Penalty kick in soccer happen in either two ways: First, when a foul is made inside the penalty box; and Second, when a draw finish occurs after a game and a penalty shootout is needed to decide the winner.

While penalty kicks look easy from the outside of the field, it actually isn’t. Sure, the goal is very big and there’s just a short 12 yards from the penalty spot to the goal and only one person stands between you and the goal, but you’ll never really know how hard it is unless you’ve actually tried it in an actual match.


The best thing to do for penalty kicks is placement. Placement is better than power because it will be harder for the goalkeeper to react to far areas of the goal, rather than to simply shield a strong ball. During an actual penalty kick, do not give away your plans on your shot Placement with your eyes and movements. Try to play around with your eyes and never pay so much attention on one area of the goal, unless you want to fool the goalkeeper.  For the best penalty kick, a combination of placement and power is the best, but not always easy to execute. If you want accuracy, use the inside of your foot. If you want power, use your instep


By practicing to shoot penalty kicks a lot, you will have a better understanding of what you need to work on to improve your penalty shooting skills so when it comes to the real deal, it will come naturally to you. Here are some things to keep in mind while you practice. Stand behind the ball and step back four to six steps and one step to the left. Slowly jog towards the ball, place your non kicking foot a step beside and behind the ball, point it to the area where you want it to go, lean forward, bring your leg back, kick the ball, and follow through. The best penalty shots are low and hard, so lean forward to prevent the ball from flying. It will be harder for the goalkeeper to catch low and hard balls than high balls.

We hope that this short article have better help you understand how to take a penalty kick in soccer. If you have any other questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We really love a good conversation.

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