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Soccer Drills for Kids

Soccer is a fun and entertaining sport for kids across the globe. While we all want our kids to play and win in soccer tournaments, we also need to see them have fun and make friends. 

To help meet these objectives, parents and coaches have come up with soccer drills for kids. Soccer drills are taught to kids with the aim of meeting several objectives.

 Bottom line is that all soccer drills should be simple for the kids to learn and fun for them to appreciate the sport. 

Importance Of Soccer Drills For Kids  

Soccer drills for kids come with several advantages. These advantages are not just for the kids but also for their friends, family, and coach. 

The following outline the importance and benefits of incorporating soccer drills. 

Improve Soccer Skills

As they say, practice makes perfect and the more you partake on drills, the better the chance is at improving their already existing skills. 

Challenge The Kids

Kids can play soccer and feel as if they are good at the sport. Whether it is because they rarely lose or it is because they are too confident, they need the challenge to keep their focus. A soccer drill will come in handy in fulfilling this objective. 

To Win Tournaments

While kids love to play soccer as a passion, they also love the aspect of winning and celebrating their win. 

In an effort to help them prepare for the game, soccer drills will help them to work together to win. Everyone definitely wants to be on the winning team. 

Create Friendships

It is not every time that soccer is competitive. There are times when kids meet to play friendly matches. 

They will end up making friends and meeting other kids who have the same passion as they do. They will also learn more from their friends. 

Boost Teamwork

A soccer team comprises of eleven players. It is important to note that a drill is successful only if the team players coordinate. 

Kids will understand the importance of working as a team to ensure that they deliver just as they were taught. 

To Exercise

Kids need to exercise to stay healthy and physically fit. The inclusion of soccer drills helps them to exercise and flex their muscles and joints with the aim of boosting flexibility and prevent injuries during the game. 

To Help Relieve Stress

There are times when winning is not an everyday event. In addition, kids can be stressed from other aspects of life. 

Soccer can be a great option of relieving stress as they are partaking in an activity they love. They will be able to relieve stress with ease. 

The above benefits imply that soccer drills aim at engaging and exciting kids about sports and more so soccer. 

Depending on the objective of incorporating soccer drills, it is best that you identify the best drill to meet the specific needs and wants. 

Examples Of Soccer Drills For Kids  

There are several soccer drills for kids you can incorporate. They come with differing setups and they seek to meet varying objectives and goals. 

Some are more advanced than others are. However, they all meet the above criteria of the importance of soccer drills for kids. 

Four Goals  

This drill is both fun and offers a learning experience. It helps players to gain control of the ball while at the same time give powerful kicks. 

Just as the name suggests, it helps to motivate players to score goals. This drill aims at boosting individual skills rather than the skills of the entire team as a unit. 

How To Do It

  • To set up this drill, you need to place four goals on adjacent sides in a way to have four corners each side with a goal. This explains the name of the drill. With the goals in position, you then place balls at the center of the created field. 
  • To help determine how many balls you need, you will need to count the number of players. Always ensure that the balls are slightly more than the players are. 
  • This will determine the winner of the game because the winner will have more balls in their goal.
  • To participate, the players will run to the middle of the field and pick a ball. They will then dribble it towards the goal and as they near the goal, they kick it in.
  •  in the event they do not score, they can run after the ball, gain control once again before another player gets it, dribbles again and makes a score.
  • Once the balls are finish at the center, it is easy to identify the winner by counting the number of balls in each goal. 

Fill The Bucket 

The aim of this soccer drill for kids is to ensure that the kids remain competitive while at the same time sharpening their ability to work as a team. 

In addition, it is fun because the kids get excited and thrilled to better their dribbling skills. 

How To Do It

  • Start by dividing the team in groups of threes or fours. You can alter the size of the smaller teams. Allocate a ball to each player participating. Keep in mind that you are not allocating a ball to a team but to every individual player. 
  • With everyone ready, the smaller teams will work together to score. They will pass the ball to each other from point A (position of the players) to point B (the goal). 
  • Once they score, they will go back for another ball and so on and so forth. Winning this drill goes to the first team that will score all their goals.
  • This soccer drill teaches the essence of teamwork while at the same time making it fun yet competitive.
  •  They will also be able to improve their skills in the field, as they have to maintain control of the ball and ensure they can make the right pass to the right team member, so they do not lose their ball.
  • The “bucket” in this case from the name of the drill is the goal. The main objective is to score the balls into the goal and fill your team’s scorecard. 

Clean The Room  

Clean the room is a soccer drill for kids that also boost teamwork as well as their strength. It is also a great source of regular exercise to better physical fitness. 

How To Do It

  • To perform this drill, the players will be positioned at the center of the field. Divide the team into two and allocate every team one-half of the field. 
  • The presence of two coaches or two adults is necessary each to manage either side. Each side of the field is what they refer to as their “room” before they start. The balls will be scattered on the field. The players will try to keep their side of the “room” clean by kicking the balls to their opponents’ side. 
  • This has to be done fast in an effort to ensure that team B. does not kick the balls back.
  • This helps train the kids on speed as well as the essence of working together to ensure victory.
  •  In addition, it ensures that the team players focus and that they can identify where they stand. Kids will have fun as they sharpen their strength and skills.
  •  It sharpens speed because the players have to react quickly to clear their side of the field. They have to clear the field completely for a winner to be announced.
  •  Sometimes, it is carried out just for the sake of fun and as a mode of relaxing before a match. Before starting the drill, ensure that the fields is clearly marked to help promote precision. 

Freeze Tag  

This soccer drill is similar to the popular game “tag” played by kids everywhere. The key objective is to entertain as well as prove that players need their teammates to succeed. 

How To Do It

  • Mark the field into sections and have players on the sections. Pick one or two players and provide them with a penny or anything they can use to tag. 
  • These players are “it” as the drill begins. Once every one is in position, the coach will blow the whistle. May the games begins? Once a player is tagged, they stay frozen thus the name Frozen Tag.
  •  However, once a team player touches them, they can unfreeze. Only a member from the same team can unfreeze someone who is tagged.
  • This soccer drill comes with several advantages. The kids will use it as an opportunity to have fun while at the same time place teamwork at the forefront.
  • The game can keep going as long as they would want it without any limitations. In addition, you can spice things up for the kids by adding variations to the drill.
  •  You can include or exclude the use of balls in the sport. This will also better the attention kids have and help them to understand the essence of abiding by the rules. 

Seeing Double  

Seeing double soccer drill aims at enhancing a series of skills for the kids including coordination, gaining control and passing, as well as receiving the ball. For the coach, he is also able to know how to match his or her players for best results during a game/ match. 

How To Do It

  • Divide the players into two teams and have them facing each other. Ensure they all have a partner on the opposite side. 
  • This is similar to preparing for a dance where you just have one partner with the boys on one side and the girls on the other side. Each pair should have a ball.
  •  After blowing the whistle, the players will begin to ick each other the ball. The activities taking place include much more than kicking the ball.
  • The players must be able to kick and pass it in the other direction for their partner to be able to receive, stop and return the ball.
  • The kids will be able to sharpen their coordination skills. During a match, these skills are essential for winning.
  • They must also have the right power to ensure that they kick the ball through the distance so it does not delay between the two players.
  • The more the passes they can make while retaining the distance between them, the better the kids are getting. 

Warm Up Wizard  

This soccer drill for kids aims at teaching the benefits of coordination without necessarily working as a team. The warm up is a great way of exercising and enhancing the kids’ physical well-being. 

How To Do It

  • The coach will set up cones with the right distance between each other. For kids, they can start with a few comes and as they perfect their skills, they will be able to take on more number of cones. 
  • With the cones in position, the bell will be given to the first player. They will dribble the ball where they stand for about a minute and then follow by passing it between the cones.
  •  At this stage, they will be able to gain control over the ball while in motion. When the player gets to the last cone, they will dribble a little more and then pass the ball to the next player.
  • However, you can also have other variations of the game depending on their creativity. You can reduce or increase the distance between the cones.
  • The coach can have more than one row and have players compete to enhance their coordination against speed. Kids are naturally competitive but in this case, they will have fun whether they win or lose. 

Final Thoughts

Soccer drills for kids are a must, to help meet varying objectives for the team. Above, are different examples of soccer drills for kids that aim at sharpening kids’ skills, helping to make friends, win matches, push them further by providing challenges, as well as providing an efficient way of exercising.

 The drills are easy to learn while at the same time educative. This guide explains the importance of soccer drills. You also learn how to perform them for best results. 

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