Louis Van Gaal was in for a rude shock when his team was beaten 3-0 in a premier league match against Everton that went down on Sunday at Goodison Park.

It was one of the heaviest premier league defeat Manchester has suffered under Louis Van Gaal. During the second half, Wayne Rooney was injured and substituted in the last minutes by Van Persie who made his first appearance in two months.

Both the manager and united players are waiting anxiously to know the condition or extent of Rooney’s injury. The greatest worry is missing Rooney in the remaining four fixtures that might determine the position of Manchester united in the premier league this season.

During a news conference after the match, Van Gaal admitted to the fact that Rooney was injured and they had to assess the level of the injury. He was seen limping in the field in the second half before van persie came in to substitute him.

The Dutch man also substituted the former Everton player, Marouane Fellaini during half time claiming that he feared that he might be sent off following a caution in the 11th minute. Despite being beaten 3-0 by everton, Manchester united still sit in the third position behind arsenal.

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