Top Soccer Tactics/Coaching Boards To Help You Clearly Communicate

Soccer coaching boards are doubled-sided clipboards, usually with a pen attached, which allow players and coaches to discuss tactics both before and during a live game. 

Made of durable materials, they are usually dry-erase and are double-sided, and are used to communicate strategy and the optimization of tactics. 

Soccer coaching boards are an easy and striking way for coaches to quickly 

impart information to a team before a match, during half-time, or breaks for injuries or other time-outs. Using the pens or the magnetic markers provided, a coach can display instantly in a highly visual and effective manner where somebody needs to move on a soccer pitch, how they need to adapt their tactics to counter the opposition, or what tactical formation needs to be adopted.

 Soccer coaching boards are also designed for those coaches that end up officiating matches, providing the basics of a referee’s equipment. 

They are also available for a variety of sports. Here are some of the best soccer coaching boards currently on the market.

Dry-Erase Soccer Coaching Board

What is it? The Dry-Erase Soccer Coaching board is a double-sided magnetic clipboard, with an image of a soccer pitch printed on each side. Made of robust dry-erase laminated materials, it is contained within a binder for easy storage and carriage.

Features: Apart from the clipboard, the binder also includes a number of accessories. These include:

  • A Game Planner Tactics Organizer – a specially designed notepad for providing detailed instructions to individual team members.
  • A referee’s whistle.
  • Two black marker pens for the drawing on the clipboard.
  • A black pen for making notes in the game planner.
  • Magnetic numbered marker chips which can be placed on the board, indicating the position of a team and its opponents on the soccer field.
  • A range of re-usable numbered stickers and showing images as a further coaching aid.
  • One red, and one yellow card, to be used by referees when officiating games.
  • Everything is contained in a sturdy binder made of hard-wearing materials designed to be easily carried by hand.


  • This is a low-cost product that delivers what it offers in a no-thrills manner. It is a useful visual tool that helps coaches get their message across with a minimum of fuss or complication.


  • Those who have used the product comment that some of the instructions come in Chinese, which is clearly not suited to an English-speaking market.
  • In addition, the images of the football pitches that they use are somewhat cruder than many of the other competitors on the market offer.
  • There is no clip on the side of the clipboard for any of the pens, so there is a danger that they can get lost, and a coach finds himself with nothing suitable to draw on when he most needs it.

This is a cheap product, which, whilst not as well designed as some of its competitors, gets the job done.

Fire long Soccer Coaching Board

Firelong Football Soccer Coaches Tactics ClipBoard Kit, Tactical Layout Notebook, PU Leather Cover, Dry-Erase Strategy Magnetic Clipboard with NotePage (Yellow)
  • Good Material : Made of PU leather cover with high quality, looks very stylish.
  • Easy To Carry : Light weight and easy to carry with PU ring.It's perfect for coaches, players and...
  • Magnetic Coaching Board : Smooth board surface for easy writing and easy you can...
  • Widely Used : This tactics folder is suitable for devising match-day strategies and...
  • Crucial Training Discussion : The strategy board could play a important role in the crucial time due...

What is it? This is a magnetic soccer coaching board with a clip and note paper for record tactics and making notes on the play as it happens on the field. Contained within an artificial leather binder coated with polyurethane for durability, it expands out to a hinged two-page layout, with the clipboard on the left and the note pages on the right. There are a block holder and a pocket for the magnets on the right side.

Features: Apart from the clipboard, the binder also includes:

  • A black marker pen.
  • A pen to write on the strategy sheets.
  • An eraser to clear the clipboard when use has finished.
  • A selection of reusable numbered stickers.
  • A set of magnets which can be attached to the board to depict the position on the soccer field of players.


  • The board is lightweight and easy to use and carry for people of all ages. In addition, the board is easy to clean and wipe off. Users do not get the nasty residue that can be found with some boards. It is one of the cheapest solutions on the market.


  • It does not offer the range of accessories that some alternatives provide.
  • There is no clip provided for the marker or pen, which means they have to be carried separately.
  • Sapines ad labore duius nunc

This is one of the more basic soccer coaching board on the market, but also one of the cheapest. Easy to use and get started.

Magnetic Soccer Coaching Board

Crown Sporting Goods Magnetic Soccer Coaches Strategy & Tactic Board - 23.75" x 16.75" Premium, Double Sided Roll-Up Play Calling Clipboard, Full & Half Field View Sides, & 24 Magnets
  • Call The Shots: Head to the huddle with a plan in hand. A double-sided and magnetic coaching...
  • Includes 24 Magnets: Comes with 11 red and 11 blue magnets for two full teams as well as 2 black,...
  • Double-Sided Clipboard: Features a full-size field on one side and a zoomed in view of half the...
  • Roll-Up & Go: Lay the clipboard flat or hang it on a wall, strategize, then roll it up until the...
  • Premium Materials: Made with a 23.75" x 16.75" vinyl-covered, flexible magnetic sheet interior with...

What is it? This is a double-sided roll-up soccer coaching board which, on one side, features a full-sized view of a soccer field on one side, and a zoomed-in version of half the field on the other side. It is made of a vinyl-covered magnetic sheet, with the lines of a soccer field printed on them. Magnets are used to depict the position of the players on the field as well as the ball.


The clipboard comes with 24 magnets: 11 red and 11 blue, as well as two back multi-purpose ones.


  • The clipboard can be laid out flat or hung from a wall to better communicate tactics to a team or group of players. When finished, it can be rolled-up for easy storage, until the next time that it is needed. The half-field version does allow for detailed coaching of attack and defense.


  • This clipboard is suitable for use in a classroom or pre-game environment. It is not practicable to use it whilst a game is in play.
  • There are no hooks or clips provided for those who want to hang it up. Users need to provide these themselves.
  • They need to equip themselves with a carrying case to transport it and the magnets.
  • It is bigger than many of the other alternatives on the market.

This board is more suited for a pre-game situation for in-play coaching or tactics. It, therefore, has less utility than some of the other solutions.

Wrzbest Soccer Coach Board

Wrzbest Football Soccer Coaching Board Coach Tactic Strategy Board Match Plan & Training Aid Whiteboard Clipboard Coach Equipment (W Style)
  • Double-sided:One half field ,the other side is full field.For coaches to set Defence and Attack...
  • Portable size and Lightweight:45*30*2cm(17.7*11.8*0.8"),only about 700g.
  • Multi-use:Handy use workmanship.It has 2 hanging hooks,So also can be suspended on wall.
  • Practical and Useful for Coaches and Player:with player markers and Pitch,coaches can easily set...
  • Reuseable and Durable:erasable and smooth writing surface with write-wipe 2 in 1 pen.

What is it? This soccer coaching board consists of a two-sided coaching board – one side consists of a full-field depiction, whilst the other side consists of a half-field so that coaches can concentrate on either attacking or defensive formations. Magnets are attached to the board and can be moved by hand to depict tactical line-ups, or where players should be positioned on the field.

Features:The board comes with two hanging hooks, so it can be suspended on any wall. In addition

  • Numbered magnets are provided – numbered one to twelve – in red and yellow to depict the position of players on the field, as well as several all-purpose magnets. 
  • There are 2 black marker pens and a whiteboard eraser.


  • It is portable and lightweight and can be carried easily. It is reusable and durable, with a smooth writing surface that can easily be cleaned. The corners of the board are strong and made of the alloy to minimize the likelihood of damage. 


  • There are bigger alternatives on the market which make it easier for players to visualize the field of play.
  • It comes with a carrying case, but this is not as easy to use as it might be.
  • The magnets have a tendency to become detached too easily.
  • This is more designed for a pre-game environment, rather than in-game or by the pitch coaching.

Boogie Soccer Coaching Board

Boogie Board Blackboard Coach's Edition, Digital Coaching Board for Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball, Authentic Reusable Writing Tablet for Sports Plays, 8.5" x 11"
  • Versatile - No Mess. More Coaching: Takes the playbook and lineup to a new level. Instantly clears...
  • Simple - Quickly Adapts to Any Game: Four included templates - Soccer, Football, Basketball,...
  • Capture - Scan Using Your Phone: The free Blackboard app for iOS and Android makes it easy to save,...
  • Just Write and Erase: Fast, one-touch instant clear button erases the entire surface. Quickly erase...
  • Authentic: The paperless writing display inside every Boogie Board is developed in Ohio by US based...

What is it? The Boogie soccer coaching Board is a multi-purpose, multi-sport LCD writing tablet. Coaches and players can use it to draw on the screen using a specially designed stylus pen, and then, when they are finished, it is self-erasing. It consists of a clear screen, and underlay papers are placed underneath it, with the user drawing on top.


  • Unlike normal clipboard, a Boogie Board is an electronic blackboard which is drawn on using a specially designed stylus. This digital tablet leaves no mess or dirty smears. When a coach has finished using it, they simply press a button, and the screen erases itself. 
  • There is also an app which can be downloaded so that pictures drawn on the clipboard can be saved on a smartphone. 


  • It is more expensive than many of the other alternatives on the market.
  • The manufacturer recommends that only the stylus provided with the board is used. If this is lost, then you need to contact them to source a replacement.
  • It is one-sided only.
  • It can be hard to in direct sunlight because of the glare of the unit.
  • The underlay papers at the bottom are held in place with just sticky tape, which means they are liable to get lost or damaged with frequent use.
  • It is designed for multiple sports – it comes with different templates for basketball, American football, soccer etc. Some might regard this as a disadvantage.

In theory, this is a more sophisticated model than many others on the market. However, whilst a great idea, in theory, it is less robust than many of the alternatives, and probably needs further refinement to be a practical solution.

Large Magnetic Coaching Tactics Boards

Nowadays, whiteboards are not only used in classrooms, but people use them in different places for various purposes as well.

Whiteboards usually make great alternatives to paper when taking and making notes because they are reusable.

You only need to swipe your duster, and you’ll have a clean place to work from again. Due to this unmatched versatility, whiteboards have tremendously grown in importance in schools, homes, workplaces, and many other different places.

People use these whiteboards in the sports industry and the business world to convey their ideas and also share information.

Magnetic boards are flexible, and you don’t need glue or staples to stick your object on the wall. When selecting your whiteboard, you should first consider the size you want and how you intend to use it.

The demand for whiteboards has drastically increased in the last decade, and with the rising demand came useful and innovative items from the whiteboard manufacturers.

Unfortunately, due to the numerous brands and models currently on the market, you might have a challenging time locating the one that suits your needs.

This post aims to review the three best large magnetic soccer coaching tactics boards on the market to help you make the right selection.


CREATIVE SPACE 48"x32" Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Stand, Double-Sided, Portable
  • Come With Everything You Need: Our easel style whiteboard includes 24 magnets, 10 tapes, 4 markers,...
  • Giant & Double Side: Our rolling white board is size 48" x 32", features both sides magnetic and dry...
  • Portable: 4 steel & silicone lockable wheels, our mobile whiteboard is easy to move and lock to...
  • Durable: Stain proof and scratch-resistant, our mobile whiteboard is also protected by foam corners.
  • Convenient: Excellent wide ledge for holding makers and everything.

This product presents a large rolling and double-sided whiteboard that smoothly rotates at 360 degrees, making it a perfect selection for big classrooms, home offices, workplaces, and sports arenas.

Its corners have high-density foam and a scratch-resistant protective layer that ensures maximum safety. It also comes with silicone and steel locking wheels for a firm grip and enhanced safety.

Main Features

Design and construction: This whiteboard by CREATIVE SPACE comes with a convenient size that is not too large or too small to suit the unique needs of different users. The surface of this whiteboard is made of materials that do not leave any residues or ghosting after writing using the whiteboard markers.

It also includes a horizontal and vertical wall mount, which means you can easily mount this board to a wall if that’s what you want. The whiteboard is also double-sided and can smoothly rotate at 360 degrees, making it easy to double your writing area with a simple turn.

Protective layer and film: This whiteboard has a protective film on the surfaces that protect the writing area from getting dents or scratches during transit. Also, the corners have a layer of high-density foam that ensures maximum protection during transportation. Therefore, what you order from CREATIVE SPACE is what you’ll get.

Triple locking system: This whiteboard comes with silicone and steel locking wheels that provide you with a firm grip and safety when moving it.

That means that you can effortlessly move the board within your space, and after reaching the intended spot, the wheels will lock to prevent your board from moving when in use. This locking system provides you with maximum stability as you write, draw, or sketch on your rolling whiteboard.


  • It comes with high-quality wheels for mobility
  • It includes a triple locking system for maximum stability
  • It includes a high-density foam layer that protects the writing area from dents and scratches
  • It rotates at 360 degrees to give you an extra presentation area
  • It includes a vertical and horizontal wall mount
  • It is highly versatile and can suit most spaces


  • Its design appears complex for installation

FORZA Wheeled Sports Coaching Whiteboard

FORZA 60in x 47in Wheeled Sport Coaching Whiteboards | Double-Sided Design | 5 Sport Options (Soccer)
  • INNOVATIVE 360° WHEELS – Each FORZA Coaching Board has been produced with easily manoeuvrable...
  • 5 SPORT OPTIONS – With five premium options available that include coaching boards that display...
  • REVERSIBLE DISPLAY – Equipped with a 60in x 47in reversible display for easy use and versatility,...
  • ADDED EXTRAS – For added convenience each FORZA Wheeled Coaching Board is supplied with a storage...
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN – This extra-large coaching board the perfect piece of ground coaching...

This whiteboard by FORZA is a great piece of equipment that is ideal for sports coaches at different levels. It comes in five different variations that include some regulation markings for rugby, football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball.

Each of these tactic boards come in dimensions of 120cm x 150cm to give you an extra-large writing space. This comprehensive set also comes with additional useful features such as reversible whiteboards and a tray that effectively stores the pen, magnetic markers, and erasers included during purchase.

Main Features

Design: This tactics board has an extra-large size that makes it an excellent piece of field coaching equipment. It includes a clear and extensive display that features a big writing area, which means that coaches and players can significantly benefit from this comprehensive set.

 Each coaching board comes with a whiteboard pen, an eraser, a storage tray, and magnetic markers for every type of sport.

360° wheel rotation: This robust whiteboard comes with wheels that rotate smoothly, which means that it can be moved from one venue to another with ease. The wheels can give you an all-direction movement to offer you unprecedented convenience.

Double-sided board: This whiteboard comes with dual sides that offer you enough space for making notes, in-depth analysis, and tactical planning. One of the sides features a specific part of the pitch while the other side gives you a view of the entire pitch.


  • It comes in a professional and robust design
  • It is double-sided, giving you an ample writing space
  • It includes innovative wheels for easy mobility
  • It has a reversible display for versatility and ease of use
  • It includes a storage tray for holding and storing your accessories
  • It has five sporting options


  • It doesn’t come with a wall mount

RoseFlower Tactic Coaching Board

No products found.

This tactic coaching board is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that’s strong and lasts long. It is ideal for all types of magnets that range from magnetic spice jars to photos to magnetic poetry and many others.

This board is incredibly versatile and an ideal match for dorms, offices, classrooms, or your kitchen. It comes with a collapsible and incredibly easy to assemble tripod stand.

It is perfect for planning match-day substitutions and strategies and planning your training sessions when you want to create innovative routines to give you a competitive advantage.

Main Features

Design and construction: This tactics board is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, making it an essential piece of equipment in the sports field. The aluminum material that makes this product doesn't rust, which makes the board durable.

The board comes with dimensions of 60cm x 45cm, and weighs approximately 2.3kgs, making it easy to move it from one place to the other.

Tripod stand: This tactics board includes a collapsible and easy-to-assemble tripod stand, which makes it easy to set it out in the field and show your players game plans and strategies. The collapsible tripod stand also makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the item.

Writing space: The surface of this board is large and can easily carry a lot of information, which makes it ideal for classrooms, lecture halls, and sports arenas. It has a durable and smooth writing surface. It’s also compatible with dry markers, and it’s pretty easy to clean.


  • It has a high-quality aluminum alloy construction
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It is versatile
  • It comes with a collapsible tripod stand that makes it easy to assemble
  • It is big enough to carry a lot of information


  • It vulnerable to scratches

When shopping for a writing board, you should consider the kind of writing board that you want, depending on the main purpose of its intended use.

The best board for soccer tactics should have a high-quality writing area and should also be easy to clean. It should also be in a position to resist ghosting and scratches to help convey information that’s easy to read.

Soccer tactic boards are generally easy to use, affordable, and less demanding when it comes to maintenance compared to chalkboards.

Besides, they are also durable and generate high-contrast markings that you can see without straining. If you are looking for a suitable soccer tactics board, this review combines some of the finest options on the market to make it easy to pick the right option. Examine the main features of each model to determine the item that will suit your needs best.

Top Soccer/Football Tactic

Coaching Board Apps

Football is currently becoming more competitive and popular among different individuals in all age groups. Coaching football needs constant daily preparation and practice.

From recreational youth groups to professional footballers, coaches usually spend a lot of time preparing training sessions, and professional techniques are often needed to get a competitive edge.

As a result, more and more trainers and coaches are now turning to technology for that edge. Luckily, many soccer training applications have been developed in recent years to help soccer coaches prepare training sessions and realize better results on the fields.

Most trainers and coaches use soccer training software and applications to plan all their soccer programs. They also utilize these applications to view and assess the performance of their players.

Many applications are free or readily available for purchase at affordable rates. With so many soccer coaching apps available on the market today, it’s essential to know what the best ones can do and their features as well.

Keep reading to discover the best soccer coaching apps you can download and use to enhance player development, hone soccer tactics, and maximize performance on the field.

Soccer Tactic Board

Soccer Tactic Board

Soccer Tactic Board

This app is one of the best coaching applications that you can use to train your players' new tactics and also hone the previously learned ones.

It features a training mode function where you can create a set of exercises and game tactics. You can write notes on the board and also save and access the created soccer plays and drill tactics at any time, or even send them by e-mail. This app can store lots of useful information for coaches and trainers.

The app also features a nice interface that offers you visibility of the tactical developments. You can also use your photos from the camera or customized backgrounds as the court. This coaching app is only available for Android tablets and phones.

Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

This football tactics app provides you with the ability to create any soccer tactics and save the data for future use. It provides numerous basic options for developing tactics that’ll serve as an inspiration for the trainers or coaches. For beginners, the app features a training mode to help you use it with ease.

A coach can create their team with all the names of their players. Some of the best additions you can have are visual customization options of the board, ball parameters, colors, and the number of players, among others.

Generally, this app makes it pretty easy for the coaches to share their ideas with the players or teams in a visual way. Moreover, coaches and trainers can work with both half-field and full-field screens to design their gameplays. The application also includes 47 defined tactical strategies for your perusal.




The TaccticalPad app is an innovative and dynamic coaching application that comes with a variety of tools to help you complete different tasks related to football.

It is one of the most complete and flexible apps for creating exercise, drawing new formations, planning sessions, opponent strategy, and tactical analysis. 

The 3D vision of this app creates a high sense of reality, which makes it easy to use the interface. Furthermore, it comes with an exercise database that’s ready to use with your applications.

Once you create practice drills, you can watch them later from a variety of views, including 2D, 3D, static, and animated views.

You can also share the content as an image, PDF document, video, or an editable project, making it easy to cascade all your plans to players.

Handball Tactic Board

Handball Tactic Board

Handball Tactic Board

The Handball Tactic Board app enables you to develop your football tactics for each match situation. It is a free app, and you don’t require any registration or payments to access the more advanced tools. It features a simple and intuitive user interface that is fast and pretty easy to use.

With this app, you can change the soccer field into three different view options. You can either use half-field view, full-field view, and defending third or attacking view.

The app provides you with seven useful tools that you need to create your soccer drills and tactics. These tools include rectangles with numbers inside, arrow, simple line, text, area, pen, and dotted arrow.

You can save your football tactics into a single frame, or even do some frame by frame animations for more advanced drills and tactics.

Futsal Tactic Board

Futsal Tactic Board

Futsal Tactic Board

The Futsal Tactic Board app allows tactics for every gameplay situation for free. You don’t need any registrations or payments to use the more advanced tools available.

The application includes an intuitive user interface that is simple and quick to navigate. It allows you to change the field to half field view, full-field view, and defending third or attacking view.

Furthermore, it comes with seven handy tools that you can use to create your tactics, including rectangles with numbers inside, arrow, simple line, text, area, pen, and dotted arrow.

The app allows you to save your created tactics in one frame or perform frame by frame animations for more advanced soccer tactics. Besides, you can also set the best animation speed possible.

The Futsal Tactic Board app also allows you to share your animations or tactics in different ways. For the tactics, you can do a photo of the tactics or even export them into a file.

For the animations, you can export them into a file, and you can easily import this file into an app on any other gadget.

Coach Tactic Board: Futsal

Coach Tactic Board: Futsal

Coach Tactic Board: Futsal

If you are looking for a coaching app that almost resembles a classic whiteboard, then this application is a great option for you. 

This app can help you create drill and tactics for your players, and it features a training module that provides you with cones, ladders, use ball, and many other objects that you need to create relevant exercises.

It also allows you to save an unlimited number of drills or tactics that you can view in full, half, plain, and training court mode. 

You can create teams with all your players, drag and drop players when you want to make changes in your team, and also customize the player number, name, photo, and position.

The app allows you to use different folders to group your drills and tactics by type and also export them. You can easily customize the background, the number of players, and the color of your board. Most of these features are free, but you can get the rest in InApp purchase.

When you are looking for soccer coaching apps, it is essential to first determine the features you want before downloading or purchasing any app. Doing that can help you know the most suitable application you can use to meet your team’s needs.

Besides, you can also download or purchase several apps to assess the available features. These top 6 soccer coaching applications are the best resources you can use to help your soccer players.

. By downloading these applications, you will have a great wealth of expertise and tactics that will help you achieve better results in the long run.

Final Thoughts 

There are a number of soccer coaching boards available on the market which can vary from basic clipboards with attachable magnets at one end of the spectrum to sophisticated LED writing tablets at the other. 

None of them are expensive in their own right, so decide what sort of coaching tool you want – pre-game or in-play – and then make your choice accordingly.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Soccer Coaching Board Soccer Coaches Clipboard Tactical Magnetic Board Kit with Dry Erase, Marker Pen and Zipper Bag (Football Board) (Soccer Coaching Board)
  • 1.Superior Material: PU leather cover + Magnetic pitch + Write and wipe, 2 in 1 marker pen, giving...
  • 2.Foldable and Easy to Use: Coaching Clipboard comes with 2 complete sets of magnetic markers so you...
  • 3.Plan Training: This tactics folder is great for devising match-day strategies and substitutions,...
  • 4.Great Soccer Coach: As a great tool to make coaching strategy before every game, Soccer Coaching...
  • 5.Write and Wipe: This football coaching board with a whiteboard marker pen can be erased after...
Bestseller No. 2
GoSports Soccer Dry Erase Coaches Board with 2 Dry Erase Pens
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Robust dry-erase surface does not bend like other cheaper boards
  • 2-SIDED DESIGN: Full field on the front with enlarged half field and game stat tracker on the back
  • ULTIMATE COACHING TOOL: Allows coaches to draw up the perfect play and quickly communicate it to...
  • GAME READY: Includes robust metal clip and 2 dry-erase pens (red + black) with erasers
Bestseller No. 3
MASKEOBAP Magnetic Soccer Coaching Board, Football Coaching Board Kit with Marker Pen, Dry Erase and Zipper Bag
  • Superior Material: PU leather cover + Magnetic pitch + Write and wipe, High quality stylish durable...
  • Foldable traning board: Unfold size is 16.5 x 11 inch, fold to be A4 size. Light weight and easy to...
  • Magnetic Coaching Board: Coaching Clipboard comes with 2 complete sets of magnetic markers so you...
  • Football training board: This tactics folder is great for devising match-day strategies and...
  • Write and Wipe: The soccer coaching board allows you to draw various strategy lines, ea...
Bestseller No. 4
Murray Sporting Goods Soccer Dry Erase Coaches Clipboard | Double-Sided Soccer Field Clipboard Dry Erase White Board | Soccer Futbol Gift for Coach
  • Versatile Dry Erase Soccer Clipboard: Our soccer coaches clipboard is the perfect tool for...
  • Premium Dry Erase Surface: The soccer clipboard features a high-quality dry erase board, allowing...
  • Portable & Durable Design: Designed for convenience, our soccer clipboard is lightweight and...
  • Clear Visibility & Improved Communication: With its large writing surface and clear lines, our...
  • Multipurpose Functionality: Our soccer dry erase board is not limited to coaching sessions. It can...
Bestseller No. 5
Murray Sporting Goods Magnetic Soccer Dry Erase Coaches Clipboard | Large Soccer Magnet Lineup Coaching Strategy Tactics Board
  • RELIABLE: Our dry erase magnetic soccer coaches board has an easy to wipe off surface
  • DURABLE: Made of high quality, durable materials with crisp, fade-resistant lines. Easy to see from...
  • LARGE SURFACE: Bigger than your standard 15”x9” clipboards. Plenty of room to draw up plays,...
  • DOUBLE-SIDED: Front: full soccer field to help direct game flow and establish positioning, Back:...
  • EXTRAS INCLUDED: Our soccer board comes with two dry erase markers, each with magnetic caps so you...
Bestseller No. 6
Scribbledo Soccer Dry Erase Coaching Board 15"x9" Soccer Whiteboard for Coaches Soccer Coaching Equipment Accessories Tactics Field Board Making it The Perfect Coach Gifts
  • 💊 DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN - This soccer dry erase coaching board is double sides with a full court on...
  • 🎯 ULTIMATE COACHING TOOL - Our soccer clipboard dry erase for coach makes it easy to communicate,...
  • ⚡ VERSATILE USAGE - You can utilize this soccer score book for coaches to strategize for multiple...
  • ✨ ROBUST & HIGH QUALITY - Our soccer coaching equipment has a smooth surface for easy writing and...

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