Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal says that he is confident that Angel Di Mara would stay with the team for yet another season.

“I think Di Maria shall stay,” van Gaal said in an intrerview. “Also, the manager and the club is always dependable on the opinion of the player himself, the player decides, we shall see what he decides.”

According to reports, Paris saint Germain have already shown an interest in getting the 27-year old winger. However, no actual offer has been made by the team as of late.

Van Gaal also addressed concerns about Di Mara’s performance this season, to which the manager admitted that his player has not had a great showing in his debut with the team. “He is working very hard. I am pleased with his attitude, so that is not a problem,” the manager said. “

He cannot say that he has had a marvellous season here, he cannot say that. The decision is not only to him because now we have a contract, so we shall speak always with every player, evaluation, as I always do. Then we speak with each other about the future, and that is with every player.”

Di Mara has not seen action due to a suspension since March, when his team played against Arsenal. Van Gaal noted this, saying that it was difficult for him to find a place for the winger in their match against Tottenham. “Normally Di Maria should have played, but the last weeks he doesn’t play anymore and the team is winning.”

“Now, we are losing, so the chance of him coming back is higher,” he added. “It is never that it is not like that. The issue that he is not always in the lineup is also for him a disappointment, but for me a disappointment.” United has lost their last tw matches against Chelsea and Everton.

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