Best Soccer Knee Braces/Sleeves for Players

The knee has the biggest joint in the body, and that makes it more prone to pain and injury. Physical activities ranging from jogging to demanding sports can open you up to the possibilities of blown ACLs, MCLs, PCLs, torn cartilage, or knee injuries.

Using preventive knee sleeves and braces can significantly reduce the severity or occurrence of injuries to your knee joints while offering mobility 

that enables you to enjoy or participate in your preferred activities. Knee braces are important safety gear for soccer players. 

They will not only protect your knees joint ligaments from injury, but they also hasten the healing process of any existing injury by protecting the knees. In simple words, a knee brace has a foam-based cushioning, as well as an elastic sleeve that firmly holds onto the knees of a player.

Quality knee pads usually absorb shock if a player falls, providing a support system that protects and strengthens the knee joint.

Besides, bracing is one of the best noninvasive techniques used to treat knee injury and pain as well as eliminate or delay a surgical procedure. This post will review the top soccer knee braces on the market to help you make the best selection.

Shock Doctor 870 Brace

Shock Doctor 870 Knee Brace, Knee Support for Stability, Minor Patella Instability, Meniscus Injuries, Minor ligament Sprains for Men & Women, Sold as Single Unit (1)
  • BEST FOR: Moderate support for minor to moderate sprains, strains and instabilities during active...
  • PREVENTION- Helps prevent and heal medial/lateral instability, minor patella instability, meniscus...
  • COMFORTABLE- Four-way stretch Lycra mesh at back of knee and premium stitching assemble and patella...
  • SUPPORT- Pre-curved anatomical design and Integrated FLEXIBLE side stabilizer stays - knee...
  • PROTECTION/COMPRESSION - Padded patella buttress helps protect and stabilize knee cap - Supports...

This knee brace is among the best selections for knee support for both beginners and experienced soccer players. You can utilize it to prevent injuries to your knee joint ligaments, but most people use it for meniscus injuries, ligament sprains, or to reduce lateral instability.

You can use it throughout your entire game because it improves airflow, and it comes with an in-built antimicrobial tech. That means it doesn’t hinder any movement, and you will not sweat.

It comes with a pre-curved structural design that enhances therapeutic heat that assists in muscle repair. Also, it includes dual hinges that provide good support to your leg while giving you freedom of movement due to the inbuilt four-way stretch spandex.

Main Features

Pre-curved design: This knee pad is a bit different from many other types of knee braces because of its design. The highly sophisticated and innovative airflow vented technology assists in circulating air on the knee’s skin, hence eliminating bacteria, odor, excess moisture, and heat to keep the skin cool throughout your game.

Quality and comfort: This knee pad is made of high-quality neoprene material, which wicks excess moisture and removes excess heat for perfect comfort. It also includes an X-fit strap system that securely and safely wraps and fits your leg for the stability and good support of your knee joint.

The brace has a padded patella that assists in protecting and stabilizing knee cap. It supports joint alignment, soft tissue, and curative warmth for enhanced blood flow.

Dual hinges: These knee braces come with heavy-duty hinges that provide great support, and they do not restrict your movement. It enables you to move more comfortably through its pre-curved anatomical design that fits the two sides of the knee and the four-way stretch Lycra mesh.


  • It has a sturdy and ergonomic design
  • It offers great stability and support
  • It is comfortable to use because it removes excess moisture and heat
  • It comes with straps that perfectly fit the knee joint
  • It is available in different sizes


  • It can be difficult to put on at first

Bodyprox Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve (Large)
  • 1 Pair Kneepads (Left and right), Unisex design, two sizes available. Polyester 45%/ Rubber 25%/ EVA...
  • Your Safety is Our Priority-made of high-density strengthen foam, good elasticity, breathable fabric...
  • Ergonomic design, super lightweight, provides freedom of movement. An ideal knee protector for...
  • Protect and Prevent knee injuries during exercise. Keep warm, prevention and reduction of stiff...
  • Great Grip, Non-Slip Feature! Easily put the knee pads on and forget that you had them on! That’s...

These knee braces by Bodyprox come in a pair and can protect your entire knee while enjoying your game of soccer or other outdoor activities.

It is a versatile option that’s suitable for demanding jobs and outdoor games such as basketball, football, volleyball, skiing, cycling, hockey, wrestling, snowboarding,  and many other heavy sports. You can also use it for rehabilitating your knee after knee surgery or a knee injury.

Main Features

Ergonomic and lightweight design: This knee brace comes with an ergonomic and lightweight design. That means, it can perfectly fit on your knees, supply enough protection, and give you freedom of movement as well.

Breathable fabric: This knee pad is made from high-quality fabric that is moisture-resistant and breathable. The breathable fabric can also prevent bacteria growth, and you will not feel uneasy when using it because it remains dry at all times.

Foam padding: The Unisex design of this knee pad has a high-density foam padding that makes it extremely comfortable. It provides you with full protection and also prevents stiff muscles. This great feature makes the knee brace ideal for a wide variety of outdoor sports and activities.


  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is incredibly lightweight
  • It includes high-density foam padding for added comfort
  • It comes with large elastic force
  • It keeps the skin dry and comfortable
  • It offers a firm and secure fit
  • It is an excellent option for outdoor sports
  • It offers you freedom of movement


  • Its foam padding wears easily

McDavid Hex Knee Braces

Knee Compression Sleeves: McDavid Hex Knee Pads Compression Leg Sleeve for Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and More - Pair of Sleeves
  • FULL COURT PROTECTION: McDavid Knee Compression Sleeves have built-in knee padding that is perfect...
  • ENHANCED FIT AND COMFORT: The extended length of the sleeves will protect your legs from scrapes and...
  • COMPRESSES WITH CONFIDENCE: Keep your muscles happy by keeping them warm to reduce fatigue and...
  • SWEAT FREE WORK OUTS: Keep cool & dry with advanced moisture wicking technology, hDc Moisture...
  • GAME-CHANGING ADVANCEMENTS: McDavid is the First-On-Last-Off choice for athletes looking to enhance...

If you are looking for a soft and durable pad pair that will not only protect your knee but your calf and elbows as well, then the McDavid Hex knee braces can easily adapt to your needs.

These knee pads have an extended size, which means that apart from your knee, your leg will also be protected from bruises and scratches.

These soccer pads have a tight compression which makes them remain firmly in place when in use. The braces keep your muscles warm, which in turn reduces fatigue and enhance performance.

Main Features

Design and construction: This knee brace is made from an array of special materials such as HydraVent hDc, and HexPad as well as ordinary ones like nylon, elastane, and polyethylene foam. Hex Technology provides you with impact protection and supreme comfort with the closed-cell foam padding. It also makes these soccer pads long-lasting and also resistant to normal wear and tear.

The HydraVent hDc assists in wicking the excess moisture away, keeping your knees dry and also allows air to circulate to keep the knee cool, comfortable and odor-free.

Support compression: This knee pad offers light support compression, especially for users with some previous knee injuries without any restriction.

Hence, you can use the product for 12 hours, but you will not feel like your braces are loosening up or coming out of their position. Also, with the inbuilt moisture management technology, these braces will remain odor-free, dry, and cool.

Sizes and colors: The knee brace comes in different sizes and many fashionable colors. This feature makes the knee pad great for any taste or preference.


  • It comes with a lightweight design that makes it comfortable
  • It has a wide array of sizes and colors
  • It has a high-quality and long-lasting construction
  • It provides extreme support
  • It is incredibly versatile
  • It offers superb protection from impact
  • It is machine-washable


  • Its sizing can be a bit confusing

UFlex Athletics Soccer Knee Compression Sleeve Support

UFlex Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Women and Men - Non Slip Knee Brace for Pain Relief, Fitness, Weightlifting, Hiking, Sports - Red, Medium
  • Unmatched Knee Support: Our elastic knee compression sleeves provide unparalleled support for women...
  • Effective Pain Relief & Injury Prevention: Experience relief from knee pain and safeguard your...
  • Unleash Your Potential: Our knee wraps enable you to excel in activities that stress your joints,...
  • Supreme Comfort and Stability: Enjoy all-day comfort with our double silicone anti-slip design,...
  • Find Your Perfect Fit: Refer to our size chart to select the ideal knee support sleeve for you. For...

The knee compression sleeve support by UFlex Athletics is the exact knee brace you want to have in your kit as a soccer enthusiast. The product has been made using a combination of the latest technology and the highest quality materials. Which is why it gives the best results when it comes to reducing pain, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in the knee joint as you run across the field for the next 90 minutes.

Therefore, you don’t need to look further when this knee brace will actually give you the much-needed athletic recovery and ultimately help you boost and maintain your on-field performance. With this support around your knee, be assured of safety, security and protection from potential future risks.

The product is ergonomically designed in order to help you feel comfortable all through the time you are on the field – its elastic components give way for a 4-way stretch capability which could enhance your comfort while putting them on. The anti-slip silicone is in place to help provide a reliable grip. Hence, no need for readjusting every other time. This could be a time-saver; after all, you don’t have time to keep adjusting the support.


  • There is optimal compression for increased muscular endurance
  • Helps reduce inflammation and swelling
  • It is easy to put on and remove the brace
  • Receive extra warmth generated by this knee support to increase recovery
  • Made from breathable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Only one sleeve is available in the package
  • The sleeve won’t help you recover from a crucial knee ligament

PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve – Best Knee Brace for Men & Women

The PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve is another option for the soccer player. It offers you the maximum support you need around your knees while doing your routine runs or workouts. You want to ensure that your knees are truly protected from the competitive action on the field. And this is the perfect wear you can put on to prevent any possible injury resulting from the stresses of the game.

At the same time, their flexibility allows you to sprint freely without restrictions in the design – they have been created for the perfect balance between knee support and your free movement. This is why you can’t talk about the true PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve without mentioning the technology behind its make, the 4-way compression sleeve ergonomic design and the anti-slip silicone system.

This product comes with great quality right from the breathable fabric used to make it. Apart from ensuring that your knee is comfortable during the stressful stint in the field, the knee support will absorb the dropping sweat to keep you dry all the way to the last minute of the game. 

You definitely know the discomfort attached to bad odors – which you eliminate when you use this compression sleeve. This fabric also offers your knee the soft touch which improves your mood and confidence all day long. The pads can stretch, meaning your desire for a snug fit will be fulfilled.

Finally, this running gear is durable and the material fabric is not only soft to the touch but will also serve you for long before it wears out, if you maintain the pads well. Just in case you aren’t satisfied with the product you’ve purchased, feel free to return it within the 6-month guarantee period – you’ll receive your money back 100% assurance.


  • Provides maximum comfort.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes.
  • Gives you confidence because the anti-slip system helps you operate with minimum fuss.
  • It is durable and can last long if well maintained.


  • Can tear easily sometimes.
  • Size can be small.

Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor Maximum Support Compression Knee Brace

Vive Hinged Knee Brace - Open Patella Support Wrap for Women, Men - Compression for ACL, MCL, Torn Meniscus Ligament and Tendonitis - for Running, Athletic Tear and Arthritis Joint - Adjustable Strap
  • IMPROVED KNEE STABILITY AND SUPPORT: The Vive hinged knee brace provides comfortable support while...
  • ADJUSTABLE OPEN PATELLA DESIGN: Secured with four strong fastener straps, the Vive hinged knee brace...
  • REMOVABLE SUPPORT HINGES: Improving medial and lateral stability, the hinged knee brace includes two...
  • BREATHABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Naturally moisture-wicking, the hinged compression knee brace is made...
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

This latex-free, neoprene, premium material stitching knee brace will protect you ahead of time. It is a heavy-duty design that also brings a lot of comfort and confidence to the user. However, because of this, you’ll, without doubt, want to wear it first before you toss in the real game. This helps to break and make it easier to use.

For increased comfort and stability, this knee brace has been put together using premium stitching, patella support finishing, and Lycra binding. These features also ensure that your soccer knee brace are durable and can be used for a prolonged period of time. The bilateral support hinges are what typifies the Shock Doctor Maximum Support Compression Knee brace. These dual hinges provide stability and therefore increased performance.

They provide a wide range of results including exercise and workout injuries, ligament support (which other braces cannot support), dislocation, hypertension among many other conditions. If you are tired of bad odor, this is one of those braces you don’t want to miss; they are made with properly ventilated material fabric that allows free airflow. This eliminates bad odor, bacterial and moisture build up. Just like other pads, you will find them stretchy and snugly fits.


  • Snugly, comfortable fit for flexibility and confidence.
  • They are suitable for those heavy action moments.
  • Well ventilated for moisture and bacterial elimination.
  • Offer the best support even for knee ligament injuries.


  • Only available in black.
  • You cannot toss in a washing machine.
  • You can’t use them in the field immediately after purchase. Break it in first to adapt it before you run to the field with it.

Techware Pro Soccer Knee Brace Support

You may want to try out with this Techware Pro Knee Brace Support that is known to offer bidirectional support. The knee joint pain is greatly reduced during intense action on the field. 

This is due to the bidirectional support offered by Velcro strap system which also ensures consistent pain relief within the knee (it applies even compression on the knee). The straps are tied in different directions to achieve this support: center strap is tied in one direction, while the lower and upper ones in other directions.

Enter your text here...The open patella design is important for quick healing and recovery. With the 4-flexible spring stabilizers, the knee is ultimately protected and stabilized. This will improve the performance and experience of the user. Neoprene materials have been used to make this product – this is great for breathability and cleaning. It also means that the knee pad is lightweight and, therefore, will not add more unnecessary weight on your legs.


  • It gives enough support and compression.
  • Offers comfortability to the user.
  • High-quality neoprene materials that are breathable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Maybe slightly slim for some people.
  • You will not need this brace if you have a badly injured knee. It won’t offer a lot of patellar support. You can probably go for the Shock Doctor product we discussed earlier.

EzyFit Soccer Knee Brace Support

EzyFit Knee Brace Support For Arthritis, ACL, LCL, MCL, Sports Exercise, Meniscus Tear Injury Recovery - Side Stabilizers Open Patella - Best Non-Slip Comfort Fit Adjustable Neoprene Wrap - 3 Sizes
  • COMFORT AND QUALITY YOU’LL LOVE: Feel great again and able to exercise, workout, play sport or...
  • BEST EXERCISE SUPPORT: Wear while exercising, playing sport & for general knee pain securely stays...
  • CHECK OUT 3 SIZES AVAILABLE TO FIT ALL: Other knee braces do not offer sizes that work for you....
  • ANTI-SLIP BI-DIRECTIONAL STRAPS SYSTEM DESIGN: Alternating wrapping from all angles help to...

You will need Ezyfit Knee Brace Support if comfort, quality, and natural support are what you are after. This knee brace is designed with powerful Velcro closures which provide you with the support and stability you need while running in the field. The double stitched curved edges ensure that your comfort is not interrupted – it ensures no scratching of the knee skin. 

With the flexible, breathable neoprene material, you are guaranteed total comfort and free movement as you engage in the activities. The neoprene also comes in handy as a heat therapy material since it traps heat within its structure and effectively help dissipate the joint pain around the knees.

The Ezyfit Knee Brace support also features the open patella design that is complemented by the dual stabilizers in making sure that strong support and free movement for your knee are guaranteed. To save the time and energy of readjusting your brace every time, the non-slip silicone gel is available to offer the firm grip.

Unlike other brands, Ezyfit identified the need to manufacture braces of different sizes. Don’t worry about your knee size, there is medium, large to XL dimensions – which could offer you a wide range to choose exactly what fits you perfectly.


  • High stability and strong support.
  • You will find your size; all knee sizes – medium, large and XL are available.
  • Open patella design for support and flexibility.
  • Durable.


  • If you are planning to wear this for long hours, it may not be the ideal candidate.
  • Soccer Knee Pads Buyer’s Guide

  • how TO Protect your Knees in Soccer

Soccer Knee Pads Buyer’s Guide

Knee injuries are common among soccer players because the game involves a lot of sudden starting, pivoting, twisting, tackling, and stopping.

All these movements may cause players to be at risk of getting knee injuries. Soccer is also an incredibly high contact game, which means that there’s a high probability for other players to hit your knee with a lot of force.

The most popular knee injuries that you can get from soccer are ACL, MCL, and meniscus tear. Fortunately, you can invest in knee pads to prevent potential injuries in that area.

Therefore, the best knee pads for soccer are an important investment for soccer players because they can help them remain safe and secure while on the field.

If you are considering purchasing knee pads for your safety, then it’s advisable to compare the different options available on the market today.

Therefore, finding a suitable fit will only be possible by carrying out thorough research and also knowing your unique needs.

To increase your chances of getting knee pads designed for soccer players to give you the security and support you require, here are some of the crucial considerations that should assist you in making a sound and informed purchasing decision:


Generally, there are many kinds of knee pads available based on the form of protection they provide and the events they are suitable for. Some of the knee pads are designed to give protection for various engagements such as exercise, sports, acrobatics, and dancing.

When you are looking for a soccer knee pad, you should ensure that it’ll deliver its key functions, such as support and protection. Also, you will find different categories depending on the padding type used and the closures they have.

For instance, the sleeve types do not come with knee pads, but the adjustable knee pads have Velcro closures that one can utilize in wrapping.


Some of the most common materials used in making knee pads are cotton, leather, neoprene, and spandex. Manufacturers mostly use these materials because they are breathable, highly durable, and provide a high level of comfort.

A soccer knee pad should also be made from a material that provides shock-absorbing ability because it guarantees you adequate protection.


Breathability or ventilation refers to how well air flows into the knees through the knee pads. The level of breathability will determine the comfort level you will get from your knee pads. That’s because playing soccer with the knee pads on can make you feel quite hot.

Knee pads that offer little breathability can make you feel quite uncomfortable, and that might affect your gameplay. Therefore, you need knee pads that provide a high level of breathability because they will provide you with a high level of comfort.

Size and Fit

When purchasing knee pads, you should ensure that the selected size fits your knees perfectly. Knee pads that are too big will slide down or up and will not provide your knees with the proper protection they need.

Consequently, small knee pads will also bring you discomfort because they tend to cut off the circulation of blood from the lower section of the knees. Getting the right size and well-fitted knee pads is vital when it comes to providing your knees with the protection you need.

Flexibility and Security

The security and flexibility offered by knee pads play a significant role in determining whether you should purchase them or not.

You should ensure that the knee pads will accurately and properly protect your knees when you are practicing or playing soccer. 

Also, your knee pads should not cause discomfort when you are wearing them. They should be able to easily adjust depending on your movements and the position you play.

When selecting a soccer knee pad, you should weigh its drawbacks and benefits. Careful evaluation is crucial to help you determine the right product that gives you great value for your hard-earned money.

The pointers discussed in this post will not only help you choose the best knee pads for soccer, but they will also help you get the right model that will give you ultimate protection.


 It is important that you consider buying the gear that fits your budget. Sometimes, you may not get what you want due to the budget limitations. 

That is okay. There are many factors that make the cost of a brace to be high. For instance, a durable pad may have been created from high-quality, expensive material. You’ll have to spend more money to get this.


The primary goal of buying a knee pad is for protection and support of the knees. You need to achieve this. 

While some braces will support your knees (prophylactic braces), others may not permit free movement of the knee. Rehabilitative braces, usually used for recovery, restrict movement to allow for ample healing.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of knee braces is to offer the best protection to your knees, so you should select those braces that are pretty comfortable on the knees.

Whether you’re presently suffering from a knee injury related to soccer or some other contact sports, or you only want to get enough support while on the soccer arena without compromising your movements, the best knee braces for soccer or any other sport can be of great help. It provides enough protection to your knee joints while making sure that you remain mobile.

The knee pad you select should be incredibly comfortable on the knee and should be within your budget. However, you should always consider the best brands when shopping because you should never compromise on your wellbeing and safety, and the cheap products out there might not give you the desired results. 

If you are looking for a soccer brace, then the products discussed in this post can be a good place to start.

SaleBestseller No. 1
NEENCA Professional Knee Brace, Compression Knee Support with Patella Gel Pad & Side Stabilizers, Medical Knee Sleeve for Pain Relief, ACL,PCL, Meniscus, Injury Recovery, Arthritis, Sports, Workout...
  • EXCLUSIVE PATENT— Spring knee support technology: An anatomically contoured patella gel pad...
  • TARGETED PAIN RELIEF— Innovative functional fabric has the effect of keep knee warm and reduce...
  • UPGRADED DESIGN— Adopt the Anti-Inflammatory Therapy, overcome the defects of similar products,...
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY— It works by applying targeted compression to your knee, which help joint...
  • BETTER PERFORMANCE— We got a well balance between compression and comfort, premium knee brace will...
SaleBestseller No. 2
UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Women and Men - Knee Brace for Pain Relief, Fitness, Weightlifting, Hiking, Sports - Blue, Medium
  • Knee Support: With a 4-way stretch capability, our elastic knee compression sleeves offer the best...
  • Pain Relief & Prevention: Our knee sleeves for knee pain offer support and help protect joints from...
  • Stay Active: Our knee wraps are perfect for all activities that put stress on the joint, letting you...
  • Comfort and Stability: The double silicone anti-slip design will ensure that the knee support brace...
  • The Perfect Fit: Consult the size chart and choose the knee support sleeve that is right for you. If...
Bestseller No. 3
BERTER Knee Brace for Men Women - Compression Sleeve Non-Slip for Running, Hiking, Soccer, Basketball for Meniscus Tear Arthritis ACL Single Wrap (Update Compression Straps Version, X-Large)
  • 🏃 INJURY PREVENTION and PAIN RELIEF: Protect the leg and knee from pulling in sports activity,...
  • 🏃 Comfortable Snug & Moisture Wicking Fabrics: BERTER Knee brace combined with copper ions and...
  • 🏃 Double Non-slip Design: Special knitting & Anti-slip silicone dot to keep this knee brace from...
  • 🏃 4-Way Stretch Fabrics & 3D weaving technology: High quality & ergonomic design knee sleeve to...
  • 🏃 BERTER aim to provide the best knee brace to customers, we provide ONE-YEAR NO-HASSLE RETURN...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Bodyprox Patella Tendon Knee Strap 2 Pack, Knee Pain Relief Support Brace Hiking, Soccer, Basketball, Running, Jumpers Knee, Tennis, Tendonitis, Volleyball & Squats
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP can make adjustment according personal knee’s curves to supply better protection...
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE - This Knee Strap is made up of high-quality materials which gives it longer...
  • COMFORTABLE - Bodyprox Knee support strap provides patellar support with build in silicone gel...
  • RELIEF FROM KNEE PAIN-Bodyprox Knee strap is designed for knee pain & stiffness, arthritis, menisci...
  • BREATHABLE! Reinforced with hexagonal venting holes for better ventilation providing ultimate...
SaleBestseller No. 5
IPOW 2 Pack Knee Pain Relief & Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace Support for Hiking, Soccer, Basketball, Running, Jumpers Knee, Tennis, Tendonitis, Volleyball & Squats, Black
  • Shock-absorbing And Knee Pain Relief - Segmented fix design can make adjustment according personal...
  • Full Adjustable And One Size Fits All - Double Knot Design, fully adjustable strap offered...
  • Comfortable And Stay in Place - Adapted high quality raw materials and standardized production...
  • Applicable Scene - Suitable for a variety of sports scenes, such as basketball, running, fitness,...
  • Hassle Free After Sale Service - Our knee straps are tested in real-life situations by user’s...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Knee Strap 2 Pack Patella Support Brace for Running, Soccer, Basketball, Hiking, Jumpers Knee, Tennis, Tendonitis, Volleyball & Squats (Black)
  • Pain relief and patella stabilizer with segmented fix design knee band can make adjustment according...
  • Adjustable designed knee straps fits for sizing of 10-18 inches in circumference.
  • The knee protector is made of high-quality raw materials, soft and breathable fabric with smooth...
  • The knee wrap ideals for hiking, soccer, basketball, running, jumpers knee, tennis, tendonitis,...
  • Package: 2 pack of knee straps/ knee bands for weight lifting squats etc.

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