Soccer goalkeepers have a special spot on a soccer team. They do the less running and they’re the only ones who can touch the ball with their hands. When you look at a team picture or you see a soccer team form a line on the field before a professional match begins, you can immediately pick out the goalkeeper. This is because keepers have different soccer goalie gear from the rest of the team. Here are the different gears for a soccer goalkeeper:


First and most important are the gloves, also known as “Mickey Mouse” gloves because they make your hands look like the hands of the Disney icon. But the gloves are more than that, of course. Soccer keeper gloves are designed to protect the keeper’s hands from injury. Most gloves have special material that will prevent your fingers from bending back even when hit by the strongest shot. The gloves also provide better grip on the ball, perfect for those with sweaty hands. A keeper isn’t a keeper without the gloves, so these are the most essential equipment any keeper must have.


Second is the jersey. Keepers prefer long-sleeved jerseys to protect their elbows from easily getting scraped when they hit the ground. But aside from the sleeves, the color is of utmost importance. Rules state that the keeper’s jersey must be distinct in color from his team and the referees, as to avoid confusion on the pitch. For example, when players and the main referee are inside the penalty box, where players are scrambling for the ball, the referee must be able to easily distinguish the keeper from any other player. Referees wear yellow jerseys so any other color will do fine, as long as it’s different from the jersey color the team is wearing.

Shorts or Pants

Third are the shorts or pants. There are specially designed keeper pants that have extra padding on the hips to help prevent injuries when the keeper dives to the ground. There might be lots of rocks on the ground, or the fall may be very hard so these pads will help lessen the blow.

Other Gears

Keepers are also required to wear soccer cleats and shin guards, just like everyone else on the field. In some cases, they can also wear hats if the sun is too bright or for whatever reason. If the keeper is wearing soccer goalie gear that the referee may see as inappropriate, then the keeper must obey the referee’s preference or rules.

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