Defending champion Sevilla gets a good start in their Europa Cup semifinals race as they win the first leg against Fiorentina 3-0, while Napoli draws with Dnipro in their own match.

Winger Aleix Vidal jumpstarted Sevilla’s run early in the match, as he drove to the goal after receiving a p-ass from Carlos Bacca, and score a point just 17 minutes into the match.  Fiorentina tried to equalise, with midfielder Matias Ferrnandez being set up by teammate Joaquin, only to miss the opportunity. Fernandez would again gain another opening, but goalkeeper Sergio Rico managed to foil his attempt. Rico also thwarted shot coming from Mohamed Salah, ending the first half.

Come the second half, Sevilla was already on the run to further their lead, with Vidal again becoming their go through guy, as the 25-year old player outwitted the Violas’ goalkeeper Norberto Neto to get his second goal of the night in the 52nd minute.

Vidal then attempted to get a hat trick off a pass by Benoit Tremoulinas in the 74th minute, but missed. Luckily, teammate Kevin Gameiro managed to deflect the shot into the net to seal the Sevillistas’ victory with just 15 minutes left in game time.

Sevilla nearly made it to 4-0 in the closing minutes, Ever Banega ended missing the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Napoli had to be content with a 1-1 draw in their own semis match, as Dnipro managed to secure a late goal to equalise the match.

Gil Azzurri dominated most of the match, but they had to wait for the second half to get into the scoreboard, thanks to a goal by David Lopez. From there, Napoli continued to press down on Dnipro, but Warriors goalkeeper Denys Boyko also proved to be tenacious in his defece.

Dnipro pulled off a stunner with Yehven Seleznyov making good of Artem Fedetsky to upset Napoli into a draw.

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