After the Netherlands gave them a 5-1 beating during their 2014 Worlod Cup opening match, Spanish coach Vicente Del Bosque said that they won’t be seeking revenge, and instead will focus on having a great game in their upcoming friendly match on Tuesday.

“I have no thirst for revenge against Holland,” Del Bosque told reporters in a interview. “Let’s play a nice game and keep up our hard work.”

“We have scored 14 goals and conceded just three goals since the World Cup.,” the coach said, referring to their performance in international matches since last year. Del Bosque responded after being asked about what thinks his team’s current status is after the international competition.

The 64-year old former football player is also very optimistic of their chances in the current Euro qualifiers. “While acknowledging that things haven’t been perfect, I see good things. We are heading in the right direction.” Spain defeated Ukraine 1-0 on Friday, courtesy of Alvaro Morata. The win secures the Spaniard’s hold on the second position in Group C of the qualifiers.

However, he also stressed that there are still a lot of things that they have to do. “We have a very mature and fixed national team but we shouldn’t be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We have to be rebels as well.”

For Tuesday’s match, Del Bosque is expected to field in a new starting lineup from the ones that he has used previously. “We want to play everyone and I think it is appropriate to release a new team because everyone who did not play the other day deserves the chance as a result of the performances they have shown this season,” he explained.

One of the players that are expected to shine during the friendly, if used, is Cesc Fabregas. The midfielder has been quoted as saying that he is eagerly wanting to prove that he deserves a starting spot. “A player always want to play. When the coach gives the line-up, I always believe that I can be there,” he said during anb interview.

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