Soccer as a sport requires the talent to be nurtured from a very young age. Drills are the best starting point of sharpening the young and potential players’ ability to handle and control the soccer ball effectively. Here are the main four soccer drills for 6 year olds.

Red Light-Green Light Drill

This is one of the basic soccer drills for 6 year olds and it aims at improving the kids’ ability to control the ball while dribbling. From this drill, the players a lined in a straight line 30 yards from the coach. When the coach yells green’ the players start dribbling towards him. Then as soon as he shouts red’ all players must immediately stop dribbling. This drill also conditions the player in a way that they can play the game and also respond to the referee.

Circle Drill

This drill aims at improving the young players’ passing abilities and accuracy. You only need to create a 6-yard radius circle and put 8 cones at the middle. Then put the players on the opposite side of the circle and make them pass the ball to each other. The trick to perfect their passing skill is by making sure that the ball knocks down the cone before reaching the intended player.

Find the Coach

This drill is meant to help the player identify a target quickly and chase after it. This is achieved by having the players close their eyes in front of you (coach) and then you start running away from them. Then let them open their eyes, locate and chase after you. As they master this art let them chase and snatch a soccer ball from you when they open their eyes.

One on One

This is one of basic soccer drills for 6 year olds and it is specifically designed to improve the player’s ability to break through the defense. You only have to place the ball between two players and have them fight for its possession. Whoever gets the ball first and dribble to pass the defenders will have successfully passed the test.

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