After weeks of anticipation, the highly-awaited Manchester derby went underway on Sunday, with Manchester United streaking past Manchester City 4-2.

Striker Sergio Aguero gave City an early lead with a goal in the eighth minute of the game. However, it was quickly equalized after Ashley young made the first point for United. From there, the Red Devils pushed forward, thanks to midfielder Marouane Fellaini’s score at half time.

As the second half opened, United was once again relentless in their attacks, which paid off with Juan Mata’s goal in the middle minutes, which was then quickly followed by shot coming from Chris Smalling. Aguero made a last ditched attempt to salvage City’s campaign, but his late second goal wasn’t able to change anything as the match ends with a 4-2 score.

United manager Louis van Gaal was extremely happy for the results of the match, saying that he and his team has been “dreaming” of this opportunity to beat their city rivals at Old Trafford since December 2012. Aside from the great showing made by the four scorers, United stood on the support provided by vice-captain Michael Carrick, who rallied his teammates to control the match. Midfielder Ander Herrera also showcased a superb play.

On the other hand, the loss spells a critical point for Manchester City, as the 2014 champions are now stuck at fourth place, four points behind United. City boss Manuel Pellegrini admits that this will make their chance to retain the title a lot slimmer than before. “It is very difficult to be in fourth place. We have difficult teams in the Premier League,” Pellegrini said during the post-game interviews.

The result of the derby also has a personal effect on City boss, as this comes in a time when he has been heavily criticized for his handling of the team this season. However, Pellegrini is still optimistic of their campaign. “We must fight until the end of the season. For the club, for me, for the players it is very important to be in a position for the Champions League.”

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