Soccer is one of the most physically demanding sports in the whole world. Contrary to what people may think, playing soccer does not only involve the legs and feet, but every part of the body. This is why fitness is of utmost importance in the sport. Without the proper fitness, no matter how skillful you are, you won’t be able to play the game very well. This is why professional soccer players retire when they’re in their mid-30′s, because their fitness levels can no longer keep up with the younger players in their early 20′s.

For soccer players who are on vacation or during offseason, it is important to stay in shape. They say that staying in shape is easier than getting in shape, so even if its summer time or it’s your off season, it is still highly recommended that you stay in shape. Here are two soccer fitness drills that you can do on your own to stay in tip top shape.

Muscle Strength

The first sets of drills are to maintain your muscle strength. You need muscle so your kicks have power. You also need muscle so you can physically compete and challenge other players for the ball. Combine squats, with power jumps, and sprints. Wear your workout gear and head outdoors. Do a squat, where your knees are bent 90 degrees to the ground. Place your arms forward and stay in this position for a few seconds, until you feel the strain on your knees, calves, and hamstrings. Repeat the squats 3 – 5 times. After the squats, do a series of power jumps. These help build muscle on your hamstrings, quads, and calves. Do them as fast and as high as you can. Do 5-10 power jumps. Right after the jumps, do a 100 meter sprint, and then jog back. Repeat the entire drill. Do this for a minimum of 20 minutes.


The second drill is for your endurance. You need to maintain endurance because this will make you last the entire 90 minutes of the game. Without endurance, after a mere 15 minutes of intense soccer, you will lose your focus and all your soccer skills will disappear because you will be too tired to move. Endurance is key in soccer. Mimic a real game scenario by combining a jog, a run, and a sprint with your endurance drill. Head outdoors, jog for 100 meters, sprint for another, run, and jog again. Repeat these three forms of running for at least 30 minutes.

Just because you’re not training with the team doesn’t mean you can slack off. If you want to keep your game at the highest level, your body should not stop fitness training. You can take a break from playing the sport but you can’t take a break from being fit.

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