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Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer shooting skills are essential for advancement in this beautiful game. Shooting is a core skill that every soccer player should endeavor to have.

Performing soccer shooting drills will enhance your players’ ability to score from many different positions. In this article, we will look into some of the top soccer shooting drills. 

Soccer Shooting Agility Drill


  • For this drill, 10-12 cones are used to create a channel that ends near the penalty area.
  • At the side of the channel farthest from the goal posts, create a line of cones pointing towards the corner area using 4-5 cones.
  • The coach stands at the end of the channel that is nearest the goal, a few yards inside the penalty area.
  • The players start about 5 yards on the side of the channel farthest from the goal posts.


  • The first shooter in line passes the ball through the channel to the coach on the other end. The player then makes a check-run through the channel towards the coach. The coach then makes a pass back to the advancing shooter inside the channel.
  •  The player once again shoots the ball to the coach and swiftly backpedals towards the end of the tunnel where he began. 
  • The coach then passes the ball to either side, and the shooter must advance quickly towards the direction of the pass, sprint around the end of the cones pointed towards the corner flags, and take the on-goal shot. 

1v1 Diamond Soccer Shooting Drill

In this drill, focus is placed on passing and shooting techniques and finishes with a 1v1 on-goal shot. 

The players that fail to score become the goalkeeper and the game proceeds. This is a fun and very competitive drill.


  • Set cones in a diamond shape approximately 20 yards from goal. The cones should be about 12 yards apart, but this dimension can be adjusted depending on the age and skill level of the players.
  •  One player starts at cones 2,3 and 4 while all the other players form a line behind cone 1. Cones 3 and 4 are perpendicular to the goal while cones 1 and 2 are at the sides. Cone 3 is closest to the goal. 
  • Plenty of balls should be placed near cone 1 for sufficient supply. One player should start as the goalkeeper. He does not have to be the team’s goalkeeper because players will rotate for this position.


  • Player 1 shoots the ball to player 2. Player 1 then follows through and moves to cone 2 position. Player 2 passes the ball to player 3 and immediately moves into the defense position.
  • Player 3 then shoots the ball to player 4 and takes the cone 4 position.
  • When player 4 receives the ball, they immediately take on player 2 in a 1v1 battle and try to score a goal.
  • If player 4 fails to score, they become the keeper. If they succeed in scoring, the keeper remains. 

Combination Soccer Shooting Drills

This drill trains the players for combination play techniques and building up for on-goal shots. Different combination ideas can be applied to make the training more challenging.


  • Start by creating two small triangles with cones about 5 yards outside of the penalty box. The triangles should be approximately 15 yards apart. The dimensions can be adjusted appropriately based on the players’ ages and skill level.
  • Place a player at each cone that forms the triangles while the remaining players line up outside of the triangle area. Each triangle should be supplied with a sufficient number of balls.


  • The players start by passing among themselves within the triangle, then one of the players lays the ball near the top of the penalty box where one of the players from their triangle can take a first time shot on goal.
  •  The coach can switch the players' sides so that they shoot with their left and right feet. The combinations that can be created with this drill are limitless. 

Combination Shooting with A Dummy Run

This is a soccer shooting drill that starts with a dummy run stepping over the ball, proceeds to a combination play and ends with a shot on goal. This exercise focuses on shooting and finishing within the 18.


  • The team should split into 4 equal groups. Two of the groups then form lines on the end line approximately 5 yards off the goal post on both sides of the goal.
  • The other two groups also form similar lines about 30 yards away. The ball starts with the players that are positioned away from the goal.


  • Two players from the line on the end line prepare for a shot from the player with the ball. These two players should be approx. 5-7 yards apart. 
  • The player then passes the ball to the front checking player who steps over the ball and lets it run between their legs, letting it go to the back checking player.
  • The front checking player then positions themselves waiting for a ball from the back player ready for a shot on goal. The back checking player makes a soft pass to the middle area, and the front player makes the shot on goal.
  • The player that makes the shot rotates to the far line while the back player becomes the front player at the end line. The player from the far line who made the first shot goes to the back of the end line.
  • The players on the other side of the goal posts perform similar shots and similar rotations. 

Diagonal Soccer Shooting Drill

This drill is most appropriate pre-game and is excellent for warm-up.


  • Create a 10 by 10 yards box using cones just beyond the edge of the 18-yard box. Split the team into two groups positioned at the cones farthest from the goal. 
  • The players line up behind the cones. One player from each group positions themselves at the cone near the 18


  • The front player (player 1) in line at the cones farthest from the goal passes a diagonal ball to the player at the front but opposite side. 
  • The front player then lays the ball for player 1 to make a shot on goal. Once player 1 makes the shot, they take the position of the player that lay their shot, while the player that lay the shot switches to the opposite line and lines up at the back cones.
  • The front player at the other far cone passes the ball diagonally to the player at the front but opposite cone, and once the shot on goal is made they switch positions accordingly.
  •  Note that the players change positions in a way that allows them to make the shots using both feet. 

7v7 Scrimmage

This is a shooting drill that allows players to enhance the team’s shooting tactics. This exercise is done in a realistic training situation, and it aims at improving the team’s problem-solving skills in the full-sided game. It is most appropriate at the end of the training sessions.


  • A field measuring 60 by 40 yards is recommended for this drill. Two full-size goals are placed on each end of the area. 
  • The players are split into two teams of 7 – six inside players and a goalkeeper. When performing this drill with younger players, it is recommendable that you reduce the size of the field appropriately.


  • This drill replicates the full-sided game’s conditions except for the number of players and probably the pitch size. 
  • All game rules apply in this drill, including throw-ins, goal kicks, penalties, offside rules and corner kicks.
  • The coach can introduce some variations to place more focus on shooting. 

  Final Thoughts

We have discussed in detail some of the best soccer shooting drills that you can perform with your players.

 These drills will enhance your players’ ability to make amazing shots from various positions. The shooting drills are appropriate for a wide range of player age groups. 

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