Despite the fact that being strong does not really matter in football, the strongest soccer players of all time in the world have helped their teams get to greater heights in soccer. Every player ought to be physically fit and healthy, which happens to be one of the primary considerations in every team. However, both defenders and forward players need to be strong with perfect soccer techniques that will enable them defend and shoot effectively improving the team’s overall performance. Below is a list of the strongest footballers in the world.

Didier Drogba

Despite his age, drogba continues to be a nightmare to most defenders of several teams in a match. He have played for Chelsea for a couple of years enabling the team to get the champions league title with his scoring techniques and leadership abilities. He have represented Ivory Coast in a number of world cup matches and managed to win several awards both in Africa and across the globe.

Adebayo Akinfenwa

This is one of the most masculine players in the world with perfect soccer techniques. He has played for several clubs enabling them win a number of trophies. In FIFA 2014 computer games, Adebayo Akinfenwa have the highest statistics in terms of strength.

Christian Benteke

He is yet another strong soccer player who have represented his national team, Belgium in a number of international matches enabling them to win a considerable number of matches. He also plays for Aston villa football club where his power and techniques to create space in the defense of rivals makes him among the most feared players.


Hulk is a Brazilian currently playing for St. Petersburg club in Russia and played for his national team Brazil as a forward winger. Just like Didier drogba creates a night mare to most defenders, hulk is not exempted in this. He has the ability to maneuver past the defenders creating space for his team mates to finish with a shot on target. His muscles and strength have enabled him take his team to greater heights.

Yaya Toure

This is yet another masculine Ivorian player who is currently playing for Manchester city in the English premier league. His height, physical strength, dribbling, control, flexibility and shooting skills makes him one of the best Manchester city players having won a number of awards both in Africa and in Europe.

Christiano Ronaldo

He have been the best player in the world for a couple of years and played for several clubs in Europe including Manchester united and sporting Lisbon. He is currently playing for real Madrid and his strength can be seen in the field during any match he participates. He possesses recommendable speed, control over the ball, and good dribbling techniques with the ability to keep the ball close to his feet and easily maneuver past the defenders and either shoot or give an excellent pass.

Some of the strongest soccer players act as role models to upcoming soccer players while others extend their football career by starting up their soccer academies after retiring. Emulate some of these players and become a star in your career.

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