As Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti continues to be hounded by criticisms of his handling of the team, the beleaguered manager found a surprising ally in Sergio Ramos. Ramos boldly stated in an interview that he thinks that the team is doing much better under Ancelotti’s helm than with previous managers.

“I maintain that Ancelotti is one of the best coaches I have ever had,” Ramos said in an interview by Cadena SER.

“I think we are a better team now than under Mourinho in all aspects of the game,” the Spanish defender said, referring to Jose Mourinho, current head of English club Chelsea. Mourinho headed Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013, before Ancelotti took over.

When asked why he came to the conclusion,  Ramos said that he ia basing this from his interactions with Ancelotti. “I go by with what I have experienced, not by what I have been told. It suffices to look at what he has won here and how long it took.”

Under the Italian’s leadership, Real Madrid bagged the 2014 Copa del Ray, as well as the 2014 Champions League. However, the team’s performance this season has drawn in a lot of criticisms from the fans and the media, with Ancelotti bearing the brunt of it. Most notable was the reaction to the team’s near elimination by Schalke in the last of 16 stage.

“I don’t like this injustice, where one coach gets all the credit, whereas the other doesn’t get recognition,” Ramos said regarding the criticisms.

He also said that he is looking at the team’s current situation in a positive manner, in particular, their recent loss at Clasico against Barcelona. “A defeat is always negative but you can also draw some positive conclusions. We lost with our heads held high … because Madrid played some good football.”

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