Soccer is a sport that is all about developing the mind, body, leg strength and controlling the soccer ball. It is about defense attacks and attacking the play for every time your team has the ball.

So, what are the key elements for soccer drills at the under 11 years of age? If you are a coach for a U11 team, then you realize how difficult it can be for teaching certain drills to young and upcoming soccer players.

Some of the best U11 soccer drills will work on passing, shooting, dribbling, footwork and other important elements of becoming a great soccer player. This article will discuss some great U11 soccer drills.

Score a Goal

This is a great technique for teaching kids under 11 years of age how to dribble and then score a goal. You will need to use both feet while remembering to look up when dribbling. Your players will take turns dribbling to the nearest cone, then to the middle cone and then to the farthest cone and finally into the shooting gate to score a goal.

Recover when the Ball is Lost in Transition

 This is a great exercise for those under 11 years old in helping them to retrieve the ball. Place a defender or attacker on a cone with a ball and allow your player to try to get back behind the ball that the defender has.

Remember to keep running and to know where your ball is so that you can work your way into challenging the attacker and retrieving the ball. You will need to understand this U11 soccer drill and master it to become an effective soccer player.

Full Pitch Pressure to Win the Ball

 This is a full pressure U11 soccer drill for your young players to learn in order to retrieve the ball back. They are pressing and attacking the defender and trying to intercept passes. This actually teaches them sever soccer skills at one time.

This particular drill will require teamwork and your young players understanding the best route and strategy in retrieving the ball.

Footwork Matters Most

 Footwork is important in any soccer game. When a young player learns about foot control and has confidence in how to move his feet while protecting the ball, he will become a more effective player.

This unique technique involves your defensive players protecting the goal by passing the ball with their feet and supporting their teammates as they try to keep the ball in play and in their possession.

Playing as a Sweeper

This is a great drill for your goalkeeper as you teach him how to play with tact and judgement. The best way to develop his game is out from the back. Teaching him what this means and how to master this technique will keep him constantly alert while keeping attempted goals away.

As he begins to learn how to play as a sweeper around the goal, he will understand how to keep his eyes on the ball and know where it is at all times on the field, particularly as it gets closer to his goalpost.

Fun Heading Race

This is a great head to head U11 soccer drill that teaches the heading technique. Have one of your young players be the server with the other player getting prepared to head the ball back.

Allow the server to serve the ball while the other player springs forward and heads the ball back. Teaching your young players how to head a soccer ball correctly can be a difficult task, but is quite necessary in order to elevate their level of play.

Make a Slide Tackle

This technique teaches your young player the correct way to make a slide tackle. Remember to get in close enough range in order to get ready to slide.

You will be sliding on your hip while hooking the ball with your feet. Remember to get back on your feet as quickly as possible to pass the ball to another teammate

Penetrate the Final Third

This technique is for teaching your young players how to pass well. Remember to look up before you shoot. Pay attention to the player that you are passing to.

Make sure that you have a good first touch of the ball and to time your runs into the box. This technique can be used both developing offensive and defensive skills.

Stopping the Ball at Strikers Feet

 This is another great U11 soccer drill for defensive movement for the goal keeper. The objective is for one of the players to be the attacker and move towards the goal.

The goalkeeper must remain alert and move quickly up to the attacker to block the ball. The goalkeeper then gathers the ball with his hands and clears it with his feet.

Passing and Support Play

 This is a great U11 soccer practice drill for passing and receiving the ball. You will have two teams with the opposition team spread out. A player will move within the opposition team and call for the ball. The player must pay attention as the ball is going through multiple obstacles to get to him. Remaining alert and great accuracy will help in developing a star U11 soccer player.

Goalie Wars

What a great and fun U11 soccer practice drill for the two goalies. The two goalkeepers will try kicking the ball to the opposite goal. This will require great leg strength, accuracy and knowing how to kick the ball into the box.

The goalie will collect the ball with his hands and he must also remember to clear the ball with his feet. There are several soccer skills for the goalkeepers being taught with this one.

Correct heading Technique in Defense

 This is a great technique for a coach to teach to his young players. You will place your players into pairs. They will work on heading the ball to each other. They must remember to keep their eyes open and to look at the ball.

Your weight needs to be on the balls of your feet while pushing upward through the bottom of the soccer ball. Correct heading techniques while keeping this posture will help your players in developing their defensive header technique.

Correct Heading Technique in Attack

 This is another great heading technique that uses the pairing up of your players. Allow the players to head the ball to each other. Remember to open your eyes and be aware of the ball.

Use the ball of your feet to distribute your weight and push forward through the bottom of the soccer ball. This time instead of heading the ball up during defense, you will head the ball down to the other player as if in attack mode.

This heading technique in attack will allow your young players to learn how to protect the ball when they are confronted with an attack by the other opposing team.

Quick Reactions and Positioning

This is another great U11 soccer drill for your goalkeeper. You will need several balls. Allow one of your players to throw the ball individually into the box. The goalie must pounce forward in trying to block each ball.

This drill teaches quickness, how to stay alert and being able to pounce forward off the balls of your feet and beating the ball.

Shot Stopping Reactions

 This is a great drill for young people who want to work on their reflexes and reactions to the soccer ball. It is a great drill for goalkeepers to learn shot stopping reactions. Have your goalkeeper stand in front a wall.

Have another player act as a server and stand to the right and behind the goalkeeper. Let the player serve the ball and hit the wall.

The goalkeeper must pounce forward, keeping his eyes open and on the ball without allowing the ball to get behind him. This is a great exercise for developing quickness for your goalies.   

 Final Thoughts

Taking the time to do these fifteen U11 soccer drills on a daily basis with your team, as a coach will help you see young players that are developing sound soccer skills and a firm foundation.

As your players in different positions from the goalkeepers to the forwards to the defensive players to the fullbacks work together as a team, they will learn passing, shooting, dribbling, heading, tackling, shot stopping and other skills that will help them in accomplishing their goals of becoming some of the best soccer players in their community.

These skills are also things that can be done at home by your young players. As they continue to work on these individual soccer skills and drills, they will soon become more energized, competitive and trained in special skills that will soon come to life on the soccer field.

As an individual soccer player practices these U11 soccer drills, he will become better, which will only make your team better. And who knows, as a coach you may one day look up and see one of your players on a professional soccer field and think about the times when he learned his U11 soccer drills from you.

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