The truth is that height is something very desirable for soccer players. This is because the trait brings up the sense of authority and command against other players. In addition, any soccer player who is remarkably tall has the capacity to move at a very high speed hence the trait is considered an absolute advantage. It actually feels great to be tall as compared to your counterparts in the game.

It is just incredible to know that there are extremely tall soccer players who are still active to date. Such players are considered very unique and with an outstanding ability. It beats most people on how a person who is 6 feet tall can move at a very high speed and make incredible scores. Well, all this revolves around nature.

Here are 5 soccer players known to hold a record of being the tallest:

Yang Changpeng

He is a Chinese striker who is known to be among the tallest in the soccer divide. He is currently playing for Shenzhen Fengpeng which is a Chinese based football club. He is known for his remarkable performance in the games he participates in. Perhaps, the height he features is a fueling factor to his performance.

Peter Crouch

His name has for long been heard and emphasized on with regard to the English Premier League. He is an English striker who features and incredible height. In fact, he is still considered the tallest player in England. He made his mark after he participated in the 2010 South Africa World Cup where his performance was greatly hailed.

Vanja Ivesa

Out of the many goal keepers in the world, Vanja stands as the tallest and one who have showed remarkable performance all along. He is Croatian and has made a lot of appearances in major world leagues. His height stands at 2.06 meters which translates to around 6.9 feet. This you must agree is an incredible height.

One of the things you will like about Vanja is his confidence in the pitch. It is like he knows that he is indeed tall. This makes him take his position as a goal keeper with a lot of confidence hence making landmark saves. He is also known not to be a trouble maker. He is ever polite and with utmost respect for his counterparts and seniors as well.

Paul Millar

You might find the name strange and unfamiliar since he has not bee in major teams in the world. He participates in the lower division of the English Premier League. To be precise, Millar plays for Elgin City FC. He is recognized to be among the tallest active soccer players with a height of about 2.07 meters.

Tor Hogne Aaroy

He is a Norwegian player who has been in participation for quite a long time now. He is regarded among the tallest and one whose performance cannot be compared to others. Aside from being tall, the player is immensely powerful. He has the capacity to make the best attacks with his efforts never going futile. His scoring record is top and he is actually considered a great threat to some upcoming teams.

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