Guidelines To Help You Plan You Soccer Lesson Plan Better

One of the most popular sports in the world is soccer. To have a great team, soccer lesson plan is important. It takes time, planning, commitment and training to achieve a great team. 

As you plan the soccer lesson, you visualize each step of the training and the goal you want to achieve at the end of the lesson. 

Planning ensures that you have thought about everything that needs to be done during the training as well as presenting the idea in the most logical way. 

Whether the team is playing as a profession or for fun, soccer lesson plans are important to achieve a great team and help the team gain the many benefits that come with these lessons. Here are guidelines that can help when planning this lesson.

Making a Soccer Lesson Plan 

Design a session: This is the road map of your lesson. It is an organized description of the activities and resources that you will need to guide your team in achieving the objective of the training. Some of the things to include when designing a session are:

  • Number of sessions in a week/month/ year.
  • How long each session will take.
  • The method of training of each session.
  • The test or measures you will use to make sure that each participant has learned what you trained. To design a session, it is important to use a standard training template that will help you come up with a chat that will display the flow of the session. 

Include the Objectives of the Game In The Soccer Lesson Plan 

The objectives or the purpose of the training or of the lesson is what will determine the plan that you will put in place about the entire lesson. The objective will help you to decide on

  • The restrictions that you will use during the training. These restrictions are supposed to help towards achieving the purpose of the game.
  • The time duration of each session as well as the whole duration of the training.
  • Choosing the area of the ground that is most applicable to the purpose of the training. 

Specify your Drills and Activities According to Age Group In The Soccer Lesson Plan 

This sport is not limited by age. When planning a lesson, make sure that the activities that you are putting in place for the lesson suits the age group taking the lesson. 

Bear in mind the physical and mental age of the group you are giving the lesson to. Some of the things you will put in plan when doing this are;

  • Do not put too ambitious or too easy plans because they could lead to discipline problems. Let the plan be moderate for the group you will be training.
  • Let the activities and the drills that you are putting in place be ones that the age group in training will be able to master. This does not mean that they have to be too easy; it simply means that the activities will be attainable at the end of the lesson.
  • Take into consideration the age characteristics of your players. For example, the characteristics of children are seeing things from their own perspectives. When planning a lesson for them, you will put this into consideration and pick an activity or drill that will train them the importance of passing the ball.
  • Let the activities that you are putting in place be the ones that will lead to a great teamwork, which is one of the main goals of soccer.
  • The drills and activities you are putting in plan should also be planned according to the reason of the sport. Identify if the sport is a profession or for fun.
  • For professional soccer, the activities will have to be more intense and one that will sharpen the skills of the players to make sure that they achieve their professional goals. 

Design the Flow of the Activities In Soccer Lesson Plan 

The way that the activities are planned should flow well. This means that you can start with simple activities to the complex activities.

This will however be determined by the team that you are planning the lesson for as well as the age group of the team. This can be done by: 

  • Identify the goal of the training. Know what the team needs to achieve by a certain time. One of the best ways to do this is to identify the skill that each member of the team requires. The team members will have different understanding and mastery level, when you are planning the activities, put each and every player in mind.
  • Put in mind the challenges the players may face during the session. This will help you determine the pace of the training. Again, age group here is a factor when considering setting the pace of the activities. The purpose of the game is also key when setting the pace.
  • Increase the exercise level in small amount of time and make the practicing sessions to be on a regular basis for a specific period of time. This is especially when the purpose of the training is competition [professional].
  • Have a good communication skill of the activities. This will help the players adapt each and every level of training without straining. Design what to include in each session depending on the age group of the team you are planning the lesson for; you need to know what to include in every session of the lesson.

Activities That Are Never Left Out Of Most Soccer Lessons Plans

Nutrition: for good training and best achievement, a certain nutrition plan has to be achieved. This will be included and well observed when planning a soccer lesson. The team must know the right diet that is required for the training

  • All the activities such as passing, shooting, juggling, ball control, speed of play, defending, tricks and skills, speed training and fitness, mental training among others. With all the activities listed, you will now be able to fit in every activity in sessions that you are planning to Make sure that your practice makes sense.
  • While training for sports may be figured at as general exercise, it is important to note that soccer lessons must bring the sense of soccer. 
  • Use training skills that will be helpful during this specific sport. Set realistic objectives that go along with soccer. The exercise and the nutrition observed must also be applicable for soccer.
  • Plan on mental motivation that will help the players to get motivation about achieving the purpose of soccer sport.
  • Let the players know where each practice fits in the game. Get to know the source of all the training materials. The lessons will include many other items. These items are necessary and it may get quite difficult to train without them.
  • When planning a soccer lesson plan, list all the items that are required, where you will source them. This includes the balls, the uniform, shoes, if you will use diagrams and charts among other training materials necessary. Putting these things in place will give you a swift moment of training, which is necessary for achieving the purpose of the game. 

Design Diagrams

Diagrams are one of the best ways to put ideas in the mind of the players. When designing the training diagrams remember to:

  • Give an explanation of the diagram and the features you will use in the diagram. There are many diagrams that can be used in the lesson to give the player all the idea they need to know about his game. Find out about all the useful diagrams and put them in place when planning for soccer lesson. 
  • Keep them simple

Final Thoughts

Planning a soccer lesson plan is very important. You will be dealing with people who are interested in the game and achieving all that are needed in soccer. It is important to put these points into consideration when planning. 

There is much to learn from when it comes to soccer lesson plan. Get to understand the age group you are dealing with, the best activities that fit this specific group that you are training. These activities should consider both physical and mental achievement about the game. 

The purpose of the training is also so important in determining the training tactics that you will use when planning for the lessons.

Put all the necessary materials and equipment ready and schedule on when to use each one of them. The diagrams are important to use. Have them in place when planning and make sure that you do not miss any of the important diagrams that is needed for the game. 

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