In a move that will certainly have football fans disappointed, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has announced that they are suspending the La Liga, due to a dispute over a new government law concerning broadcasting rights.

The RFEF made the announcement following the enactment of a new law by the Spanish government that requires the federation to sell television rights to the La Liga, as well as the Copa del Rey and the Supercup, in a collective setup. Under the new rules, the RFEF will get 4.55 percent of alol the revenues generated from the deal.

In the current rules employed by the federation, individual teams are free to negotiate their own TV broadcasting contracts, something referred to as the “rights of arena” agreement, which proponents of the new law assert favour only the more popular clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

According to Spanish Education, Culture and Sports Minister Jose Ignacio Wert, the new law, which is yet to be approved by the country’s parliament , will eliminate the discrepancy between the highest earning and lowest earning clubs by having the revenue each team gains based on its performance in the previous season, as well as the past five seasons, and also on its so-called “social weight”.

The ratio between the club who earned most and least was at 1:7,” Wert explained. “It will pass to 1:4.5 and we want to reach an ideal which is 1:3.5, when the revenues get to the 1.5 billion euros desired.

Wert adde3d that the new law is intended to put Spanish footbool inline with how its English and Italian counterparts are run.

However, RFEF officials assert that the law does not solve the problems affecting Spanish soccer. Earlier, the Liga players union (AFE) has expressed their displeasure over the new deal, saying that they have not been consulted about it. The union also threatened to hold a strike in response to the passing of the law, a move that Barcelona star Lionel Messi has reportedly supported.

The RFEF’s tentative strike is expected to affect the final two weeks of the current season, including the title match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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