There is nothing as disappointing as making perfect soccer moves all along only to miss the final shot. It is important to note that shooting is the ultimate determiner on if you will win the game or not. In this regard, you must implement all the necessary shooting drills for soccer to ensure that you do not miss the point.

In order to make the best final shot, your focus is mandatory. The mistake that most players make is to focus on the net and not the ball. Note that it is not the net you are hitting but the ball. In this regard, your eyes must not leave the ball at all. Your instincts are enough to signal you on the net location.

To help you make the best score ever, here are shooting drills you can implement:

Long Distance Drill

This is one of the rare shooting drills applied by professional players. It is majorly done outside the penalty area. For you to make such a shot and in the best way, a clear path must be defined. This is because you are bound to face a great deal of obstacles hence the need to have a clear view of the net. You need to ensure that there is an unnoticed path left by your opponents for you to make a long distance shot.

Accurate Shooting

Every player must bear in mind that accuracy is even more important than power. In this regard, you must ensure that your final shot is on target. Accurate shooting drill entails switching of ball positions by passing it to strikers within the penalty area. This is majorly done with an aim of getting the ideal angle to make the final shot. The passes should be fast but very accurate since the defense of your opponents is bound to build up in no time.

Narrow Angle Shooting

This comes as yet another shooting soccer drill that tests players’ accuracy. Like the name goes, it entails shooting the ball at a very narrow angle where the defense is pretty tight. The first thing that the player has to do is to spot the position of the goal keeper (very fast). The focus should then be shifted to the ball. Important to note, the shot should be kept low and in a defined path. This shot should be made by the striker who is the closest to the goal keeper.

Bicycle Kick

This drill is the ultimate test of timing among the striking players. In most cases, the drill is applicable when the ball hits the ground with a moderate impact. The player is required to jump, leaving the kicking foot on the ground. After that, the player will make a whip shot directly to the net. The truth is that this shot can be a tough one to master. However, it is one of the most impressive ways of scoring. However, The Bicycle Kick can only work best in a case where the defense of your opponents is not too tight but threatening.

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