Top 5 Soccer Training Mannequins & Free Kick Walls

There are different equipment recommended for soccer training such as drills. The other category of soccer practice equipment that will make your soccer training even more fun and practical is the soccer training mannequins. 

The free-kick training mannequins are crafted with excellent styles which allow the players to practice various soccer moves such as kicking the ball, making passes, and even dribbling. 

The mannequins come in different heights to suit players of different ages. There are some dummies sold in a lineup form and other sole sets for those who may need single training. 

How To Choose The Best Soccer Training Mannequin

Always check the material that the mannequins are designed with for durability and also to ensure the equipment is strong enough to withstand the powerful kicks from the ball.

It is also crucial that you make sure the dummy you select has a stable base for support when practicing in a grass field or windy areas. 

Net World Sports Forza 4Ft 

Net World Sports Forza 4ft Soccer Free-Kick ‘Mini-Mannequins’ | Kids Soccer Training Dummies
  • KIDS FREE-KICK MANNEQUINS – Standing at a modest height of 4ft, these soccer free-kick coaching...
  • PREMIUM STRENGTH MATERIALS – Designed to provide several years of use, the strong coaching...
  • HIGHLY VISIBILE – The body of the kids free-kick training mannequins are easy to spot thanks to...
  • STRONG STEEL SPIKE – Located on the base of the mannequins are two heavy-duty steel ground spikes...
  • CHOOSE YOUR QUANTITY – Whether you’re looking to line up a defensive wall or practice with a...

If you have realized that your kids have an interest in soccer, then this is the perfect dummy to buy them for practicing. The mannequin features a standard height of 4 ft high which is suitable for the majority of kids up to the teenager. They can practice various moves like passing, shooting, and even how to aim the ball. 

Strong PVC4 materials: This is one of the features that stand out in this device. Although it features plastic material, it has the heavy duty PVC material plus an added 24 inch wide molded chest plate which is meant to increase the stability of the device. 

Bright colors: The Forza soccer kick mannequin is crafted in fluorescent yellow, bright color which is visible such that even when you are standing at a further distance, you can still have a clear view of its positioning. This feature allows the trainee to focus on soccer and even utilize the device in areas with less visibility. 

Steel spike base: The bottom of these dummies is designed with two strong steel spikes to provide support to the device. The bases are made in the flat design for easy fitting on the grass, and you can also utilize artificial pitches for a better fitting. 

Four pieces: The Forza mannequins are made to make your soccer practicing fun and practical as many moves as possible. The dummies come in different pieces for the customer to choose from. Therefore, whether you need a solo defense or a lineup defense, you can get up to four parts of mannequins. 


These dummies are perfect for coaches training junior soccer players as the size allows the kids to utilize them when kicking the ball comfortably. The fact that you can either set them in a solo form or line up defense makes it possible for the kids to enjoy their training all the time. 

Spring Back Professional Style Soccer Practice Dummies

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If you need a little help in practicing your free kicks at the soccer court, then this is the perfect mannequin to buy. The mannequin comes in three pieces and is suitable for all age practices including adults. The dummies feature 5 ft height which is ideal for adult training.

Easy to assemble: Majority of coaches and adult football player prefer these dummies because they are pretty easy to set up. Connecting the parts takes less than 20 minutes hence allowing you to practice right away. 

Versatile mannequins: These mannequins offer versatile practice options for soccer players to choose from. Therefore, whether you want to practice dribbling, shooting or even defense, you can arrange them to fit your practice needs. The pack comes with three pieces of dummies, and you can set them up in various designs to meet your needs. 

Spring loads: The mannequins come with two poles which are equipped with springs running from end to end to ensure the ball bounces back to you when you kick it. This saves a lot of time when practicing since the ball remains within your reach. 

Sturdy material: You don't need to worry knocking off the dummies in case you hit the ball by force since they are crafted in strong material to ensure they remain strong all through. 

Lightweight:The spring Free kick mannequins are designed in a lightweight form which makes it easy to set up and even transport them around. 


This mannequin would be ideal for team training especially when you are practicing how to aim and shoot the ball to the goal. The presence of the spring set at the back of the dummies makes the practicing to be efficient and fast too. 

Uber Training Mannequin

Uber Soccer Free-Kick Training Mannequin - Club - Small
  • (1) Club Free-Kick Training Mannequin; Small - 48 inches tall; Made to handle the punishment from a...
  • Bright Red PVC tubular frame; Hard plastic molded chest panels; UV protected
  • 4-inch ground spikes are solid steel to hold mannequin in place; Use on any hard surface by adding a...
  • Great training tool for coaches, trainers and sports teams; Learn to pass, shoot, or dribble
  • Weighted Rubber Base sold separately

This mannequin comes in a striking red color which allows the player to have a clear sight of its location while playing the football. It comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the player. This also makes it easy to get a size for either an adult or a kid practicing.

Durability: Although this mannequin is made of plastic material, it is made with durable PVC material to ensure it lasts or long. It also features a hard plastic mold chest which is UV resistant. 

The ground spike: The base of the mannequin is equipped with solid steel spikes which hold it firmly to the ground. This also allows the players to practice on different surfaces including on the grass. Note that these mannequins are recommended to be set with weighted bases to add stability although the weights are sold separately. 

Versatile training: The Uber soccer training mannequin is meant to help you practice various soccer moves on the ground. Some of the exemplary steps you can practice with these devices are how to pass the ball, shoot, dribble, and many others. 

Lightweight: The mannequin is quite easy and comfortable to carry around. This feature also allows the kids to have an easy time when setting the dummy up for practicing purposes. 


This mannequin is ideal for coaches, trainers, and even the sports teams as it is suitable for practicing various moves in the field. The fact that the device comes in different sizes makes it easy for one to select the appropriate size and this includes for kids as well. 

Crown Sporting Goods Steel Penalty Dummy

Crown Sporting Goods Steel Soccer Training Penalty Dummy - (5' 9") Portable Defender for Coaching Free-Kicks, Offense, & Defense
  • KICK UP YOUR GAME: Ideal training aid for practicing goal kicking, dribbling, and agility work
  • PERFECT PRACTICE: Enhance your strategy by placing these dummies on the field to model defensive...
  • PICK YOUR SIZE: Available in two different heights for an ideal matchup
  • LEAVE IT ON THE FIELD: Perfect for soccer practice as well as a variety of other field sports
  • BUILT STRONG: Steel tube frame is sturdy enough to handle the force of repeated kicks

This mannequin is perfect for adult training as it features 5'9 ft in height. The portable dummy makes your practice convenient since you can comfortably carry around and set it in your preferred area including grass field.

Versatile practice: The design and height of this dummy allow a person to practice various field moves which include; dribbling, kicking and other agility practices. This dummy is perfect for soccer training, but you can also practice other sports with it. 

Different sizes: Although this mannequin is recommended for adult practices, the kids can also use it to learn a few moves on the field as they are made in two different sizes. 

Strong built: Unlike other dummies which are made of plastic material, this specific dummy is built to last you for a long time thanks to the material it is made of. It features weather-resistant stainless steel tubes to increase durability. This also adds stability to the device especially when practicing in windy areas. 

Bright color: Apart from adding a touch of beauty to the dummy, the yellow color equipped on this dummy is meant to increase its visibility when setting in the field. 


This is a convenient dummy suitable for professional training since it allows on to practice a wide variety of moves on the field. It is light in weight and features strong and durable material such that you can either opt to carry it home after practicing or leave it on the field. 

Soccer Innovations Wall (Adults Portable Soccer Training Mannequin)

Soccer Innovations The Soccer Wall Adult Portable Training Defender with Carry Bag, Green, Set of 4, 5" 10
  • Soccer Wall Club Set: (4) 5'10" Soccer Wall Club Mannequins made of strong PVC with metal insert at...
  • It's portable, its collapsible, its used world wide at all levels of play from youth to professional
  • It's the best training kit a coach can have
  • Training Mannequins are used world wide to train players and teams
  • The Soccer Wall Club is the lightest free kick and training mannequin in the world

These soccer dummies are crafted to fit all adult's soccer players regardless of their height as they are made of standard height for comfortable practicing.

Durable PVC and metal materials: The outer parts of these mannequins are made of plastic material while the middle portions of the poles are equipped with metal to add stability.

Portabl: The dummies are compressible to a small size for easy packing and carrying around. They also come with carriage bag. 

Four walls: The dummies are packed in four pieces to allow the player to practice various moves. 

Different training:These portable dummies are suitable for practicing various soccer moves which include; shooting, kicking, dribbling and even passing the ball. 


These dummies are ideal for adult training, and the majority of team coaches prefer them too. This is because they are convenient when carrying around and allow the team players to practice different moves with them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are training as an individual or as a team, incorporating a dummy to your training can help you better your soccer moves and even help make the training process easy. 

These are the top five best free kick training mannequins on the market. They have an excellent feature for professional soccer training, and they are ideal for both kids and adult training. 

Bestseller No. 1
Uber Soccer Free-Kick Training Mannequin - Club - Small
  • (1) Club Free-Kick Training Mannequin; Small - 48 inches tall; Made to handle the punishment from a...
  • Bright Red PVC tubular frame; Hard plastic molded chest panels; UV protected
  • 4-inch ground spikes are solid steel to hold mannequin in place; Use on any hard surface by adding a...
  • Great training tool for coaches, trainers and sports teams; Learn to pass, shoot, or dribble
  • Weighted Rubber Base sold separately
Bestseller No. 2
Net World Sports Forza Soccer Free-Kick Mannequins [Mini, Junior & Senior] | Soccer Training Equipment | Soccer Equipment for Training | Free Kick Dummies
  • SET-PIECE COACHING DUMMIES – These premium quality soccer free-kick mannequins are an essential...
  • SOCCER PRACTICE EQUIPMENT IN 3 SIZES – Put your youth and senior players through their paces by...
  • HIGH-STRENGTH MATERIALS – These soccer free-kick dummies have been built to last for countless...
  • STRONG GROUND SPIKES – The bases of these heavy-duty soccer free-kick mannequins include four...
  • HIGH-VIS SOCCER MANNEQUINS – Keep the free-kick training going throughout the winter and...
Bestseller No. 3
GoSports XTRAMAN Soccer Dummy Defender Training Mannequin
  • PRO DEVELOPED: The XTRAMAN was developed by GoSports in collaboration with professional soccer...
  • INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM DRILLS: The lifelike look and size will improve players passing, dribbling and...
  • SHOOTING AND CROSSING DRILLS: Perfect your free kicks by clearing a wall of XTRAMAN in practice
  • DRIBBLING DRILLS: Develop improved coordination and body control while dribbling around lifelike...
Bestseller No. 4
PowerNet Portable Defender Practice Dummy for Soccer and Basketball 77" x 23 | Simulate Shooting Around Defense | Practice Set Pieces Direct Kicks Walls Dribbling | Work Picks Screens Jumpshots
  • 77" x 23 DEFENDER - This portable Defender training dummy simulates the a real life defender and...
  • EASY QUICK SETUP - The Defender sets up in seconds; No tools required; Steel ground stakes are...
  • ULTRA PORTABLE - The PowerNet defender is ultra portable which allows you to move it quickly and...
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE - The Defender works great both for outdoor or indoor training; Perfect for team or...
  • POWERNET BRAND PRO ENDORSED BY Carli Lloyd, German Marquez, and Jared Walsh; Intended for ages...
Bestseller No. 5
Uber Soccer Weighted Base for Free Kick Training Mannequin - Rubber
  • (1) Weighted Rubber Base - 22 pounds; Compatible with Free Kick Training Mannequin
  • For use on hard playing surfaces that are not penetrable by ground spikes
  • A-frame design for greater balance and stability
  • Perfect for soccer, football, la crosse, field hockey, track and field and more
  • Free Kick Training Mannequins are sold separately
SaleBestseller No. 6
Soccer Innovations The Soccer Wall Mini Portable Training Defender with Carry Bag, Set of 4
  • COLLAPSING DESIGN: It's portable, its collapsible, its used world wide at all levels of play from...
  • IMPROVES TRAINING SESSIONS: It's the best training kit a coach can have Why?
  • #1 TRAINING TOOL: Training Mannequins are used world wide to train players and teams
  • MULTIPLE USES: The Soccer Wall is not just a free kick and training mannequin as it converts to...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: The Soccer Wall Club is the lightest free kick and training mannequin in the...

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