Top 5 Soccer Training Agility Pole Sets

A soccer agility pole can be essential in helping your players reach their full potential. In every training, a good coach or teacher has to focus on building strength and agility for their team and the players at large. Having the right resource to do that can efficiently improve performance levels. 

For that reason, here are the top 5 soccer agility pole sets that will change how you do training and help shape your team.

These soccer agility pole sets are very essential for every training as they allow players to develop foot speed, agility, and mastery of directions while at the field. They can also be used as boundary markers, obstacles and dribbling skills.

Bluedot Trading Soccer Agility Pole Sets

Bluedot trading has been known to live up to their standards by providing good quality equipment at budget-friendly prices. This is just one of their products that can be used in a variety of activities, soccer, football, and even canine agility training.

This soccer agility pole set comes with 8 poles, unlike other sets. The amount is substantial enough for a team activity rather than individual training. Some, however, may consider this number few compared to its competitors.

The poles have spikes that run 4 inches deep, on one side of the pole, that can be used to fasten the poles onto the ground for stability. Being that the actual poles are plastic, having a metal fastener will aid it to work effectively and provide stability during training.

The standard height for the pole is 5 feet but it can remain as fixed or adjustable to the purpose of the training. You can use the pole with other field equipment and form hurdles for your team players.


  • They are easy to set up and use.
  • They are versatile in nature hence can be used over a wide range of sports activities.
  •  Have adjustable poles.
  • The pole is safe to use as they are plastic hence unlikely to cause damage.


  • The spikes on the pole are non-removable. This means attaching the poles onto other equipment may be difficult.


These poles come ready to start the work, they are user-friendly and applicable in many situations. If you have not tried this pole set, do try.

Quickplay Pro Speed and Agility Pole Sets

QUICKPLAY PRO Speed + Agility Set, Multi-Sport Training Agility Poles | Cones | Speed Hurdles | Soccer Tennis | Crowd Barrier PRO Speed + Agility Set
  • THREE COMPONENTS, MANY USES - 10x Agility Poles (Coaching Sticks) + 20x Slotted Cones (9in) + 5x...
  • DUAL HEIGHT AGILITY POLES (x10) - Use as either 10x (3ft) individual / short poles, OR connect to...
  • 9IN CONES (x20) - The slotted design allows these cones to collapse if accidentally stepped on. Mark...
  • 10ft BUNGEE CORDS (x5) - Connect to the agility poles to create a versatile barrier / obstacle. Use...
  • SUPERIOR VISUAL ACUITY - Designed in a bright neon color to provide superior visual acuity and help...

The Quickplay pro agility poles are known to take versatility to a whole new level. Their package comes with 3 main components; ten 3-feet agility poles, also referred to as coaching sticks, twenty 9 inch slotted cones and five 10-feet bungees. That is just a slight mention of what they offer.

These poles can be transformed into many other sets of training equipment including the hurdles. When you use the slotted cones and the agility poles you can create 10-speed hurdles with the slotted design that decrease any likelihood of injuries.

The poles are lightweight with a weight of just 2 pounds that can be packed down easily and stored in bags. That makes it's easy for travel and highly portable to any area you go to. Unlike other comparable pole sets that weight up to 15 pounds.

The pole company designed the poles to have bright neon colors to help with visual acuity. You can train easily even with low light. The most common colors are yellow and orange as they tend to have a screaming light.

The poles have a sleek design in that on one end of the pole, it has a ground spike for attaching stability on the ground and the other side has a connector you can use to link two poles together. It is said to be made with the honeycomb design. The spike is 4 inches long to adequately secure itself to the ground.


  • Easy to work with on the field
  • Highly portable as it also comes with a free bag on the purchase.
  • Versatile 
  • Highly visible in dark light 
  • Detachable poles


  • The slotted comes might be too flexible and unstable for the hurdles.


If you have been looking for an all-round agility pole set that will come on handy for your team, then this is the best guess for you. 

Uber Soccer Professional Agility Pole Sets

Uber Soccer Speed and Agility Training Poles - Two Piece Training Poles - Set of 12
  • (12) Two-Piece Agility Poles, 6 ft Tall in Orange and Yellow
  • 2 piece assembly
  • Includes High Quality Nylon Duffle Carry/Storage Bag
  • Perfect for Coaches and Athletes
  • Use for agility and speed training

Uber soccer professional pole sets are said to ensure quality speeds and agility for all users. Plus you have the option of 4 different training course styles; the standard, springloaded, 2- piece and the multi training. You can train at your own pace and capabilities.

The poles have a 4inch steel ground spike meant to assure stability on any soft surfaces, grass or turf. You might require a base or weight for the turf but the peg will dig deep enough to provide support to the pole.

The poles also come with bright colors to aid with a visual aid for all players. They have 6 with a bright orange color and 6 with a bright yellow color. It is also good for training as you can place opposing sides on the field.

The total number of poles for the set is 12. Having reviewed others that have 8 or fewer poles. This number is sufficient for the whole team training with no strains.

Below every pole, there are stakes made of metal, 4 inches deep, used to secure the pole to the ground. You can fasten the pole on grass or sand and if you would like to fasten the pole on a hard surface, you will have to get the bases but they are sold separately.


  • Lightweight 
  • Have a strong PVC
  • Poles have good visibility throughout the field
  • Comes with a heavy duty nylon carrying bag with even strong carrying handles.


  • The poles cannot fold into smaller poles.
  • There are no bases or weights for hooking onto hard surfaces.


This is a great tool that every coach should have in their resources, it offers great control, endurance, agility, and practice for the athletes. 

SKLZ Pro Training Soccer Agility Pole Sets

SKLZ Pro Training Telescoping Agility Poles for Soccer Drills and Training (Set of 8),Yellow
  • Unique design works on grass, turf and courts
  • Multiple training options with reversible spike
  • Telescope to three different heights for different phases of training
  • Use with Pro Training Agility Cones to create hurdles at 2’ and 3’ 6” wide

These pole sets by SKLZ are manufactured to fit the needs of passionate players, coaches, and athletes. The tool is set to not only provide agility, but also power, grace, and speed on the field.

They have telescoping poles that have different heights with allowed customizability. You could use it at 24”, 45” or 60”. It all comes about with the stretching and detaching ability of the poles.

They don't just offer the 8 agility poles, you will also be given cones, arcs, and flags to use with your training. The poles combined with the cones create stable hurdles as well. Depending on the lengths you will be using you can create as much as 5 hurdles for use in your training.

Their poles are perfectly designed with detachable spikes for Anchorage. The peg can be placed on turf, grass or on the court providing multifunctionality. Unlike other pole sets that are limited to soft services, this training package sets itself apart from the rest.


  • Versatility 
  • Carrying bag
  • Protective caps on the poles
  • The solid peg for anchorage 


  • The poles don't come with a base or weights for use on the turf.


SKLZ pro training agility poles are said to get you playing like a pro, they offer amazing equipment for your everyday training. 

Cougar Spring Loaded Soccer Agility Pole Sets

Cougar spring loaded agility pole set is focused on providing fitness and agility in your training. They have a great feature set to give you ease and the best of results in a short while.

Their poles come in two designs, the standard and the spring-loaded, all meant to give you ease as you train. They come in the quantity of 8 poles and have a height of 6 inches.

The poles also come in a bright color for ease and convenience when training. You can use under dark lighting and on bright days.

This pole set is adjustable to allow you to quickly fold up for storage. They certainly lack a bit on the customer care with the lack of a carrying bag but you can always use something else to carry.


  • Highly visible
  •  2 types of pole designs
  • Adjustable heights


  • The poles can only hold up on soft surfaces. For hard surfaces, you will need weights.
  • Heavier than other poles.
  • Have no free carrier bag


Cougar spring loaded pole set has not only surpassed the usual poles, but they provide quality and innovative technology for all training purposes. 

Final Thoughts

Soccer training poles are a great addition to the field as they assist in various ways. You can provide a platform for footwork speed and agility for your teammates. For the athletes, coaches, and players, these pole sets are a must-have equipment.

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HOTOOLME Soccer Agility Training Poles Set - Includes 6 Agility Poles,Agility Ladder, 10 Soccer Cones,Jump Rope for Speed Training, Soccer Training, Basketball Athletes & Kids
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Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder Training Equipment - 8 Rungs Included Carry Bag Speed Training Agility Hurdles Cone Set for Athletes - Speed and Agility Training Equipment
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  • DESIGNED WITH STABILITY: The speed training equipment has a specific form that makes it stay still...
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  • DURABLE HURDLE: Made of qualified ABS plastic, it can withstand heavy use under adverse...
  • HEAVY DUTY AGILITY LADDER: This agility ladder is designed for heavy-duty use, featuring a durable...

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