A group of avid supporters have expressed disappointment about Manchester United’s performance this season and puts the blame on the team’s owners.

According to the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST), the Red Devils have been on a major decline after the Glazer family took over as owners a decade ago. The said takeover was highly controversial, as the American business empire brought the team on an £800 million loan United itself has to pay off.

Despite being able to grab the Premier League championship five times in the last ten years, as well as winning the 2008 Champions League and making the finals appearances in 2009 and 2011, MUST insisted that the team could have won more trophies had it been properly handled by its owners.

The group cited lack of investment as one of the factors that have contributed to United’s perceived decline. MUST said that the owners refused to finance any scouting activities to secure top players for the squad. Instead, the family is said to have simply made the team reinvest its earned revenues for its acquisition. The group of supporters said that the move is not that of genuine investment on the Glazers’ part, but is merely of United paying for itself with its own money.

The team has increased their revenues considerably, with them raking in an all time high of £433 milion in the 2013-14 season, but MUST said that the Glazers have already taken more than £1 billion out of the club in the last few years.

Members of the group also said that it was the efforts of long-time manager Sir Alex Fergusson that prevented a total decline. They also argued that, while Fergusson was the one who chose his successor when he stepped down in 2013, the problems brought about by the owners’ mishandling of the team have already become large. Under Fergusson’s successor David Moyes, the squad ended in seventh place last season.

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