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Soccer Finishing Drills

 As exciting as desert is for kids, so are finishing drills for athletes especially soccer players. It’s like getting to the climax of the game. The finishing point is where you get the chance to score a goal. Which player wouldn’t look forward to that? 

As exciting as it could be, it could also be the saddening part if at last the player doesn’t score the goal, and this is why finishing drills are important. Most times, you can’t just get the ball and kick it straight especially if the opponent’s goal keeper is formidable. 

So there is the need to practice, learn new skills and finishing drills. Below are the top 10 most effective soccer finishing drills every player must know.

2vs1 Pick a Side Soccer Finishing Drills

2vs1 pick a side is a very simple finishing drill but also very effective. It allows players to work on effective passing and scoring of goals. 

The selected passer passes the ball to the side they choose, if chances are evaluated carefully and the ball is passed correctly, the attacker gets a chance to score an amazing goal without too much pressure.

Set Up

  • 3 lines of players 35-40 yards away from a large goal in a triangle form.
  • A mini goal is set between the two lines closest to the large goal for defenders to counter attack.
  • Give all the players in the farthest line from the large goal, soccer balls.

Drilling Steps

Action starts with the farthest line from the large goal. The first player in that line makes a through pass to the first player on one of the two sides. That player becomes the attacker while the first player on the third line becomes the defender.

The passer join forces with the attacker against the defender. They try to score into the large goal before the defender makes it back to a defense position, if the attackers fail here, they can try to score the mini goal. This is a 2vs1 finishing drill.

Wall-pass Shooting Soccer Finishing Drills

This works well with small group of players. As the name implies, there is always a wall passer but this wall passer should be switched after some minutes so players can practice shooting with both feet. If the team is large though, multiple goals can be set up with multiple wall passers.

Set Up

  • A line of players outside the 18 yard box. They shouldn’t be far from the box.
  • Soccer balls for the players.
  • A player set as the wall passer.

Drilling Steps

Players in the line play a give and go with the wall passer turn, receive it back and shoot turn by turn. They can set a target limit and see the first person to hit the target limit. It’s quite easy but works well too. If practiced well, players can make a through successful shot at the goal.

Back Onside to Score Soccer Finishing Drills

This is a drill on how to make the most of a second chance and score. It trains the players’ speed and alertness. 

They must be on their toes as they try to get back onside for another chance to score. The coach has a role to play here. He is the one who will play the 2nd ball into space.

Set Up

  • 2 mannequins placed directly in front of the 18 yard box.
  • 2 cones placed directly behind the mannequins.
  • 2 lines of players arranged slant behind the cones.

Drilling Steps

A player is chosen from one of the two lines as the attacker. He dribbles round the first mannequin, completes a skill he’s good at and shoots at goal. He should be on the run after shooting so he can get back onside. The coach immediately plays a 2nd ball into space. 

The attacker swiftly dribbles the 2nd mannequin and, races after the ball and gets a 2nd shot at the goal. The attacker joins the back of the queue to await his next turn.

Feint & Shoot Soccer Finishing Drills

This could also be said as a mock attack. It is very common but it still works even till now. This drilling skill is very useful for soccer players because while in a real game, everybody is a little tense, they can be caught unaware if this skill is used well. It is very useful for coaches in coaching new players. Not only is it a finishing skill, it’s a dribbling skill too.

Set Up

  • 2 goal keepers and a line of players.
  • A large goal and a mini goal.
  • Cones.

Drilling Steps

The players line at the center of the field. A large goal is set on their right and a mini goal on their left. 

The first player which serves as the attacker dribbles through cones, feint and shoots at whichever goal he likes. It all depends on the keeper’s readiness to catch it. The feint and shoot is a good finishing drill that should be practiced.

Overhead Flick & Shoot Soccer Finishing Drills

Another soccer finishing drill that is effective is the overhead flick and shoot. Sure, it may not be the general name for it as many people have their own ways of identifying it, but if practiced well, it’s one impressive goal scorer. It doesn’t require too many resources, just the focus and desire of the player to learn.

Set Up

  • Mannequin.
  • A large goal.
  • A line of players.

Drilling Steps

A mannequin is placed few meters from the goal. A player rushes towards the mannequin, raises the ball with his foot and shoots a goal directly over the mannequin. 

The players should take turns doing this. After practicing with the mannequin, the players can form two lines with two players from the two lines serving as the attacker and defender respectively. They can also take turns doing this.

Score & Assist

It’s a drill to train players on speed. In fact, it only deals with speed. In this drill, the first attacker must take his shot then assist the second attacker for better results.

Set Up

  • Field area of 40x30 yards.
  • 2 cones, 1 goal.
  • 2 lines of players and of course.
  • Soccer balls for each player.

Drilling Steps

In this finishing drill, all the players are attackers but perform different roles. From the first line, the first attacker dribbles and shoots at goal.

Immediately, he spins and makes a wall pass to player 2 from the 2nd line to shoot at goal and then, follows player 2’s shot to capitalize on any rebounds.

Shoot at First-touch

This drill capitalizes on improving players’ finishing accuracy at the first touch. Nothing is better than shooting at the goal once and scoring, it’s a joy for every player.

Set Up

  • 2 equal lines of players on each side of the goal.
  • 2 cones, a half yard from the 18 yard line.
  • Soccer ball for each player.

Drillin​​​g Steps

The first player in the first line performs a quick run to the cone, while he rounds the cone, another player from the second line passes the ball slightly to him, the first player attacks immediately without hesitating.

Turn & Finish Quickly Soccer Finishing Drills

This finishing drill is to increase the turning and finishing abilities of players. It is usually done in the middle or at the end of the practice because players could get injured if they are not warmed up enough.

Set Up

  • 2 equal lines of players.
  • 2 cones in front of each line.

Drilling Steps

The first player in the first line makes a quick backward run to the cone. Once he gets there, the second player in his line passes him the ball. He then performs a quick turn with the ball and run about 3 yards and shoots at a designated point in the goal. The players from the 2nd line should do the same, then the first line again and so on.

Overlap Finishing Drill Soccer Finishing Drills

This finishing drill is excellent for players. It allows them to work on overlapping with speed and accurate shooting. It also works best with smaller groups because of time. However, if a coach wants to try this drill with a large group, he could set multiple goals.

Set Up

  • A line of players outside the 18 yard box.
  • A player which serves as an all-time passer.

Drilling Steps

Enter your text hThe all-time passer stands beside the cone. The first player passes the ball to the all-time passer and performs an overlap around the outside. This player receives a pass back, cuts inside and makes a shot on goal. The all-time passer should be changed timely.ere...

3vs2 to Goal Soccer Finishing Drills

In this drill, most times the attackers work on combination play and find the open player for a shot. This drill deals with speed, it’s a great drill for players to work on finishing and playing quickly.

Set Up

  • 3 cones 30 yards away from a large goal as lines for the attackers.
  • 2 lines of defenders at the posts.

Drilling Steps

The defenders make a pass to the attackers, who then play 3vs2 to goal. Since the attackers outnumber the defenders, they should get a brilliant shot at the goal.

Final Thoughts

These 10 soccer finishing drills are the most effective ones. Many coaches testified to the fact that they tried it and it worked amazingly for their team. 

Many soccer players also agreed to the fact that once these drills are practiced well and mastered, the player is good to go. Nothing is as exciting as winning, and this is why finishing drills are important. 

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