Real Madrid v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

Both Atletico and Real Madrids have been slammed a 2-window transfer ban, meaning the next time any of them will be bringing in an addition is the 2018 winter transfer window.

Having rejected their appeals after placing the ban initially in January, the world governing football body, FIFA has permanently placed an embargo on transfers for the La Liga giants, and they will now suffer similar fate as Barcelona in 2014.

The story went well for Barca as they cruised to a treble that football year, and still managed to defend 2 titles last season by the time the transfer ban expired in January 2016.

But Barcelona prepared well ahead, landing Rakitic, Bravo, Aleix and Mathieu before the ban started. Only Atletico have done the same, with Madrid only re-signing Morata, initially with the aim of re-selling for profit.

It will tell on the two clubs, but it could also be of great benefits.

At least, they can both get to benefit from the very thing that made them got ban in the first place.

The ban was for not checking the transfers of underaged players, and the same youngsters that are in the clubs can be the ones to benefit from this ban.

Since there won’t be opportunities to go on loan, both sides will have to provide top-level playing opportunities for the young players right at their clubs, and that will come mostly in cup games and less important matches.

16-year-olds do make debuts and 1 or 2 of these prodigies in the clubs will have a chance from now till the winter of 2018 to prove their worth once the chance is handed over to them.

In that regards, the ban could be a blessing in disguise at the end of the day as the next Jese or Saul could be discovered before then. Thanks to FIFA’s “magnanimity”.

Now the Cons

To an extent, both sides have a solid bench that can easily be called upon when there is the need, but a side like Real Madrid that will probably get as far as semifinals in every competition and still be in a commanding position for the league will need as many fresh legs to compete.

Injuries, fatigue et al will take their tolls and if quality replacements are no longer available for selection, it could spell trouble on their campaigns.

There are 2 transfer windows to miss. The opportunity to reshuffle the squads and add necessary additions won’t be possible and that will leave Zidane and Simeone almost frustrated.

Every coach needs to make assessment after every (mid)season and plan for the subsequent transfer windows. To know whom to dispose and whom to bring on board. The Madrid clubs won’t be doing that until January 2018.

Real Madrid will also miss the chance to cash out in an unveiling of a Galactico as the norm is almost every other summer. The financial gains that comes with such will be missed by Florentino Perez.

The club(s) still plan to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport as the judgement sure didn’t sit down well with them, but that won’t likely yield any positive result just like it was the case during Barcelona’s saga.

We wait to see how this unfolds.

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