With 22 players on the field, one ball, two goals, 90 minutes, and a 1.76 acres playing field, there are literally thousands of ways to play the beautiful game of football.

While soccer may have its wide array of skills, techniques, and soccer strategies, it is a relatively simple game. It doesn’t take an arm and a leg to win games. And because anything can absolutely happen, even the least performing team can destroy an unbeaten record of a champion squad.

Teams with beginner players should not be discouraged to play competitions. Even with basic skills and basic soccer strategies, any team in the world has the potential to win games.

Here are a few soccer strategies that will not only help your team perform well in matches, but will also help you inculcate a sense of responsibility and teamwork to your players.

Create Space

Passing directly to a teammate in soccer matches can be impossible at times. When you do a throw in or a free kick, your teammates will be marked by an opponent. When this happens, you should pass to open space. This could be the space in front of your teammate where he can easily run to it and leave his opponent behind, or to a space where you know you or your teammate can run to, confident of outrunning the opponent.

Be Quick

Take free kicks, throw ins and corner kicks as fast as possible. When referees stop the game to set up these kicks, the opposing team still have to set up and look for players to mark. When you take them as quick as possible, you will catch your opponents off guard, giving you a better chance to score goals.

Face the Ball

Never turn your back from the ball. If your opponent is setting up a goal kick, get back to your position by running backwards, facing the ball. When you turn your back, you won’t see where the ball is heading, or the rest of the field of play.

Keep Moving

When you receive, do not stop the ball but guide it to the direction of your next move. If you watch a professional soccer game, notice that the ball doesn’t actually stop rolling. When it gets to the feet of the players, they keep it moving by pushing it to open space, dribbling, or passing to an opponent.

Congratulate Everyone

As a coach or even a player, don’t just congratulate the player who scored the goal. Teams won’t win if defenders just allow the opponents to get past them or if the keeper just stands there. Even though a striker may be the one who actually scored the goal, praise and congratulate the midfielder who made the pass, and the rest of the team.

Paul Koroma

I learned all about life with a ball at my feet. Soccer allows me to push the limitation of creativity and express myself without saying a word. Soccer is my addiction. I train. I play, and I repeat every single day.

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