Soccer Goal Targets

QuickPlay PRO Soccer Goal Target Net 12X6' with 7 Scoring Zones – Practice Shooting & Goal Shots
Forza Pro Soccer Goal Target Sheets (Choose Your Size - 12 x 6-24 x 8) - Professional Soccer Training Equipment for Improving Accuracy and Finishing Technique [Net World Sports] (24ft x 8ft)
SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets (Set of 4 + Free Bag)
Golden Goal Target - 2 pack (2)
SKLZ Goalshot Soccer Goal Target Training Aide for Scoring and Finishing, 18.5 x 6.5 Feet
Price not available
QuickPlay PRO Soccer Goal Target Net 12X6' with 7 Scoring Zones – Practice Shooting & Goal Shots
Forza Pro Soccer Goal Target Sheets (Choose Your Size - 12 x 6-24 x 8) - Professional Soccer Training Equipment for Improving Accuracy and Finishing Technique [Net World Sports] (24ft x 8ft)
SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets (Set of 4 + Free Bag)
Golden Goal Target - 2 pack (2)
Price not available
SKLZ Goalshot Soccer Goal Target Training Aide for Scoring and Finishing, 18.5 x 6.5 Feet

soccer goal target are an essential part of soccer training because the fascinating part of a soccer match comes from the goals that are scored to enable a team to win games. To improve accuracy for a striker in front of a goal, a soccer goal target is a vital piece of equipment to own and use in training. 

Mostly used by strikers, the best soccer goal targets in the market provide immense benefits and are designed for individuals players, goalkeepers and team training. 

The different sized soccer targets and the different positions they are placed, help players to get creative and to come up with techniques to hit the marked targets, thus improving their shooting skills.

Other nets come with additional features which increase the shooting challenge making scoring goals more enticing and fun. 

Soccer targets come in different sizes designed for different age sets of players. Here are the top 5 currently on the market.

Quickplay Soccer Goal Target

QuickPlay PRO Soccer Goal Target Net 12X6' with 7 Scoring Zones – Practice Shooting & Goal Shots
  • The QUICKPLAY PRO SOCCER TARGET NET - is an essential coaching tool to develop soccer player’s shooting and passing accuracy. It features 7 changeable pocket target zones to keep soccer drills fresh. Suitable for individual and team training. *Soccer goal frame not included.
  • MOVE THE VELCRO COLORED MARKERS – QUICKPLAY’s color coded system keeps training drills fresh and player’s visual acuity sharp. With this training target players won’t get bored like they do with other soccer target nets. Simply move the colored markers from target to target to create fun and varied training games. Patent pending
  • GOAL POSTS NOT INCLUDED – The Target Net is a premium coaching net and the perfect accessory to the QUICKPLAY Match-Fold Goal. Additionally it's designed to fit any properly sized solid frame soccer goal of an equivalent size.
  • QUICK & EASY TO SET-UP – The net features QUICKPLAY's quick and easy unique shock absorbing bungee attachments for longer net life. The bungees attach the net to any goal.
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY – Designed in the UK by soccer players, for soccer players and used by professional soccer clubs, schools and colleges around the world.

 The Quickplay Soccer goal target is probably the one target with the most features on the market currently. The soccer target is designed in the UK where soccer is a religion, and with the added input of elite soccer players. It is also the premier choice for most professional soccer clubs, schools, and college teams. 

Features Of The Quickplay Soccer Goal Target

The Quickplay soccer target comes with seven different marked targets, with three located at the center of the net, while the other four are strategically placed at each corner. 

For convenience, each marked target comes with a pocket which holds the ball once it hits its mark, so that you do not have to pick the ball at the back of the net after each shot. 

In addition to the seven markers, the Quickplay target also comes with color-coded Velcro markers which can be attached to the existing tags, or to change the goal. 

The markers can be used as visual cues, and can also open up a whole range of new drills, which not only improve on a player's shot accuracy but also cognitive awareness. 

The target net comes in different sizes to suit every practice need and uses a set of bungee cords, which are used to secure the target tightly to the goal frames. 

The target net is easy to set up and take down for convenient storage, it is also foldable and light in weight.


  • The Quickplay soccer target does not come with the goal posts required to attach it to; you will have to acquire them separately. 

FORZA Pro Target Sheets

Forza Pro Soccer Goal Target Sheets (Choose Your Size - 12 x 6-24 x 8) - Professional Soccer Training Equipment for Improving Accuracy and Finishing Technique [Net World Sports] (24ft x 8ft)
  • FOUR ZONE TARGET SHEETS – These top of the range soccer goal targets have been designed to isolate the four main scoring zones of the goal. Aim for the top and bottom corners to improve your shooting accuracy.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO ATTACH – Designed with high-strength loop and pin straps which wrap around the goal posts with ease, the professional soccer goal target sheets provide reliable security and shape retention.
  • ALL-WEATHER MESH MATERIALS – Made from high quality Air Mesh materials, the pro soccer targets won’t lose their position during gusts of wind and downpours, providing year round shooting accuracy practice.
  • SET-PIECE AND OPEN PLAY PRACTICE – Learn how to score from anywhere on the pitch with these versatile target sheets for soccer. Their design makes them suitable for free-kick, penalties, short range and long-range shooting.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE – Suitable for use with the FORZA Soccer Goals, these pro target sheets come in a range of 6 sizes, making them suitable for mini-soccer, futsal, 9v9, junior and senior teams strikers training drills. PLEASE NOTE - This is a target sheet only. Goals are sold separately.

There are nine different sizes of the FORZA soccer target to choose from, which does not leave out any of the age-set of players. This also means that for every goal size that you have, there is a matching FORZA target net to match it with. 

Features Of The FORZA Pro Soccer Goal Target

To improve a striker's chances of scoring in front of goal, this soccer net comes with multiple targets marked out and spread across the net. 

Like the Quickplay net, the FORZA soccer target also comes with a set of strong bungee cords to secure the net firmly to the goal posts. The fastening process takes only a few minutes, and the ties should remain in place for the entire duration of your practice session. 

The material used to build the net is weather-proof and heavy-duty, and even when training in windy weather, it will hold. The durable material also guarantees durability. 

The marked soccer targets on the FORZA net are designed to help players improve on their shooting skills and ideal for training in long- and short-range shots, as well as set-pieces. 


  • Unlike their Quickplay counterparts, the FORZA net does not come with a pocket option to hold the ball once a shot is taken, and one has to retrieve it from inside the goal. Sometimes, you have to undo the bungee cords to reach the ball. 

SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets

SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets (Set of 4 + Free Bag)
  • BOOST SCORING PERCENTAGE. Anyone can shoot at the goal, but it takes consistent practice to make the perfect shot when it counts! Training with ScoreMore helps players focus on placing their shots in the corners of the goal during practice. During game time, shots that used to go to the goalie will go on the scoreboard instead.
  • SUPER SIMPLE SETUP. Most soccer shooting trainers only to work with a specific size goal or goal post. ScoreMore uses new Velcro technology called Omni-Tape to allow for quick and secure mounting of our trainer onto ANY size goal and goal post. Just cinch both straps onto the goal post and practice scoring!
  • BUILD SHOT VISUALIZTION AND MUSCLE MEMORY. Nailing the perfect shot is a combination of polished shooting skills and keen mental awareness. Training with ScoreMore helps you develop both. The bright target area constantly grabs the shooters attention, training the mind and honing shooting skills.
  • AUDIBLE AND VISUAL FEEDBACK. The majority of soccer shooting training aids have cut-outs that players are supposed to shoot through. We take the opposite approach. ScoreMore Soccer Targets provide a bright target area that flexes away and snaps back when struck. This provides feedback players can hear and see to let them know their training is improving their game.
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES. ScoreMore Soccer Training Targets were meticulously designed to provide a target area that would be useful for all ages. For younger players on a smaller goal (4’X6’), ScoreMore targets takes up a large portion of the goal area. As players develop, goals become larger (6’X18’ – 8’X24’) and the same ScoreMore Targets take up less of the goal area, allowing high level players to train for pinpoint accuracy.

The SCOREMORE soccer target was designed to help train players to place their shots in an area that is usually out of reach for a majority of goalkeepers like the corner of the post. 

Unlike other soccer targets, this equipment from SCOREMORE can be moved and placed in any part of the goal. 

Features Of The SCOREMORE Soccer Goal Target

The unique feature of the SCOREMORE target is that it is not embedded in the net like the two previous targets reviewed. This is a movable target that comes on its own, meant to be placed at any point within the goal. This offers players an opportunity to train their shots wherever the mark has been set.

Another unique feature the SCOREMORE target presents is the ability to fit in any size goal. All that is required is to strap the target, which comes with easy to fasten straps. 

The Velcro straps use a new type of technology known as Omni-tape, which has sound plastic cinch loops which allow you to attach the target in record time. 

As most targets are designed to train only the player, with the SCOREMORE target, you can also train the goalkeeper at the same time. 

Once the target is hit with the ball, it is designed to flex back to its original position, ready to take on the next shot. Thanks to the durable polymer stiffeners that are sewn into the perimeter of the target.

The audio and visual feedback that this target comes with is invaluable to the player and goalkeeper, as they can hear and see when the target is hit or missed. 

The target can be purchased as a singular unit, in two or four groups, and comes with a bonus bag for easy portability and storage. 


  • When attached to the crossbar, the SCOREMORE target can slip from its position after a few shots, but it holds better on the horizontal posts due to the location of its fasteners. 

Golden Goal Target

Golden Goal Target - 2 pack (2)
  • Portable and great for players of all ages and abilities
  • Helps players improve their shooting accuracy and passing proficiency
  • Fun to use in individual training, with teammates or with a goalie

Designed and developed by Jeff Cunningham, the third all-time leader in regular season goals in Major League Soccer (MLS), the Golden Goal Targets' main objective is to improve a player's proficiency and accuracy. 

Features Of The Golden Goal Soccer Goal Target

The Golden Goal Target is portable and comes on its own. To train using the target, all you need to do is to fasten it to any area of the goal's net. Velcro straps are used to attach the target, and the process is simple and takes only a few minutes. 

The target can be used for training an individual player alone, or together with the goalkeeper. It is ideal for shooting proficiency, muscle memory, and passing accuracy, and is suitable for all levels and age-sets of soccer players.

When you purchase the Golden Goal Target, 10% of all proceeds are channeled back to help develop grassroots soccer programs. The target also comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and portability. 


  • When used by older players, the Velcro straps used to hold the target in place are sometimes knocked off owing to their more powerful shots. 

SKLZ Goalshot

SKLZ Goalshot Soccer Goal Target Training Aide for Scoring and Finishing, 18.5 x 6.5 Feet
  • VISUALIZE THE GOAL. Goal shot does things cones, targets and stand-in goalies can't do: it creates visual focus on the specific zones where players are four times more likely to score.
  • GET PLAYERS IN THE ZONE. Backed by research, and tested by athletes. The Goal shot features the four scoring zones where goalies from soccer's top leagues are scored on.
  • REJECTS ANYTHING BUT THE BEST. The Goal shot's scoring zones force players to visualize their shots. It automatically blocks shots that are outside the designated scoring zones.
  • MORE TIME WITH THE BALL. Designed to fit the frame of any 18.5' x 6.5' soccer goal, the Goal shot easily sets up in minutes, breaks down fast, and stores in its own carry bag.
  • INVEST IN YOURSELF. Investing in quality sports equipment means investing in your training and athletic goals. Take your soccer training to the next level with the Goal shot.

The Goalshot soccer target is designed to enable players to aim their shots in the areas they are more likely to score. This is achieved by creating a visual focus on those specific zones. 

A lot of research has gone into the building of this soccer target taking into consideration where the most league goals were scored in leagues, and many other goal-scoring statistics. Using this data, Goalshot was able to create the scoring zones, their shape, and location.

Features Of The SKLZ Goalshot Soccer Goal Target

Due to its enhanced, vivid color, the SKLZ Goal shot ensures that a player visualizes his shot before taking it, which helps improve muscle memory and composure in front of goal. 

Balls that are not on target are automatically rejected by Goalshot, which challenges players to take the best shots. The instant feedback makes Goalshot a useful training tool. 

The confidence of a player receives a much-needed boost by knowing that placing a shot in the marked-out areas will most probably result in a goal. 

The SKLZ soccer target is built to fit any standard '24x8' goalpost and set up and dismantling takes a short time as it only has eight straps to hold it in place, to enable you to have ample training time. The goal target also comes with a storage bag. 

The soccer target is built from tough and heavy-duty material, which can return shots on impact and increase shot repetition. The goal target can handle thousands of shots of up to 65 mph, ensuring durability and reliability. 


  • Setting up the SKLZ Goalshot for a short person is tricky as the crossbar will be out of reach. Set up should be done by a person of over 5' 6".
  • Once set up, the goal target does not go all the way down to the ground and can lead to a player thinking they have hit the mark when in fact, they have not. 
  • The Goalshot target is designed for professional and youth players only, and there are no sizes for kids’ teams. 

Final Thoughts

For a coach, a sturdy, durable soccer target will improve your players scoring abilities, right from the point of approaching the goal, to scoring. Long and short distance scoring drills in different positions of the field are enabled by these soccer goal targets

If you are buying a soccer target for kids, it is advisable to buy softer balls to guarantee the durability of the soccer target. 

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