After his team was routed by Juventus to a 2-1 loss in the first leg of the Champions League semis, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos admits that they played badly during the match.

Ramos described the match as “a day when nothing has come off for us, right from the opening minutes,” noting that they made a lot of critical mistakes that cost them greatly. Juventus managed to break into the Whites defence4 early, with striker Alvaro Morata netting the first point in the ninth minute. Real had to wait several minutes for an equalizer, provided by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 27th minute.

However, a foul made by Carvajal on an advancing Carlos Tevez proved to a fatal mistake for Real, as it opened an opportunity that Tevez masterfully converted to give his squad the lead. The Juves then never looked back from there.

Ramos also responded to criticisms regarding his performance, admitting that he personally had the hard time during the match, having had to play midfield instead of defender. “The other day it went well, today was a bad game on an individual and team level. I trust in the boss, and sacrifice myself for the team,” he related.

However, the 29-year old player asserted that there was no one to blame for the outcome of the game not being to their favour, saying that everyone in their squad are in it together. “When we lose, we lose together. Unity is what’s going to make the team pick itself up,” he stressed.

He also pointed out that they are not disappointed with the result. Making mistakes is part of the game and we have to be self-critical and improve so that things go as we’d like at the Bernabeu. It will be difficult to play any worse than we did today,” Ramos reasoned out.

The defender is also optimistic that they will be able to come back in the second leg.

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