Soccer is North America’s fastest growing sport today. Kids as early as 4 years old are now starting their soccer training to progress into more serious players once they grow older. More often than not, training doesn’t stop until they reach an age where they decide to either push on with a soccer career or not. Soccer is more than just a sport, it is a complete lifestyle that can give individuals lucrative careers.

A lot of monry is being spent in acquiring soccer talent from all over the world. Most of soccer’s greats are actually products of soccer youth academies where they enrolled or were scouted at a very early age. Should you decide to enroll your child into a soccer academy, here are the top soccer schools around the world to consider.

La Masia — FC Barcelona’s Youth Academy

This soccer academy’s achievements and credibility as a top soccer academy was proven in 2010 when three of their alumni were the 3 finalists for the Ballon d’Or. Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, and Iniesta were all candidates of the award, and all are graduates of the La Masia — FC Barcelona’s youth academy. Established in 1979, the school serves as the international model for the financial and athletic benefits of developing their own players on home soil.

Portugal’s Sporting Academy

Portugal’s Sporting Academy Alochete, otherwise known today as Sporting PUMA Academy boasts of the most modern and fully equipped  soccer academy in the whole of Europe. Away from all distractions, the academy is located in the outskirts of Alochete, Portugal and have produced soccer legends, such as Luis Fuigo and Christiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United Academy

Two Premier League clubs boast of having the top soccer academy around the world. Manchester United Academy consistently produce top quality players, its most famous alumni is David Beckham. Established in 1998, with roots that go back as early as the 1930′s, their homegrown players have skyrocketed the club into the most successful English football club to come out of the Premier League.

Arsenal Football Club Academy

With a strong belief that nurturing players is more important rather than purchasing them, Arsenal Football Club Academy has one of England’s most prestigious soccer youth academy programs. They hone youngsters from the tender age of 9 with the goal of developing them into future soccer stars.

The Youth Academy of Gremio

And lastly, the youth academy of Gremio has been producing some of the most talented Brazilian players the world has ever seen. With alumni such as Ronaldhino, Tinga, and Eduardo Costa, young children learn from the very best, as Gremio is officially Brazil’s number one team.

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