Do you detest how you easily get tired after just running for a couple of minutes in the soccer pitch? Have you ever tried to find ways to improve your fitness level? Well, if you find these questions relevant to your soccer playing, here are some soccer fitness exercises to assist in your fitness in the game.

Basically you will find two kinds of fitness training exercises, Ongoing and Pre-season training. Pre-season is the fitness exercise done to build fitness prior to the start of the actual league. Here are important aspects to focus on in order to be fit.


You soccer fitness generally depends on your stamina. To upsurge your fitness levels make sure that you increase stamina during Pre-Season. This could mean that you take on long runs of about 5km. Nevertheless, make sure that this distance is increased gradually to avoid burning out. To additionally enhance your strength, add timings to your distance to keep taking your stamina level higher.


This is a type of running from Sweden, it was designed to help improve your recovery limit. These exercises need a lot of discipline and determination. This can be done at the perimeter of the soccer field or on a track. The central exercises will be sprinting for 200 meters then jogging slowly for another 200 meters.

Anaerobic exercises

These are high-intensity, short-lasting exercises that are done at ongoing league. They can be carried out with other field trainings. Sprint short distances of about 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m and have it done in short sets of 3-5.

The best soccer fitness exercise should include all parts of your body, it is thus important that you do not focus on building only one part. During ongoing training, it is vital that you do not overwork your body and that you get adequate rest.

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