Sweden v Belgium - Group E: UEFA Euro 2016

Fashion and football go hand in hand these days. Footballers like Ronaldo model their own brand of wears, popular brands endorse a handful of others, while some turn the pitch to the runway. Looking good is good for the game, and we can enjoy some beautiful football alongside beautiful fashion statements concurrently. Hairstyles make a strong statement around the world and some players have chosen France as an avenue to flaunt their own craze for hair-dos that definitely stand out. Here are 5 that we couldn’t but notice since the competition started.


The Inter Milan winger had earlier spotted a low cut with just number 4 carved sideways on it during the group stages, and that seemed to have helped his on-pitch performance. Some sort of lucky number or whatever it was. It worked. Once Croatia topped the group and were drawn against Portugal, Perisic’s stylist decided it was time for a change. And in place of 4, his country’s colours were drawn on his head. Colorfully beautiful! But had nothing to yield on the pitch. The closest the forward got to making an impact was hitting the bar, and the resulting counter led to the goal that dumped his side out of the competition. Too bad.


Already a fan of weird hairstyles, the Juve youngster spotted another incision on his hair in France. Whatever the many-time Sallon D’or nominee drew on his head definitely affected his performance. Or maybe not. Some few balls that struck the goal post and handing Ireland a penalty are his only “worthy” highlights so far. He was the acclaimed posterboy for his country, but he is yet to show us something truly worthwhile in 4 games. What is happening HAIR Paul?


Already a registered fan of the Mohawk hairstyle, the Roma midfielder gold-coated a finely shaped one this time. And yea, it worked. 2 finely struck goals from outside of the box and some others that threatened the keepers were great displays from the Belgium international alongside his beautiful hair. The official and best hair style in France no doubt. But we wouldn’t be seeing it any longer after Wales handed the number 2 ranked country a deserved and unlucky exit.


The Napoli star also Mohawks, and he came with it in all its glory. Even if it was of lesser one compared to Radja’s. But for real, Mohawks produce goals and beautiful performances, and the midfielder even got one that’s in contention for goal of the tournament. However, unlucky Slovakia drew Germany in the round of 16 and Hamsik’s Mohawk couldn’t help the side from getting the spanking.


Ramsey or Fellaini. Both became Blondie in France, but the latter’s Afro wasn’t as attractive as the former’s finely curled hair. Apart from conceding many dribbles and missing out in the semis due to suspension, the Arsenal man hasn’t put a wrong foot forward so far. He has shared the glory with Bale for Wales and they are close to getting a surprise slot in the finals come July 10. Way to go Aaron.

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