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Soccer Footwork Drills

Soccer is a game that requires one to be on point when it comes to their foot movement. Your field movements and your speed on the arena determines your ability to score and pass your opponents. 

Well, if you are planning to venture into soccer as a career or just for fun, you can improve your football tactics by utilizing some footwork drills. 

If you are still skeptical as to why you should invest in footwork to better your soccer moves, below are benefits that you reap for using footwork drills. 

Enables you to have active movements: Generally, the feet play a huge role in getting your body to move around the ground. Therefore, the feet make the direct contact first with the field before moving your body to the expected directions. So, incorporating footwork in your soccer practice plays a significant role in helping you move in the right direction. 

How? The footwork facilitates the feet to absorb the shock coming from the ground thus, enabling them to propel the rest of the body to the expected direction(s). 

Hence, this in return helps the soccer player to move and put the ball in the right place and right time too. Note that the footwork does not only use the feet when practicing as the hips are included to facilitate the movements. 

The ability to balance: You need to have a right balance at the center of gravity to be able to move the soccer ball in the right direction, and footwork drill will help you achieve just that.

It is crucial to note that playing football is not the same as playing other sports. You need to keep on changing the directions of your movements and motions where sometimes you may be expected to move at a rapid rate, while in others you need to slow down maybe when passing the ball. 

To be able to do all these activities on the field, you need to have excellent body balance all through. Learn footwork which facilitates a balance of your entire body to improve your movements. 

Prevent injuries: Note that you are not guaranteed to evade getting into accidents while on the field, but footwork drills can help you prevent extreme or many injuries in the area. 

With the ability to move on the right directions and employ balance while running around helping one to avoid getting into accidents. The critical point is to ensure that you get the proper footwork since not all are reliable. 

I believe the above points are reasons enough as to why you should consider practicing some footwork drills. 

There are various footwork drills on the market, and they can be grouped in multiple categories based on how they aid the soccer player to up their soccer game. 

The following are the top best soccer footwork drills based on different types. 

Closed Space Soccer Footwork Drill

Soccer is one of the games or sports which you have to play while the opponents are quite close to you. 

Therefore, you have to make sure to use tactics and be creative to be able to maneuver around the opponents, and this is the right drill to help you. 

The drill aims at supporting the player to utilize various parts of the feet to move the ball around the field when put in a tight spot. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Get three cones and place them two meters apart.
  • Then dribble or pass the ball in between the cones using the parts of the feet.
  • This drill is set to help the player master how to utilize different parts of the feet while in the field.
  • It enables the player to control the ball while still moving around the area especially when in a tight spot.
  • It trains the soccer player on how to manage the ball when running in a given pattern.
  • It tests one's speed when maneuvering the field with opponents. 

The Cones Soccer Footwork Drill

If you need a footwork drill that will enable you to keep the soccer ball close to your feet and away from the defender, then this is the right drill to use. You can used it to trap the ball using both the inside and outside of the foot while keeping it away from the defender. 

How To Perform This Drill

  •  Arrange ten cones which are 5 feet apart.
  • Then move the ball in between the cones using the inside of your feet.
  • Repeat the same exercise for the second time but using the outside of the feet. 

Partner Soccer Footwork Drill

This drill is also referred to as wall drill, and it is aimed at helping the soccer player learn how to control the ball when received from a teammate. This is the reason it is referred to as partner drill. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Note that you should have a partner to be able to play this drill.
  • Have your partner toss the ball off the air or even bounce it on the wall.
  • Then move around as you pass the ball back and forth using the outer part of your foot.
  • You can pass the ball as many times as you want but for a beginner, start with moving the ball for about ten times.
  • Repeat the same using the other foot. 

Aside from learning how to control and pass the ball from a teammate, the partner drill also helps one to learn how to manage the ball and even move it using both feet which are highly needed in the field considering you will be getting hits from different sides while playing. 

Confined Dribbling Soccer Footwork Drill

If you have no idea of how to dribble around a tight spot or in an area that different opponents surround you, this footwork will guide you. It will help you move in an uncomfortable place and avoid defenders while on the move. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Note that this drill should be practiced with a partner around.
  • Get four cones and arrange them about 5 feet apart.
  • Then have your partner stand next to you and move together as you dribble the ball.
  • The partner, on the other hand, should move as he tries to snatch the ball from you.
  • Switch the positions with your partner and have him dribble the ball as you try to snatch it from him. 

Doggies Dribbling Soccer Footwork Drill

This is one of the most recommended footwork drills that works magic in improving a soccer player’s dribbling moves. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Place five cones with each being 5 feet apart.
  • Then start to sprint the ball from cone number one to two and continue to number five.
  • Repeat the same for about 10 to 20 reps. This drill is mainly aimed at helping the players work on their speed moves especially around defendants.
  • The player should be able to complete ten reps within the shortest time as possible because there is no ball involved in the movements. 

Weave In and Out Soccer Footwork Drill

When playing the soccer game, there is no time to look back to see the number of defenders behind you or even how close they are, and therefore, this drill will help you maintain a right balance and learn how to move forward when playing soccer. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Place four cones on a straight line about 3 yards apart.
  • In between the cones place another cone which is about 3 yards to the left side.
  • Then race from one cone to the other as you bend and touch each cone with your hand. 

Follow The Leader Soccer Footwork Drill

This is a drill that helps you or instead guides you on how to maintain close contact with your teammate in the game. It is essential to learn how to move together in the field as it makes it easy to pass the ball from one player to the other. It also trains the players on how to move closer to the defending team while trying to snatch the ball from them. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Mark a large area of about 20 by 20 feet long using the cones.
  • Then get your playmate and have them run randomly around the marked area.
  • In this drill, your job will make sure that you maintain proximity with your teammate of probably 2 meters apart.
  • The teammate on his side is supposed to keep on changing the motions and directions to create some challenge for you. 

Keep in mind that soccer players do not move on a straight motion as they try to change directions to evade the defenders. So, as a player, you need to be able to walk firmly with a defender without losing your balance in case they move in a different direction. 

The Box Soccer Footwork Drill

How well do you know the areas that you are supposed to cross on the football field and the areas that you should not? Well, the box drill is designed to aid you in maneuvering to different positions in the field. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Arrange four cones to mark an area of 5 by 5 meters.
  • Place another new cone in the middle of the marked field. The extra cone acts as your starting point.
  • Then number the arranged cones.
  • The person you are practicing with, it could be a coach, or your teammate should call the marked numbers randomly.
  • Run to the mentioned number, touch it and run back to the starting point.
  • Repeat this for about ten reps. 

Mini Shuttle Soccer Footwork Drill

Mini-shuttle drill is focused on improving one’s speed while running around the field with a ball. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Mark a large area probably 20 meters and a starting point of about 3 meters away to the left side in the middle.
  • Form the starting point, race towards one corner of the marked area about 10 meters long and back to the other side to make up 20 meters long.
  • Try to use different foot when moving in each marker while you touch the ground with your hands. 

Super Shuttle Soccer Footwork Drill

This is a drill which was created to help the soccer players have a stable form while moving in different directions in the field. Note that this includes when running in a reverse way. 

How To Perform This Drill

  • Mark an area of about 20 meters long and set cones on the marked area in a cross formation.
  • Then race in reverse form to the cone that is placed in the middle, step on either the right or the left foot.
  • Then step back to the middle cone while you still maintain the same position.
  • While even at the middle cone, turn and run towards the funnel at the end, run back to the middle cone, step on the other side (if you started with the right foot, this time around step on the left side and vice versa). Turn and race back to your starting point. 

Slalom Soccer Footwork Drill

This drill is developed to enable the soccer player to improve on their feet speed. You can opt to practice the training with a ball or without depending on what your coach advises you.

How To Perform This Drill

  • Arrange ten cones in a straight line five feet apart.
  • Then move in between the arranged cones as fast as you can.
  • Walk back to your starting point.
  • Note that if you are using a ball to perform this exercise, it is advisable that you move at a slow pace to be able to control the ball as you progress. 

Final Thoughts 

Soccer footwork drills are a must have for those who want to perfect their soccer moves around the field. 

The above-discussed exercises fit different players based on their experiences and their positions on the ground. 

Your coach can guide you on the best drills that will suit your position or even based on your experience. 

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