Soccer/football Tracker Review: Zepp, Catapult PLAYR and other Tracker

Technology is now at your fingertips. Smart gadgets and wearables are making our lives easier. In soccer as well, we now see the trend of using soccer trackers

These help during the training sessions and matches as well. It helps both the players and the coaches to keep track of the progress.

It can also help the doctors in the field to know if a player needs medical attention. 

These trackers mainly measure the physical metrics like speed, distance, etc. and feed the information in real time to smartphones or other gadgets.

There are various soccer trackers available in the market today. Each has unique characteristics. 

Here we are going to review most of them starting with a detailed review of the top two.

STATSports APEX Athlete Series Soccer GPS Tracker Review

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The STATSports APEX Athlete Series Soccer GPS Tracker is approved by both FIFA and World Rugby. 

Though the tracker is used by some of the leading soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Raheem Sterling and Paul Pogba.

It is available at a price which is affordable. Hence younger athletes can also afford to purchase this tracker to improve their performance

The Apex athlete soccer tracker consists of the Athlete series

STATSports APEX Athlete Series Soccer GPS Tracker
  • Pod with protective case
  • Vest for the athlete
  • App for monitoring on mobile phone

Each of these is described in detail below

Main Features

Athlete series pod: The Apex Athlete pod is a GPS device at 10 Hz with a OLED screen which is interactive. It has powerful processors, so that it can generate information and parameters quickly using data recorded at 4.5 million points during a typical session lasting sixty minutes. This data can be live tracked on the phone connected to the pod.

The battery life of the pod will usually last for three games, up to 6 hours. The pod has a lithium ion battery which will get fully charged within one hour, even if it is completely drained. The pod is weather resistant and can be used in all seasons.

Bluetooth is enabled on the pod for wireless connectivity. STATsports is also supplying a micro-USB cable for connectivity. The weight of the pod is only 45 gram.

Sensors in the pod: The pod is designed for a GPS frequency of 10 hz. The accelerometer used for measuring the acceleration has a frequency of 100 hz and the gyroscope also has a 100 Hz frequency. The magnetometer frequency is 10 Hz. The storage capacity of the pod is 8 GB which is usually sufficient for data for multiple seasons.

Athlete Series Vest: The vest is light in weight and has a sleek look. It is designed to fit both men and women. For comfort the vest is designed with a pod pocket in the back of the vest. The vest fits properly, so that the player is always comfortable.

Additional vests can be purchased if required. The vests are available for adults and youth. For adults, small, medium, large and extra large sizes are available. The youth sizes are for teenagers, and the sizes are extra small, medium and large.

Apex Athlete App: The app has profiles for athletes & sports persons playing different sports, like soccer, rugby, running and field hockey. The app can be mapped to multiple functions like training or recovering from injury. It also has a function for tracking live sessions.

Athletes can compare their performance with their friends other athletes using Statsports social feature of the app. There are different leagues in the app, with their own leader board, for performance comparison. The app is compatible with Android phones, tablets,and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Apex pod case: Apex is also providing a pod case for protecting the pod, especially when it is being transported. The pod case is designed for the pod and forms a outer casing. It has a mesh panel for connecting USB cables. The carry case is black in color, so that it does not look dirty quickly.

Warranty and other information: A 12 month warranty is offered on the Apex pod. For Heart rate connectivity, Magnetic and BLE heart rate monitors (HRM) are compatible. For measuring heart rate, compatible Scosche monitors can be used with the pod.

Parameters Measured

One of the main advantages of using the Apex pod is that the user can monitor up to 16 different parameters at a time. The live tracking feature ensures that the performance can be immediately monitored on the smartphone using the app.

Distances can be measured in meters, kilometers or miles according to the user's convenience. The other parameters which are measured are discussed below

  • Total distance:  is the distance covered by the athlete during a particular session is measured.
  • Average Pace : The in built pacing feature allows the athlete to monitor their splits.
  • Meters per minute : Measures the intensity of the athlete during game /drills.
  • Current speed : Measures the velocity of the athlete at a particular time.
  • Maximum speed : Peak speed achieved by the athlete.
  • Distance at high speed: Total distance covered by the athlete running at a higher speed, above 5.5 meters per second.
  • Distance at high metabolic load (DHML): Indicates the total distance which is covered running at a high speed or when the metabolic rate increases rapidly for a shorter period of time.
  • Sprint count: The number of times the athlete sprinted at a high speed, the user can define the speed level. This information can be used to reduce injuries.
  • Acceleration count: the number of instances when the user accelerated, resulting in positive velocity changes.
  • Deceleration count: Indicates how often the user decelerated, causing negative velocity changes.
  • Step balance: indicates the maximum impact on the right and right side on the average.
  • Dynamic stress load : measures the stress and load on the users body while playing.
  • Heart rate in red zone: Time period for which the heart rate was above a specified heart rate.
  • Maximum heart rate: The highest heart rate of the player during the game.
  • Heat-maps : show the position of the user on the playing field, the areas where the player has spent a maximum amount of time while playing.

Software Features

The Apex app has a number of features which make this pod better than other pods in the same price range. The user can track his best scores for the five most important metrics, making it easy to share to social media.

These stats can also be shown to the coaches and teammates. The app has parameter information of the professional players including for players from men's Premier League and women's Champion League.

This allows the user to compare their performance to some of the top rated players in the country and world. Users can create their own leagues with their friends, team-mates and compare their parameters periodically, trying to improve them. Information on the top rated athletes worldwide forming the leader board is also available for comparison.

The dashboard of the app also has a calendar, which allows the user to keep records of their training sessions, and his match schedule. The player can also retrieve information from any of the last eight most recent sessions for which the various parameters were recorded, to review the information.

The information can be used to improve the speed and aerobic performance of the athlete A unique feature of the software is how the coach of a team can monitor the parameters of multiple team members using the Athlete pod, by sending a four-digit code to the athlete. The Apex coach series is an android/iPad app which helps the coach monitor multiple devices in the athlete series

Comparison with Other Soccer Trackers

The Statsports Athlete tracker is using the latest technology including GNSS for greater accuracy while measuring the parameters. The pod is conveniently placed in the vest, no sensors have to be connected to the feet which can affect the performance.

The app software is also better designed, with a provision for creating leagues for sharing performance data with friends, other players, which most other trackers do not have.

The player can store their personal best, and also compare their performance with top athletes. The Statsports coach app, allows a team coach to monitor the athlete tracker of multiple team members if required.


  • Inexpensive and affordable soccer tracker with most of the features athletes require.
  • using the latest technologies for greater accuracy, so preferred by top soccer teams worldwide.
  • The pod is light in weight and easily worn in the vest, so that it does not affect the athletes performance.
  • Vest is well designed, comfortable and available in different sizes so that it fits athletes of different sizes comfortably.
  • Has Bluetooth and micro-USB connectivity for data transfer.
  • Can monitor 16 different parameters of the player during the game or training like total distance, maximum speed.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery can last for 6 hours, and can be recharged quickly within one hour.
  • The 8 GB data storage capacity of pod is sufficient for data storage for a few years.
  • Well designed app accessed on smartphone for sharing personal information with friends or comparing with top players.
  • App can help players to improve their speed and aerobic capacity recording their parameters.
  • Provision for connecting to the Statsports coach series app so that coach can give advice to improve performance.


  • Designed for use outdoors only since it used GNSS.
  • No information about some parameters like the number of kicks since the pod is placed in the vest.

Zepp Play Soccer Tracker Review

Zepp Play Soccer
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
  • Package Dimensions: 11.176 L X 16.256 W X 4.826 H (Centimeters)
  • Product Is More Durable And Long Lasting
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  • Design
  • Features
Zepp Play Soccer

 C Catapult PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker Review

CATAPULT PLAYR Soccer Fitness Tracker - GPS Vest and App to Track and Improve Your Game - for iPhone and Android (S)
  • FIFA authorized wearable GPS tracker designed to analyze and improve your soccer performance.
  • Detailing your speed, sprint, distance, power, load & intensity data and positioning via heatmaps,...
  • Compare your numbers against friends, the competition and professional players to see how you match...
  • Transform your preparation, performance and recovery with expertise on training and nutrition from...
  • Set up a team and invite your team members to monitor your team's performance via the app.
  • Picture
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  • Design
C Catapult PLAYR Smart

Other Soccer Trackers

Catapult Sports Playertek

CATAPULT ONE - Track, Analyze, and Improve Your Soccer Performance (Pre-Paid Membership) - XS
  • Used by elite teams, Catapult One is a GPS tracking solution that captures ten times more data than...
  • Includes FIFA-approved pod, vest, charging dock, carrying case, and a one-year Catapult One...
  • Track and improve the core metrics that make you a better player, including total distance, sprint...
  • Analyze player positioning with heat maps and get access to training exercises developed by pros.
  • Access performance and data trends, visual heatmaps, and customized recovery and training tips.

It is a soccer tracking device for amateur players. It can monitor the movements of the players and can measure their physical performance during the training sessions and actual matches. 

You will be able to know statistics such as top speed, distance covered, sprint distance, etc. It is a little pod that you can attach to a special vest that has a neoprene pocket, back panel, and breathable front panel.


  • It uses technologies like magnetometer, accelerometer, and GPS to track performance and physical statistics.
  • It has 8GB storage that can hold about 1,200 hours of data.
  • The stats can be easily synced to your Smartphone app using Bluetooth.
  • You will be able to see heat maps to know how your positioning switched throughout the game.
  • You will be able to compare your performance to those of the Premier League players, and so will be able to determine where you need improvement.
  • You can compare your efforts during the 1st and 2nd half of the match.


  • You may not get the proper vest size; that way it might be uncomfortable to wear the tracker.
  • You can only use the tracker outdoors.

First11 Soccer Tracker

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It is a very popular tracker that is used by both the amateurs and the semi-professionals. Unlike the other soccer trackers, First11 has two sensors, one for each foot. These two sensors provide an in-depth analysis of the players’ performance to the players and coaches. 

You can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth. After the training or match, you will be able to view important data to know the areas of improvement needed.


  • You can get various stats like distance, time spent running, movement speed, number of kick per foot, etc.
  • Two sensors are available to provide a detailed analysis of the game.
  • You won’t need to worry about the battery life as the sensors are able to record up to 150 minutes of the game which is enough to cover one of two games.
  • It is lightweight and compact, so comfortable to wear. Elastic bands help to keep the sensors in place.
  • The coaches can use detailed data to improve the technical skills of the players.


  • No multiplayer mode is available.
  • You won’t get any professional advice from the tracker on the players’ performance.
  • The sensors might not connect to your phone instantly. You might have to attempt a few times to connect it.

SPT2 Sports GPS Tracker

SPT2 - FIFA Approved Soccer GPS Tracker - GPS Vest and App. Track and Improve Your Game.
  • FIFA approved wearable GPS tracker designed to track and analyze your performance.
  • 10+ hours data storage and 6+ hours battery life
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • GPS Tracker made for outdoor team sports including Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse
  • Track all your important GPS metrics including Distance, Work Rate, Hard Running, Impacts, Intensity...

It is a chest piece that is perfect for amateur and soccer players. The piece is made of elastane and nylon and comes with GPS and Inertial Movement Unit. This sensor can track your movement through gyroscopes and accelerometers. 

You will be able to see stats like distance traveled, highest velocity, position on the field where most time was spent. Using this tracker, you will be able to manage the training load of the players. It will also prevent the impact of injuries.

you will be able to see stats like distance traveled, highest velocity, position on the field where most time was spent. Using this tracker, you will be able to manage the training load of the players. It will also prevent the impact of injuries.


  • It can measure important stats like speed, distance, goals, etc.
  • The battery life is good and it can store data for 10 hours.
  • It is compact and lightweight, so easy to wear.
  • You can design training programs that help the players to recover from injuries.
  • Functionalities like magnetometers, gyroscopes, and accelerometers are available to help you analyze your performance.


  • Extra features like tagging’, or multiplayer mode’ is not available like in the other trackers.
  • It is not suitable for professional soccer players.
  • The chest piece may not fit you properly; it can be either too tight or too loose.

FieldWiz Sports GPS

You can attach this tracker easily to a vest on your back. It will keep track of a number of stats including distance, sprints, acceleration, speed, etc. You can replay different phases of the game to review your performance. You can easily sync it with your smartphone via Bluetooth.


  • A heat map is available that shows the zones that were covered during the match.
  • You can look at phases of the game or the whole game after the match is over.
  • It uses GPS technology that provides more accurate data than other trackers in the market.
  • It can record data for about 10 hours.
  • It can give you customizable reports of an individual player or the team as a whole.
  • There is no need to install any extra hardware or software.


  • It doesn’t provide any access to multiple players to evaluate the performance of the team.
  • It doesn’t provide any professional advice; you have to analyze the raw data yourself.

How To Choose The Best Soccer Tracker

As there are now soccer trackers from different brands available in the market, you need to be careful when choosing a tracker for yourself. You should consider the following things before buying a soccer tracker:

Weight: The tracker should be lightweight and small so that you can wear it comfortably inside your sleeve or vest. This way your performance won’t be affected.

Functionalities: Only accelerometers won’t be able to give you accurate stats. You should by tracker that has GPS technology and other functionalities.

Cost: You must buy the tracker depending on your budget. You should learn about the features to see if you are getting good value for money.

Features: Choose a tracker that has lots of features like multiplayer mode, tagging, team performance, professional tips, etc. The more features the tracker have, the more data there is to analyze and find out the gaps in the players’ performances. That way you will be able to improve your performance in future games.

Storage and Battery Life:These are important factors when choosing a tracker. Your tracker should have a long battery life so that it can last throughout a couple of matches. The storage should be enough to hold lots of data.

Final Thoughts

These trackers don’t only improve your game, but also gives you a better understanding of what actually happened during the match or the training session. They can help improve the performance of both the amateurs and the professional soccer players.

These trackers provide vital information about the players’ actions which can help to improve the performance of the player later. They are perfect for monitoring players’ performance and the game.

Bestseller No. 1
CITYPLAY Smart Soccer Tracker for Cleats by Playermaker, Track 25+ Technical & Physical Metrics, 12 Month Access to CITYPLAY Soccer Training App Included, Advanced Than GPS, Medium
  • Powered by Playermaker and Manchester City's soccer philosophy: CITYPLAY offers vital insights for...
  • Accurate Tracking: CITYPLAY soccer tracker for cleats uses advanced lightweight sensor design and...
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STATSports APEX Athlete Series GPS Soccer Activity Tracker Stat Sports Football Performance Vest Wearable Technology Adult Medium
  • The STATSports Apex Athlete Series is the only tracker on the market with 16 key metrics. Our FIFA...
  • Understand your stats to boost your game and take your performance to the next level. Measure your...
  • Compare live data with your friends and see how you rank against the pros with your own unique Pro...
  • Whats included? Package includes GPS Performance Tracker, Apex 2.0 Vest, Charging Cable and access...
  • Vest Size: Adult Medium 39-41" inches - 99-104cm - If you are between sizes we recommend that you...
Bestseller No. 3
SOCCERBEE LITE GPS Soccer Activity Tracker Sports Football Performance Vest Wearable Technology (Medium)
  • GPS Wearable
  • GPS Vest Size M (Recommended weight under 176 lb / 80 kg)
  • Track your game for Distance, Speed, Sprints & more. Compare live data with friends and team mates....
  • You can download the app on your phone and check your performance in 2 minutes.
  • Package includes GPS performance tracker, Soccerbee Vest, and charge cable. *GPS vest is at the...
Bestseller No. 4
SOCCERBEE Vest for GPS Wearable Tracker (Extra Small)
  • SOCCERBEE tracker is not included
  • Lightweight garment
  • Great flexibility
  • Breathable and durable
  • Unique SOCCERBEE pocket located on the back
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  • Ultra Wide Angle - The adjustable angle made the radar possible to provide readings from a speed...
  • Speed Recall Feature - To compare your speeds and aim for your personal best, the speed recall...
  • Bright & Clear Display - Large LED Display lets you easily see from a distance. Together with the...
  • Portable With Carrying Case - Stylish carrying case is included for easy transport. Bring it to...
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Playermaker Additional Pair of Black Straps Compatible Smart Sensor Technology, Large (Sensor not Included, Only
  • Always have an extra pair of straps for the right and left foot and have an extra pair for games or...
  • There are two sizes: Medium and Large. NOTE that the Medium straps only come in gray, and the Large...
  • Weather Durability: 100% Waterproof - suitable for all playing conditions.
  • Compatible with any size cleats.

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