With Steven Gerrard set to join the LA Galaxy this summer, Los Galacticos forward Robbie Keane wards the outgoing Liverpool caption that he is not going on a holiday.

Keane reminded Gerrard that he is not there as part of his slowly moving into reti8rement, instead, he is expected by his new squad to win titles, something that Gerrard was not able to accomplish during his 17-season stay in the English league.

The 34-year old Keane, who joined Galaxy in 2011 after a lengthy stay in the European football circuit, noted that there seem to be a misconception among European fans that the MLS is a holiday stay for players at the end of their career. However, he stressed that this has long been in the past, as the teams in the American league have become a lot more competitive, including his squad. “When you play for the Galaxy, that’s not the case. You’re coming over here to win things,” Keane remarked.

He also said that the league itself has grown bigger in the last few years, noting that the arrival of David Beckham a few years back to join the squad had lasting effects, not only on their side, but the MLS as a whole. Keane said that the football star brought in a clout to the league that not only helped players get salary increases, but also attracted other players from all over the world.

Nevertheless, the striker believes that his new teammate will be able to handle the expected pressure.  He said that Gerrard’s impressive passing skills would be a large boost to their side offensively. Keane also revealed that he has already spoken with Gerrard about what to expect with the American league.

Gerrard had his last home match with Liverpool last Sunday, where he received an emotional farewell. However, the tribute was dampened after his side lost to Crystal Palace 3-1

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