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U6 Soccer Drills

Teaching small kids is not as easy as training youths or grown-ups. First, kids are sort of immature, and therefore their thinking capacity is not as good as that of a grown up. Aside from this, the coaches face the following problems when training kids. 

Slow to understand: Kids have different levels of understanding where some may take a short time to grasp a soccer tactic while another one may take even a week to do so. Some coaches raise issues of some kids taking too long to understand their soccer sessions which cause the team to lag somehow. 

Lack of cooperation: A coach goes through the same situations that a teacher goes through at school. Sometimes the kids may be keen and follow the instructions, and in some scenarios, you may be faced with stubbornness. If you are not patient enough as a coach, then you may find your kids' team not performing well in your tournament. 

Injuries: Kids are quite delicate as their joints and muscles are not too strong. Therefore, running around the field carelessly and kicking the ball may cause them to develop various injuries. 

Lack of motivation: In some case, parents tend to determine the kind of activities that their kids should enroll in. If a kid is not into soccer, then it will be pretty difficult to convince him or her to like the game. Soccer requires one to have a total passion for being able to understand the right tactics of moving with the ball around the field. 

So, How Can You Be Able To Solve All These Challenges As A Coach?

It is straightforward, all you need are u6 soccer drills designed for kids. Over the years we have heard of soccer drills and how they benefit soccer players. Soccer drills plays an essential role in helping the coaches to produce top quality football players worldwide. 

They create fun, competitive soccer practices and experiences which allow the players to understand how to play the ball. The U6 soccer drills designed for kids are also designed in a way that prevents the kids from incurring injuries while playing. 

The following are some of the best U6 soccer drills for kids as recommended by top best coaches worldwide.

U6 Soccer Drills: Attack The Cone Dribbling Skills

Dribbling being one of the essential moves to learn in soccer, this drill enables the kids to master it at a young age. 

Dribbling is the ability of the soccer player to move or kick the ball past the defender without losing it. It involves the use of creativity. 

How To Perform The Attack Cone Dribbling Drill

  • Mark a one by 15-meter square space and use five cones on each side as the boundaries.
  • Place one cone at the middle of the marked section.
  • Position kids on each cone area except in the middle and make sure they have a ball.
  • The players should then dribble their balls up to the cone in the middle and back to their original position.
  • Repeat the same process but with two players at a time. 

Tips To Follow When Doing This Drill

  • The players should move at a rapid rate when dribbling the ball.
  • They should also ensure that the ball stays in their possession all the time.
  • The player should keep their heads held up and focused on avoiding hitting one another especially when they move into opposite directions.
  • Try to set up the kids to move from opposite directions to enable them to learn how to evade the defending team players without losing the ball. 

U6 Soccer Drills: Fill The Bucket Drill

As seen earlier, one of the goals of developing the kids’ drills is to ensure they enjoy and have fun while playing their favorite sport (soccer).

Well, fill the bucket is one of the drills that get the kids to have fun and a thrilling experience. This drill is focused on helping the kids learn how to control the ball when it is in their possession. 

How To Perform The Fill The Bucket Drill

  • Choose the number of teams you desire to train and divide them into groups of three individuals on each group.
  • Then give six balls to each team and place three balls at the end of their training section (ensure there are three players on each part). 
  • Put four buckets on one section of the practicing area.
  • So, one player will dribble the ball from the starting point all the way to the bucket area, ones he gets to the bucket area, he should stop the ball using the sole of his foot, run back to the other side and tag a teammate from that side.
  • Ones the teammate is tagged, he should follow the same procedure of dribbling the ball to the bucket area and stop it using the foot sole and run to the other side.
  • Continue the same process until all balls are placed in the bucket.
  • This drill aims to train the kids on how to dribble the ball while moving at a fast rate without losing it.
  • It also trains them how to control and stop the ball using their foot soles in case they want to pass it to a teammate a common tactic used in the field.
  • What makes this drill to be fun is the fact that the kids practice it competitively since there are different teams set to compete with each other. 

U6 Soccer Drills: Empty The Bucket Drill

This is another excellent drill that you can teach the kids after learning the “fill the bucket” drill.

Note that empty the bucket drill is almost the same as the fill in the bucket since all the steps followed in the first drill are developed on this one. 

How To Perform Empty The Bucket Drill

  • So, start by dividing your little soccer champs into three groups and each team should be given six balls.
  • Then the next step is to get the balls in the bucket out.
  • The first player should run to the bucket and retrieve the balls back to the starting position, tag a teammate to follow the same process.
  • One essential thing to note is that the team player should make sure to dribble the ball while running at a fast rate since the first team to dribble the ball without losing it and end up completing the task first will be the winner.
  • Again, the team learns how to control the ball when moving at a fast pace without losing balance and focus as well. 

U6 Soccer Drills: Toes Tap In Box Drill

How well can your junior soccer team be able to control the ball while on the move and still give a quick toe tap of the ball?

If you are still struggling when training them the basic, then consider getting this drill. It enables the kids to learn how to dribble and control the ball plus, the tactics on how to tap the ball using their toes. 

How To Perform The Toes Tap In Box Drill

  • Draw four lines and place two players on every line each having a ball of their own.
  • Then put a box on one section of the practicing area.
  • So, the first player should dribble the ball to the box, and ones he reaches there, he should tap the ball using the feet maybe ten to fifteen times.
  • The kid should dribble the ball back to the starting line and tag the next teammate to repeat the same process.
  • This drill is best controlled with a whistle, and the junior players should repeat the process until the second whistle is blown for them to stop.
  • They get to learn control and speed movement around the field. 

U6 Soccer Drills: Four Goals Drill

Kids love this drill because it gives them more experience. Most of the equipment used in the setups are the same used in the real sport. The drill is designed to guide the players on how to score. 

How To Perform The Four Goals Drill

  • Set up four small scoring nets, 12 exercises, eight players and 12 balls.
  • Set the nets in four different positions 30 meters apart to allow enough space for movements.
  • Arrange the drills in each side of the net (place three drills on each net) and all the balls in the middle of the field.
  • Divide the players into four teams with two players on each team and have them standing on their net.
  • Then ones the whistle ones go off, a player on each group should run to the middle, get a ball, dribble it and run to score on their net. Note that the player must ensure that they score the ball in the net and if they don’t, they have to retrieve the ball and get it inside the net before going back to the middle section to get another ball.
  • The more a team scores, the more they get to win. 

  U6 Soccer Drills: Crocs In The River Drill

Don’t get it twisted this drill is not performed in the waters but the practicing tactics are related to the activities that happen in waters. 

It is designed to help the kids learn how to manipulate their defenders in the case where they want to snatch the ball from them. 

Note that this is also the only drill where the coaches get directly involved with the kids as they are expected to play together. 

How To Perform The Crocs In The River Drill

  • The drill requires several coaches depending on the number of kids practicing.
  • The players should stand at the edge/grid of the field while the coaches take the middle position.
  • Ones the whistle goes off, and the little players also referred to as swimmers, in this case, are expected to dribble the ball from the area they are standing to the other end. On the other hand, the coaches also referred to as crocodiles should try to snatch the ball from the little players.
  • If the kid losses the ball to the coach before they get to the other end of the grid, make them do something related to football. Just make sure that even if they lose, they keep on dribbling the ball until the end of the session. 

Some Points To Note Though As A Coach

  • This is the part where you teach the kids how to evade their opponent team while playing their game. So, before you begin the matches, teach the kids on how to avoid the crocs.
  • You can show them the best parts to dribble the ball with when the defender is approaching them or even how to move their bodies to deceive the defender.
  • The bottom line is, make the entire practice fun and engaging for the kids to understand better. 

U6 Soccer Drills: The Team Tag Drill

Scoring goals is one of the best moments in the field, and it is a dream of every player to score for their team. On the other hand, getting to score is not easy especially when it comes to aiming where to shoot the ball. 

How To Perform A Team Tag Drill

  • Divide the kids into two groups where one group of kids will have balls each while the other group without.
  • When the coach blows the whistle, the team with balls should try to hit the other team members with the ball as many times as possible. On the other hand, the players without the ball should not make it easy for the team with balls as they should try to evade the ball to avoid getting hit.
  • Set up the playing time and count how many times each team has scored.
  • Alternate the teams after each session.
  • As the coach, it is advisable that you train the kids on how to time before kicking the ball.
  • Train them on how to lock ankles when passing the ball. 

Final Thoughts 

As a coach, you can better train your junior team and even have them competing professionally with the aid of soccer drills. 

The above drills are some of the most recommended for kids as they teach them different tactics and help them move better while in the field. So, use them to better your little players. 

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