As the controversy bought by his stalled contract negotiations rages on, embattled Liverpool striker Raheem Sterling finds an ally in Blackburn Rovers midfielder Tom Cairney, who says that the young player is simply looking for what is good for his career.

The 24-year old player made the remark during an interview. “He’s 20 years old. Potentially, he can only get better, so for his part he maybe feels he deserves more,” Cairney stressed. “I know it sounds stupid — more than 100 grand a week — but that’s the world we live in and that’s football.”

“He might be thinking the top dog at Liverpool is on a lot more and he feels he’s doing a job just as well.”

Cairney also said that, being the top calibre player that he is, Sterling does have the right to demand more compensation. “To turn down 100-grand-a-week in our world is crazy but he’s in the, what, top three 20-year-olds in the world?” the midfielder remarked. “The world is at his feet and to do that he believes a lot in his ability and obviously believes he deserves more.”

He also notes that many teams are waiting to make Sterling an offer should he decide not to sign up anew with Liverpool. However, Cairney also says that Sterling should consider his options carefully. “It’s up to him. If he stays at Liverpool he will be one of the top players for the next eight years.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Reds are also considering the possibility of Sterling leaving Anfield. According to reports gathered by The Daily Mail, current Barcelona player Pedro is one of the choices that the team is weighing on. The reports estimate that the young forward would potentially cost Liverpool £90,000 a week, which is less than the offer that the team has made to Sterling.

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