With his move abroad set to push through this coming summer, Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard is expected to have an emotional last game at Anfield on Saturday.

Gerard is set to have the last game of his stay at Liverpool on May 24 against Stokes City before moving to American ballclub LA Galaxy this summer. However, the Saturday match against Crystal Palace is expected to be one of the biggest matches for the team captain after the announcement of his move, as this would be his last time stepping on the home grounds of his team.

As such, observers expect that Gerrard will have a strong desire to win in his finalo appearance. According to ESPNFC columnist Steven Kelly, the outgoing captain would want to leave a strong impression for the fans. Gerrard has registered an impressive performance in Liverpool’s last few games, with the latest being against league leaders Chelsea last Sunday, where he managed to pull off a strong equaliser that helped push a 1-1 draw for his team.

The day is also expected to be emotional, as this would be the home fans’ last chance to bid goodbye to the beloved midfielder. Gerrard has an ongoing love-hate relationship with the fans at Anfield during his 1`7-year stay, but supporters are expected to give a big sendoff for him.  Retired defender Jamie Carragher, who served as vice-captain to Gerrard, jokingly remarked that he nneds to hold back his tears once the tribute has been given.

Aside from wanting the match to be a final salute to Gerrard, Liverpool would also want to secure the three points that they would get from winning to improve their record this season. The Red Devilos have already fallen out of the race for the top four, being at fifth, but they would want to have a good mark to attract potential recruits.

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