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Soccer Practice Drills

There is an old saying that practice makes perfect. Well, it is no different in the sport of soccer. When you begin to show interest in learning about the sport, you will need to learn and understand how to do daily soccer practice drills in order to perfect your game. Practicing your drills with the right size soccer ball for your level of play is important. 

Also using the right soccer equipment is important. Performing your soccer practice drills daily will need to be a part of your new regimen for becoming a great soccer player on the field. 

But what are some great soccer practice drills for upcoming soccer players to learn no matter if you are beginning to play, learning new skills or have been playing for many years and want to get to the next level. 

This article will show you some of the best soccer practice drills that will help you strengthen your body, while improving your techniques for ball control, passing and other needed soccer skills that will impress your friends and family. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Dribbling Skills

There are some great dribbling soccer practice drills that you can learn whether you are an adult or youth. These dribbling skills will give your leg strength while teaching you how to run with the ball with your feet, controlling the soccer ball, keeping pace and beating players while creating space for yourself around the ball. 

Some of these dribbling skills include: beat the defender, simple dribbling, speed dribbling under pressure, dribbling with confidence, dribbling inside from the wing and dribbling at space while changing directions on the field. These are just some of the best dribbling soccer practice drills that will keep your footwork at its best. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Turning Skills

 As a soccer player you will need to learn how to turn your body while controlling the soccer ball. These turning soccer practice skills and drills will help you in doing just that. 

Every player should be able to learn at least three turning skills. This will help you keep the ball longer, allow your team more time with the ball and score more goals. 

Some turning skills include: the fast feet switch which is done when a soccer player wants to quickly change direction and work his way out of a tight situation. 

Other great turning drills include lose your marker 1 where the soccer player is trained to come off his marker while creating space and looking to pass the ball to his teammate. 

Lose your market 2 is similar but the player is creating space while waiting to receive the ball. These are just some of the great turning soccer practice drills that will help in giving you control when you have to turn, use body movement and change your body in a new direction with the soccer ball. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Crossing Skills

Great crossing skills require great wing men or those on both sides of the field who are able to get the ball to a particular area near the goal. 

There are particular skills and soccer practice drills that will help you accomplish this. Some great crossing soccer practice drills include: feel the width which shows players how to use their feet in developing a pace of play while having a different angle of attack. 

The attacking play of feel the width shows players how to do up to three crossing techniques which are the deep cross, the winged in cross and the full back cross. 

Other crossing skills are continuous crossing which is one of the best techniques to teach your players how to cross while getting your ball into the box at the same time. 

Cross and rebound is another great technique used by coaches to encourage your wing players and your forwards to rebound in crowded penalty areas.

Attack from wide areas is another great crossing technique that is used when you have a very quick wing person who your other players can get the ball to in order to exploit the more weaker opposing player. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Heading Skills

This can be one of the most difficult soccer practice drills for a coach to teach to young players. Working on heading skills is critical as it can be used at any part of the game when a team is needing to defend and pinpoint an exact area in which to get the soccer ball into the box. 

This is actually a great technique for training your defensive players. The goal is for your defensive players to drop back while allowing one of your best headers to move forward and challenge the opposing player who has the ball. 

Heading skills must be done exactly and precisely, in order to get out of highly pressured situations. Heading react is also a great way to practice your heading skills. 

This involve spacing out your defensive players and allowing them to head the ball to each other without it touching the ground.  

Soccer Practice Drill:Tackling Drills

Soccer tackling is a soccer practice drill that allows your players to retrieve the ball from the opposing team both legally and safely. There are three types of tackling drills that you will need to know. They include: slide tackle, block tackle and poke tackle. 

While there are other tackling drills these three tackles will give your team a chance to reorganize while making an attempt to retrieve the ball from the opposing team for scoring. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Passing Drills

Passing drills allow you to dictate the play, conserve your team’s energy, hold onto the ball longer and score more goals. The team who can hold the ball for the most time limits the other team’s ability to score. 

Through passing the ball constantly throughout the soccer game, your team will understand the importance of how passing effectively can improve their overall win loss record. 

Some great passing drills include the X files which allows your players to pass the ball in tight areas and the possession games which teaches your players patience when they have possession of the ball. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Shooting Drills

These shooting soccer practice drills teach your players how to beat the goalkeeper from anywhere on the field. There are shooting drills for players who are running with the ball, in dead ball situations, making the soccer ball bend, curl and dip and shooting for the first time.

 This is also a critical area for your players to learn as they will need to understand how to handle the soccer ball while shooting in order to score more goals. 

Soccer Practice Drill:Ball Control and Footwork Drills

Ball control and footwork are two of the most important elements in learning how to play soccer. Your daily soccer drills must include both of these things on a consistent basis. Learning how to keep the ball close to your foot as you run down the soccer field is important. 

This gives you the ball control that you will need in order to finally send the ball into the box and score. Footwork helps you in controlling the pace of the ball and the game while helping you to maneuver the ball through a pass or receiving the ball from your teammate. 

The more confident you are with your ball control and footwork, the easier it will be for you to keep the ball from the opposing team. This means less time for them to score and more goals for your team. 

Final Thoughts

 As an up and coming soccer player, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, working on your soccer practice drills daily is a must. Make sure and incorporate all or at least most of each of these drills. They will all become important to you as your team goes out to try and win that all important game. 

Remember that soccer is all about having strong legs and foot control, so keeping your body healthy is also key. As you practice your dribbling, turning, crossing, heading, tackling, passing, shooting, ball control and footwork drills, you will evolve into a much better soccer player who is more confident with being able to get onto the soccer field and win. 

The soccer practice drills will develop your upper and lower body while allowing you to have more energy and control your level of play throughout each game. Your coach may want to designate a particular day for the team to work on a particular skill. 

Remember to not just practice with your team, but to practice individually at home with a responsible adult observing to make sure that you are safe while performing each skill. 

You may have questions for your coach to ensure that you are performing a particular soccer practice drill correctly. 

Taking the time to work on each drill separately will enhance your learning while giving you an aptitude to play your very best. The more you practice, the better you will become at each skill. 

Before long, you will have mastered them all and will be well on your way to becoming the next Pele, David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. 

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