U10 Soccer Drills

There are some very awesome soccer drills that can help players of all age groups enhance their soccer skills. 

Soccer, as we all know, is a high-performance sport, and training vigorously and correctly increases the chances of success in this game. This guide will look into some of the most effective u10 soccer drills. 

U10 Soccer Drill: British Bulldog

This is a legendary soccer drill practiced all across the world and is meant to enhance players’ dribbling skills. 

The exercise involves players attempting to dribble through a ‘danger zone’ while trying to avoid losing their ball possession to the attackers (‘bulldogs’). This U10 soccer drill trains the kids ball control while under pressure and at varying speeds. 

The exercise also enhances awareness skills as the players have to be aware of the impending attackers and at the same time maintain ball control – players need to control the ball with their heads up. 

Coaches can have the players start the drill without any soccer balls. They can make it a game of tag at the beginning. 

Coaches can then instruct the ‘bulldogs’ to crawl throughout the ‘danger zone’ while trying to attack the player with the ball. After that, the ‘bulldogs’ can then be instructed to attack aggressively while on their two feet and within the designated zone. 

U10 Soccer Drill: In The Ring 1v1

This soccer drill involves players battling for ball possession in a tight space. It is a perfect drill for the u10 age group.

The setup is in the center circle. The exercise begins with the coach standing at the edge of the circle with one player positioned on each side of him/her. 

The coach then kicks the ball into the circle, and the two players sprint toward the ball trying to take possession of the ball. 

They battle for ball possession, and the winner is the first player to kick the ball back to the coach. Should the ball leave the circle, the round is declared over, and the next pair of players go in. 

U10 Soccer Drill: Dribble Pass Relay

This exercise focuses on dribbling tactics. It is fun and exciting making it the perfect u10 soccer drill. It trains players to have a great focus on ball control while in tight spaces. It also trains for excellent ball play while in open spaces.

The setup involves placing ten cones through which players will dribble. Once the players are done dribbling in this tight 10-cone space, they then dribble through 3 other cones set about 10 meters apart. 

While dribbling in the widely spaced cones, players need to demonstrate fast-paced dribbling and superb ball control. Once they are done with the two sections, they pass the ball to the next player in line. 

U10 Soccer Drill: Competition Sprints

This drill involves players competing against each other which is a plus because it encourages competition especially for players in the u10 age group.

 The intensity of competition has been observed to increase when players compete against their teammates. 

This u10 soccer drill is meant to enhance agility skills among players. The players race through a quick agility course with the aim of getting to the ball first.

The setup for this drill involves placing flags in a zigzag manner on both sides of the goal. Two players stand on each end of the field at equal distances from the middle. The game starts with the coach blowing the whistle.

 When the whistle is blown, players sprint towards the flags touching the top of each flag while proceeding towards the middle area. 

The coach then passes the ball to the middle of the field. The two players compete on who will be the first to get to the ball.

The player who gets to the ball first is rewarded with a shot. Multiple variations can be introduced to this drill to make it more fun and competitive. Longer agility courses can be included for skills enhancement. Longer courses can actually make this a conditioning drill. 

U10 Soccer Drill: Touch The Net Shooting Race

This drill is very popular among young players because it is fun and competitive. The setup for this drill involves dividing the players into two teams and having them line up on both sides of the net. Each group should have a few soccer balls. 

Three is a reasonable number of balls, but coaches can choose another number of balls. Two cones are placed a few yards from the goal. 

The distance from the cones to the goal can vary depending on the players’ ages and skills.

All players start at the goal line. The shooting player runs to their assigned cone, while the passing player makes a pass to the shooting player. 

Once they receive the pass, the shooting player makes an on-goal shot then runs back to touch the goal post next to their line.

 Each player repeats this as many times as there are soccer balls or until the designated period lapses. The first player to score with all their balls and touch the goal post is the winner. Should a player make an on-goal shot that misses, they are discontinued. 

U10 Soccer Drill: T-Cone Dribbling Drill

This exercise focuses on improving skills on dribbling at high speeds and making controlled touches and turns. It is also a great fitness drill.

The set up for this u10 soccer drill involves placing four cones in a T-shape approximately 5 yards apart. Two players are positioned at the base of the T.

 one player rests while the other player dribbles. The coach can create multiple T shapes so that the entire team can participate simultaneously.

Each player starts at the base of the T-cone setup and dribbles around the middle-top cone, then proceeds to dribble around the right-top cone. 

Each player starts at the base of the T-cone setup and dribbles around the middle-top cone, then proceeds to dribble around the right-top cone. 

The player then dribbles around the bottom cone and repeats the dribbling pattern. They do this for 1 minute each, and then the other player starts their exercise.

The drill can begin with no soccer balls – so that the players just sprint around the cones. Other variations include limiting the type of dribbling, for instance, using the right or the left foot only, and using the bottom of the foot only. 

U10 Soccer Drill: Figure Eight Dribbling Drill

This drill is outstanding for training on dribbling with the inside and outside of the foot. It is also fun for the kids.

The setup for this u10 soccer drill involves creating two 5 by 5-yard grids that are five yards apart. The coach can adjust the dimensions appropriately depending on the players’ capabilities. 

Two training sticks are then placed in the middle of the two boxes about 3 yards apart. An extra cone is placed on each end of the box, effectively forming a pentagon shape.

One player begins between the training sticks with a soccer ball. The players are required to play for 1 minute at full speed, then rotate with their partners.

Each player dribbles around the cones and through the two sticks placed at the center, thereby forming a figure eight dribbling pattern. The coach can start with no dribbling restrictions then proceed from there.

After this, the coach can instruct the players to dribble with the outside of their left foot as they dribble to their left, and with the outside of their right foot as they move to the right. Players can also be instructed to dribble with the inside of their right foot as they move to their left.

There are various combinations for this task that the coach can explore. Each series lasts one minute before the players can switch. 

Final Thoughts

We have discussed some of the top u10 soccer drills that young ones can engage in. It is essential that coaches set up the drills correctly and give appropriate instructions for each exercise.

Since different drills are meant for different skills, it is also crucial to have training sessions that are properly planned for maximum benefits to the players. 

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