In order for you to be rendered a professional soccer player, footwork drills must be properly mastered. They are simply the drills made using both legs while playing around with the ball to trick your attacker. In most cases, soccer footwork drills apply for both strikers and midfielders. However, defenders can also apply the tricks but rarely.

There are a lot of soccer footwork drills you can implement in order to stand out as a soccer player. However, it might take you time to master most of them. This is because the whole deal calls for utmost passion and constant practice for something positive to yield. With a positive mindset, you can be assured that everything will be easy.

Here are some of the common footwork drills you should try out:

Kick Over Ball

This is actually the simplest soccer footwork drill that even amateurs can master. It simply entails kicking the ball with the inside part of your foot and then pulling it back with the sole of the same foot. Note that you will not require the use of both feet when doing the drill. This means that your stability will be intact. Important to note, the kick made during this drill should not be hard. This is to ensure that you are able to pull back the ball easily.

360 Degree Drill

Like the name of the drill goes, you will have to make a 360 degree turn in the process. To make things clear, you will have to kick the ball forward with the sole of your leg when moving ahead. After that, you will have to pause the ball (almost suddenly) when ahead of it. It is then that you will make a full turn while dragging the ball using your other foot. The turning should continue until you are in a position to hit the ball with the inside part of your foot and when the attack is clear. This works when a soccer player is facing several attackers simultaneously.

Inside Of Foot Turn

Any time you intend to change the direction of the ball, this is the best drill to use. It entails pushing the ball forward while at a moderate speed. After that, you will have move past the ball and stop it and then tune it to roll towards the opposite direction. The helps players retrace their tracks and to head in the right direction with the ball. Speed control is of paramount importance in this particular drill.

Pull And Roll

This is for sure a tricky one. It is majorly done by professional soccer players. In the drill, you will first push the ball ahead to set it on motion and then pull it back with the sole of your foot. You will then have to pass the ball behind the stationary leg using the inside part of your operating foot. At this juncture, the other leg (which was initially stationary) will take over. The sole of the leg should help you control the ball and tune it towards a specified direction. It is the ideal drill to be used when beginning the game.

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