Chelsea v Manchester United - Premier League

The Red Devils were beaten silly by the Blues at the Stamford Bridge on Sunday, and the match is definitely one of the most thrilling we have seen in the EPL this season.

Goals from Pedro, Cahill, Hazard and Kante sealed a 4 nil trashing of Manchester United by Chelsea, and here are few talking points from the game.

No permanent midfield selection still hurting Mourinho

It’s almost 10 weeks of action in the new season yet Manchester United don’t have any recognized starting XI yet. Only DeGea, Bailly, Valencia, Pogba and Zlatan are guaranteed starters, with players changing positions and different ones coming up into the lineup every now and then, the team is yet to get its rhythm.

The midfield particularly continues to collapse as a result. The season started with Fellaini pairing Pogba. Once City defeated him, Jose brought Herrera in. A laboured draw against Stoke and the need to get something out of the Anfield visit saw the Belgian and Spaniard get deployed alongside the French midfielder.

It seemingly yielded desired result. Hence, they were deployed again against the Blues. But the result this time around was catastrophic. Expect a new midfield next game, and of course a different starting XI. Enough of the experiments already. Every other 19 teams have got their permanent team, and they did as early as week 3/4. If Jose doesn’t stick with a particular bunch, “history” will probably repeat itself all season.

Chelsea have what it takes to finish in top 4

Losses to Liverpool and Arsenal saw the Blues come under fire. In both games, 5 goals had been conceded within the first 45 minutes. Utterly disappointing is the right word. But they have picked themselves back up and proving what they are made of.

Per adventure, Conte’s 3-4-3 formation might be the factor getting the best out of his side following their early struggles, but it only points to the fact that this team has a direction and a mission. Last season’s woes are gone, alongside the man that “orchestrated” them, and the Blues are firmly back on their feet.

A top 4 finish is a very feasible guarantee for this Chelsea side, even if passing their big tests was achieved at the 3rd time of asking. But at least, they finally did, and it was done in style.

Same can’t be said of Mourinho’s men

While Chelsea have shown they have what it takes to return to Europe’s elite competition, Manchester United don’t look anyway near a team capable of landing a top 4 spot. Everyone who tipped them for the title already backed out, and it will take a lot of goodluck for a team that can’t beat Watford to win the title.

Emerging EPL champions is out of the question, getting it right is the issue, and just about nobody – from coach to player has been able to figure it all out. The problems were obvious right from the Hull City game, but the “Fergie time” noises drowned them out.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for them to rear their ugly heads again, and if nothing is done, not only will Manchester United miss out of a top 4 spot, finishing in top 6 might just be impossible for them. Every of the top 6 sides at the moment have played better than them, and they are deserving of their spots. Maybe Jose Mourinho was never the solution. Maybe. But what do I know?

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