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Storelli ExoShield Head Guard | Sports Headband | Protective Soccer Headgear | Black | Size 4
Gamebreaker PRO Powered by D3O Soft Shell Headgear
Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear
Full90 Sports FN1 Performance Headgear
Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear
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Storelli ExoShield Head Guard | Sports Headband | Protective Soccer Headgear | Black | Size 4
Gamebreaker PRO Powered by D3O Soft Shell Headgear
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Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear
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Full90 Sports FN1 Performance Headgear
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Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear
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Soccer is one of the primary causes of sports-related concussions in girls, and one of the leading sports causing concussions in boys. Most often concussions in soccer games occur as a result of collisions, either head to a body part or head to head, falls where a player hits the head on the ground, or any unexpected head to soccer ball hit. 

Therefore, most companies are now looking to design a product to help in preventing players of soccer from sustaining concussions. Soccer headgear have become more common in an attempt to protect sports players from head injuries. 

One way to prevent concussions during soccer games is by decreasing body contact particularly the use of shoulders and elbows when the players are going for the ball because most injuries occur from players contact when compared to ball contact. 

There is a risk of injuries in all sports, but protective gear can reduce the risks significantly. Here are the top five soccer headgear which contain both thin and thick soccer protective headbands associated with soccer players and goalies. 

Storelli ExoShield Soccer Headgear

Storelli ExoShield Head Guard | Sports Headband | Protective Soccer Headgear | Black | Size 4
  • MILITARY-GRADE PROTECTION: Armored with 9mm of combat-grade Team Wendy Zorbium foam used in U. S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps helmets. Engineered to reduce g-forces to the head by up to 50%. Made stronger for safer soccer.
  • ULTRALIGHT & ERGONOMIC: Ultra-light at just 8 ounces, headgear conforms to the head for optimal fit. Perfectly suited to head the ball and accommodates short and long hair, including pony tails. Maximizes comfort without compromising performance.
  • OFFICIAL HEADGEAR OF US CLUB SOCCER: Official headgear of US Club Soccer, used by goalkeepers and field players from youth leagues to the Premier League.
  • FOLLOW SIZING GUIDE: Refer to image with sizing chart (in carousel with product images) for instructions. Please measure head circumference carefully to avoid mis-sizing.

The Storelli ExoShield headgear is one of the highest ranked protective head guards in most headgear reviews. Therefore, it's a great selection to assist in the prevention of concussions as well as other brain trauma in soccer players and other contact games where risks are inevitable. 

Design: Storelli's ExoShield headgear is typically designed to provide a sleek guard that eradicates the traditional look of helmets while outperforming the traditional head guards. 

The Storelli ExoShield headgear is explicitly designed for soccer sport, which reduces the impact of G-forces by more than 50%. It comes with the same innovative, and lightweight open-cell viscoelastic rubber used in most combat-grade military helmets.

Comfort and Protection: The Storelli ExoShield headgear features a pretty narrow front section to protect your forehead and a slightly bigger back segment that gives you a comfortable fit. According to customer reviews, the protection and comfort are both top notch.

 The head guard fits comfortably and gives you adequate coverage where necessary to prevent injury. According to a recent study, the Storelli Sports Head guard can reduce head concussions and other injuries by a projected 84 percent, making it a safety must-have for all sports players. 

Gamebreaker Pro Soccer Headgear

Gamebreaker PRO Powered by D3O Soft Shell Headgear
  • Our Gamebreaker PRO soft shell helmet is being utilized in multiple sports, perfect for schools who'd like to utilize them for multiple programs throughout the year to save on cost.
  • The Gamebreaker PRO soft shell protective helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap and self-adjustable backing that keeps the helmet comfortably secured on without risk of flying off during activity.
  • The Gamebreaker PRO soft shell protective headgear also comes in 7 different color and 6 size options, paired with your logo, the design options are limitless!

The Gamebreaker Pro head guard is also one of the highest-ranked cap-style soccer headbands in soccer. As a result, this makes it a great selection for men playing soccer as well as other contact sports. 

Design: This cap-style head guard offers a rugby-type look that's popularly seen on most goalkeepers, but the rubber and foam used making it a good selection for the traditional field players as well. It's easily adjustable and supports decent air-flow, too. 

The GameBreaker head guard is mainly designed to reduce the force of impact from contact that might be generated by contact like head to head, - shoulder, or -knee, and will not have a great effect on the elastic collisions of a soccer ball and the head of the player. 

Comfort and Protection: Gamebreaker's uniquely constructed padded and soft padded soccer headgear is made of the finest rubber foam, providing you with maximum protection from collisions and impacts. The loop and hook chin strap along with the adjustable laces on the back allow the protective headband to custom fit every person's head. 

The Gamebreaker head guard can be customized with your team's or school's logo and provides 100% peripheral vision such that you won't even realize you are wearing it. This soccer headgear works excellently even for the headers and other normal soccer activities. 

Unequal Halo 3 Soccer Headgear

Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear
  • ATHLETE DESIGNED, PLAYER APPROVED. Smooth, sleek design with 360-degree protection
  • ULTRA-LIGHT / ULTRA-THIN. Less than 2 oz & 6mm thin vs. heavier and bulkier alternatives

The Unequal Halo 3 head guard is a great option for men who are looking for protective headgear for soccer or any other contact sport. It has the same look and feel of headbands, meaning it does not stand out when you are wearing it. 

Design: Unequal Halo 3 delivers 360-degree impact protection due to the Unequal's patented military class Nuro Tech composite which reduces acceleration, disperses and absorbs impact forces. These headgears have no impact on heading direction and speed, which means its good selection if you are playing at a high level. 

Enter your text heThe Unequal Halo 3 is compliant with the FIFA Law 4 that states that all non-dangerous protective gear, for instance, facemasks and headgear, as well as arm and knee protectors made of some soft, lightweight and padded materials, is permitted. re...

Comfort and Protection : The Unequal Halo head guard provides a fantastic low-profile selection; it's designed more like a typical sweatband than a standard protective headpiece. This headgear offers a great looking product that provides you with effective protection. 

According to VA Tech and some recent studies, Unequal Halo 3 head guard reduces the risk of concussion from 56% to 77 % depending on the model. Designed with moisture absorbent, nylon outer layer, coated aramid fabric, plus Airilon comfort foam, this soccer headgear is a pretty comfortable fit, and you can adjust it for different shapes and sizes of heads. 

Full 90 FN1 Soccer Headgear

Full90 Sports FN1 Performance Headgear
  • Manufactured with our Advanced Truefit 2 System; This seven point adjustment system provides a perfect fit to the FN1 performance headgear
  • Ultralight Construction with Dupont Coolmax material and total cranial contour design
  • Designed so that the ball plays true off of the head and includes 2 interchangeable crown inserts(Green, Orange, Black) for color pop
  • Includes Ponytail port
  • Allowed by FIFA and designed for Soccer use only

Unlike many other soccer protective head guards on the market, the Full 90 FN1 headgear provides full cranial coverage. The additional coverage makes this protective gear a good selection for soccer goalkeepers or men who are looking for the greatest level of cranial protection. 

Design: The Full 90 FN1 comes with a 7-point flexible system to ensure a much safer, and more comfortable fit and begins conforming to your head when you wear it a couple of times. For men with long hair that they want to keep up, this headgear comes with a ponytail opening. It offers a traditional helmet design made of Dopont Coolmax materials to keep the head cool. 

Comfort and Protection: The extended occipital coverage, total cranial contour design, and advanced temporal protection provide you with the utmost protection for your head as you play. The advanced Trufit 2 system is adjustable giving you the safest and the best fit. 

The Full 90 FN1 headgear comes with three interchangeable crown inserts in black, green, orange colors, as well as a ponytail port for all soccer players with long hair. Again, this head guard is perfect for both outfield players and goalkeepers, too. 

Full 90 Premier Soccer Headgear

Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear
  • ADVANCED HEAD PROTECTION: The F90 Premier Performance Headgear represents the latest advancements in performance protection technology and Tru-Play design.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE PADDING: The Premier features an advanced tru-fit system, which is comprised of the new x-band design and new interchangeable occipital back padding. This gives players the amount of protection that's right for their style of play.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT/LOW PROFILE: Advanced Truefit System that provides expanded coverage of the occipital lobe while maintaining a low profile, custom and comfortable fit.
  • COOL MAX FABRIC: The Premier is constructed with Forcebloc foam and an inner lining of Cool Max fabric to accelerate moisture evaporation, allowing the player to keep their head in the game.
  • SIZING: Measure completely around your forehead at the fullest part pulling the tape measure snug. Small / Medium: 19 to 22 inches (49-56 cm), Large: 21 7/8 to 24 inches (55-62 cm)

The Full 90 Premier is typically a solid protective head guard selection for men. The profile of this headgear is lower than that of Full 90 FN1 head guard, but it handles the moisture incredibly well and, it's relatively comfortable. 

The Full 90 Premier Head guard comes in four different colors: Navy, Blue, Red, and Black. It also comes with an opening for ponytails for those people with long hair that they want to keep up. 

Design: The Full90 Premier headgear was constructed with feedback from a group of professional soccer players who took into consideration comfort, fitness and impact on heading ability. The Soccer Headgear

features a four-strapped lightweight and secure fit design that comes with a moisture-managing material. That allows the headgear to conform better to the shape of your head and also improve the feel of the soccer ball as it makes contact. 

Comfort and Protection: The Full 90 Premier headgear are effective and also worth your money because of the level of comfort they offer. These head guards are not heavy, and they look incredibly stylish and good for what they are. You will feel comfortable wearing it as you play and you will feel as if the headgear is not even there. 

According to customer reviews, the soccer ball is soft, and it feels great. You will be less afraid when heading the soccer ball with this protective headgear. Again, the Full 90 Premier does not slip off at all. If you don't like being noticed, you can go for a black head guard because it is less noticeable. It's also a great way to avoid head injuries and concussions. You will grow accustomed to putting it on before long. 

Final Thoughts

Soccer is undeniably the most popular game across the globe. Participation is rising pretty fast in the U.S where it's broadly considered a safe alternative to all other contact sports like football. Taking some safety precautions is crucial in every sport, and a soccer game is no different. 

Effective shin guards are a must-have requirement from MLS, and the 5-a-side leagues as well. Nowadays, it's becoming prevalent for soccer players to wear some protective headgear. Concussions and other head injuries can happen when playing soccer games not solely from an accidental collision of heads with opponents, but also from falling on the ground and contact with a goalkeeper. 

Without a headgear, nothing protects a soccer player from the brunt of any hit. However, the safest headgears translate to a 70% reduction of concussion risk as opposed to wearing no Soccer Headgear at all. All the lowest rated headgear barely provide players with any form of protection. The above-listed are some of the highest rated head guards and will all help you or your children reduce the risks of bumps, cuts, and bruises as you play soccer. 

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