difference.

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