In every soccer game regardless of age, soccer trapping drills are always applied. The ability to control the ball from the chest or head to your foot depends on the basics you learn on trapping. Such drills helps the player to control the ball and prevent the opponents from gaining possession.

Most young players will experience some challenges while learning how to trap the ball, but following the right procedure will see you through in a remarkably short time. Trapping can be done either with the inside part of your foot or the outside part, with your thigh, chest or head. Below are some tips to help you with trapping drills.

Trapping with a Team Mate

This is the most effective way of learning how to trap and control the ball. Any beginner should start here and the drill involves lifting the ball to your partner who is about 8 yards away from you. He is supposed to stop the ball with his chest and control it down to his feet.

Try to maintain the ball up in the air using different trapping skills including your head, inner thighs, the side, inner and upper part of your feet. To make it more effective and fun, try to change positions while the ball is still in the air.

A Trapping Competition

A trapping competition is meant to enhance the player’s concentration and speed. The players are supposed to line up at one end of the field while the coach stands with a ball at the middle of the field.

The coach is then supposed to kick the ball up in the air as high as he can reach and then call the names of two players at random. The players are supposed to listen carefully and once your name is called, you are supposed to rush to the dropping ball and battle with your opponent to see who will stop it fast. Those who are unable to stop it are eliminated while the winning partner qualifies for the second round. The process continues until there is a winner.

Trapping and Making a Shot on Target

In most cases, forward players receive a pass from the mid players and you ought to trap it and then make a shot on goal. The coach is supposed to line up the forward players at the end of 18 yard box and the defenders slightly behind the strikers.

The ball is then crossed in to the box where one of the forward players rush to the falling ball, controls it and brings it down on his foot to make a shot on goal without the ball having to fall.

Trapping While Under Pressure

This drill is mostly designed for strikers who are supposed to shoot as the defenders are pressuring them. Your team mate crosses a ball to you and the defenders come your way trying to take the ball from you. The striker at this point is supposed to turn his body from the defender, pass the ball immediately or make a shot on goal. Effective soccer trapping drills will see your players perform better and get more goals.

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